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  1. United Kingdom, Manchester
    Place of residence


56-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 190 lbs (86 kg)

Gear: Square cuts, speedo, fight shorts, jock straps, nude


Into wrestling and body boxing, from give and take to full competitive. Safe and sane, but intense. Bring it on!



Submission Submission
Sumo Sumo
Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Even match, Give and take
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Pool wrestling
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Fetishes: Cock fighting

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Last modified: 3/30/2020


Fistfitem2m is recommended by cooljock

Met up with Fistfitem2m and had a great erotic match with him. He is a great guy, intelligent and looks great. He is highly recommended.



cooljock is recommended by Fistfitem2m

Happened to have a cool and intense encounter with Cooljock. He’s a very keen wrestler, and is able to give you a good fun match. A gentleman both on and off the mats. Highly recommended if you want a good tussle!



Fistfitem2m is recommended by Samuel

I had a sweaty match with Fistfitem2m today. This incredibly energetic fighter kept me on my toes for over an hour. If you are looking for a stand-up fight followed by wrestling, this is your man. Highly recommended.



Samuel is recommended by Fistfitem2m

After long months of communication and banter to and fro, finally our paths crossed and we had a long awaited and anticipated match. This big guy can give as much as he can take, and definately likes using his fist as well. Great guy to tangle with and he will give you a good long sweaty match. Though somewhat bigger in size, he is very safe and keeps to limits agreed, even if he's on top of ya! If you're in the area, don't miss having a match with this wrestler/fighter!



Fistfitem2m is recommended by Arabwrestler87

I have met fistfitem2m many times. I wrestled him first meet and then regarding for his back we just box and he taught me boxing. He is safe and sane



Arabwrestler87 is recommended by Fistfitem2m

Met this wrestler several times and he does turn up for the match once all is arranged and finalised. Our matches where always long, hard and sweaty, but fun at the same time. Wrestler was also willing to try out some punching and he can give as much as he can take. Once he works on his fitness, he will keep his guard up and be a tougher opponent.. Round 3.. here we go :)



Fistfitem2m is recommended by sabre123

Met this guy after yrs of chatting and missed opportunity's
Knows his business not to be underestimate him
Well worth the wait



sabre123 is recommended by Fistfitem2m

Met Sabre today after years of chatting on and off. Very relibale guy, true to his word and a gentleman, and he will show up for sure. Had a fun match and has great potential even if he is new to this.Def stronger than he thinks and still made me sweat.



Fistfitem2m is recommended by ATONMAN

06/07.07.2014 - We spent a couple of days of struggle thrilling and exciting - CockFistFiteM2m was not in 100% shape and we promised to meet again as soon as possible.
It will be a very challenging fight!!!



ATONMAN is recommended by Fistfitem2m

Met up with this tough wrestler after passing through Turin. He is reliable and definitely shows up even if the trip was planned months in advance. He is a very strong and safe wrestler and though I arrived with a slight injury still had a very good and long roll around in a safe way. But next time it’s gonna be war :) Highly recommended if you have the opportunity to pass through Turin.



Fistfitem2m is recommended by dadwrestle

Should have written this some time back! after lots of planning we met in London. Totally reliable guy! Had a full on NHB wrestle, with plenty of body punching. GREAT FIGHT! Great fighter! Highly recommended! Roll on the return bout!



dadwrestle is recommended by Fistfitem2m

Met Dadwrestle while passing through London and he keeps to his word and on time. Had a full on NHB wrestle with the guy but totally respect limits and safe. He can take everything you can throw at him and he’s very aggressive on the mats but still in a safe way. Be careful if he gets on top of ya as he knows how to handle his weight well.. and can punch him and bruise him up but the guy still keeps comin’ at ya and he just won’t back down. If you want a wrestle or a full on rough NHB wrestle with limits respected, he’s the guy to tangle with. Have to make sure I have a rematch soon!



Fistfitem2m is recommended by Ruffbear7

This bloke took the time to travel by train from NYC to Albany for a match with me (2.5 hr one way). It is a beautiful trip and inexpensive, but still. Anyway, just as we're pulling into his motel lot, I find out he knows brawl_mart, a very good friend and host of the quarterly Wrestlefests. We had a long match in a motel room. He is quite the puncher. My size made a difference wrestling, but he is competitive, enthusiastic and elastic. He is a gentleman, amusing and easygoing. I certainly want to meet up with him for a re-match.



Ruffbear7 is recommended by Fistfitem2m

Met up with Bear on a short trip to NYC. Since rarely anyone in or around NYC shows up, or had the time for matches during my visit, just popped on a train to Albany for the meet. Very friendly guy and kindly picked me up at the train station. Ruffbear certainly keeps his word and shows up for matches and made my trip really worthwhile. Fought and wrestled in a great motel there so the setup really worked. Had a long sweaty match with lots of body shots. He can hit hard and had bruises showing for a couple of days after, but very safe and sane and respects limits. Beware of his crushing bearhug!! Will have a rematch when one day I hope to be back!