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I like freestyle wrestling and rough housing/play wrestling, general wrestle and muscle around, wrestle to pin or for submission. I've only done a little bit of pro wrestling/promission and I want to learn more, but I prefer general rough housing right now. I wear low cut wrestling singlets or wrestler's briefs. I don't have much formal training and I don't take much too seriously. I'm rough and aggressive but safe. Everyone goes on to wrestle another day. NOTHING erotic, so don't ask.

Deadlift: 265 lbs
Preacher curl: 95 lbs
Bench press: 205 lbs
Back squat: 175 lbs



  1. USA - Utah, American Fork
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 209 lbs (95 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: Low cut wrestling singlet, wrestler's briefs or Speedo and wrestling shoes

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
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Redmondwrestler26 scubawrestler SeattleFight


Flexwrestler is recommended by SeattleFight

What a great find! This man loves to wrestle, communicates clearly and regularly and is 100% reliable. Also, he's a big hunk of muscle who's fun to roll with and yeah I gotta say I thoroughly enjoyed submitting this muscle stud over and over. I'd do that again anytime! Like tomorrow! Totally safe, sane, and nice when we weren't pummeling and muscling each other around! (Which IS nice, after all)



SeattleFight is recommended by Flexwrestler

This man is strong! All muscle and no mercy. He subbed me from a lot of positions. We wrestled for a little over an hour but it didn't take long for us both to get drenched in sweat. Our bouts we're back to back with very little rest. I rarely had an advantage over him and I spent most our matches getting worked over. Wrestle this man if you get a chance! I would gladly wrestle SeattleFight again!



Flexwrestler is recommended by Redmondwrestler26

Great guy, we had a pro match where we trade holds and did a lot of lift and carry moves. He’s strong and safe. I’m ready for a rematch anytime.



Redmondwrestler26 is recommended by Flexwrestler

This guy is really fun to wrestle. I had never wrestled pro before, but he showed me a few moves and after trading a few we just got into it. He's fast and a lot stronger than I am! He is competitive but fair as well. He was very patient with me as I tried to do the moves he showed me. Most importantly, he did a tombstone piledriver on me and he let me do it to him, something I'd always wanted to do. I definitely look forward to wrestling him again in a ring.



Flexwrestler is recommended by scubawrestler

Flex is one of the few serious locals here in the Salt Lake area. We are very close in location, and our size and style preferences are similar. He is very strong and fast. We did some generalized rough housing and practiced a few holds together. WE had a blast on the mat. We have plans to become regulars as our location is convenient to do this. I'm going to train him in some basic boxing skills and he's going to help me refine my grappling skills. If you are passing through the Utah Valley area, or even the Salt Lake Valley area, be sure to give him a call. You'll be glad you did.



scubawrestler is recommended by Flexwrestler

Scuba is a great guy that loves wrestling. We wrestled and he patiently helped me brush up on my grappling skills. He has learned a lot in his time rolling with other wrestlers and jiu jitsu practioners. I can't wait for him to teach me boxing skills as well. I work close enough to him that we're going to be regular wrestling buddies. I'm looking forward to many more matches with this great man.


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Flexwrestler 5/25/2019

Our second recorded match

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Flexwrestler 4/21/2019

Burpees at night in my favorite wrestling singlet

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Flexwrestler 4/20/2019

Our first of many matches together 👍🤼

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