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New to this scene.

Mellow, tactile, eager dude looking for a patient guy to show me the ropes. I'm strong and have a lot of endurance.

Also really into gut punching: like to give punches but love to receive punches. Sex is cool but I'm not really looking for that on here.

Prefer to travel but can sometimes host.



  1. USA - California, Los Angeles
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I am willing to travel 20 miles


Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 175 lbs (79 kg)

Languages spoken: Spanish

Gear: Shirtless, Shorts, Speedo, Singlet

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FourMonkeys is recommended by grapewine

FourMonkeys is very good with communicating with what he wants and he will accommodate to your busy schedule. I had the pleasure of hosting him at my house. The fight consisted of submission, throws, and other basic Judo chokes. I really encourage him to sign up for grappling since he is very strong and very agile. And out of the mat, he is a very nice guy. Hope to be friends with him moving on and have a match again.



grapewine is recommended by FourMonkeys

I was hesitant to meet grapewine because he has significant judo experience and I'm a beginner to fighting. Luckily, he turned out to be an awesome and accommodating opponent. He had an extra gi (judo robe) to loan me. Practicing holds and chokes was fun and a good workout. His bearhugs are powerful. Off the mat, I enjoyed chatting with grapewine about travel and work. Great guy and great opponent!



FourMonkeys is recommended by jsnbdn

My experience with FourMonkeys went really well, I've always kept my eye out for a guy who enjoyed gut punching. He's got the arms and the punch to get the job done, that's forsure. Appearance wise, FourMonkeys is super handsome with a nice smile and boxer built which made for an awesome opponent. Cannot wait to meet again.



jsnbdn is recommended by FourMonkeys

I had the honor to be jsnbdn's first opponent on this site and introduce him to gut punching! He has a ripped, beautiful body and an amazing set of 8 pack abs. He knew he was into boxing, but hadn't really tried anything. Delivered several punches into his gut with gloves - easy at first then building intensity. For never having been punched, his core is super strong. Really enjoyed bare-fisting his gut and exploring his perfect navel. Looking forward to more matches with this stud.



FourMonkeys is recommended by Jimmy Elijah

FourMonkeys doesn’t monkey around when it comes to a good fight!!

As a new guy on the roster, I didn’t know what to expect. We are both big into gut punching but threw in some light pro / submission in as well to round out the match.

A fast learner, and not staying down for long, FourMonkeys managed to flip the script a few times on me. It was honor to be one of his debut match opponents.

Good-looking, good energy, and very strong. Don’t miss your chance to meet and spend time with this stud on and off the mats.



Jimmy Elijah is recommended by FourMonkeys

I had an absolutely awesome match with Jimmy. Before the match, I was definitely a bit concerned a nervous since Jimmy has a major size advantage on me.

Jimmy was easy to schedule with. I came over and we got down to business. We chatted a bit and exchanged some light punches before hitting the mats. Jimmy helped me work on my Spladle and Camel Clutch moves on him. He put me in several awesome holds and chokes. He has a really good sense of his opponents' limits, is very respectful and time just flies by.

I think I'm really fortunate to have wrestled this guy. He's a class act on the mat and really easy to talk to off the mat. I'd be honored to get a rematch with this stud once I have some more technique down. If you haven't thrown down with Jimmy, you need to line him up!



FourMonkeys is recommended by wrestleuinla

What a great guy to wrestle with , very strong and flexible from his triathlon training . Doesn’t have a lot of experience but has good instinct to counter and reverse control . Had fun swapping holds and training a bit . Great addition to the LA area wrestling gang . Looking forward to more mat time with this guy .



wrestleuinla is recommended by FourMonkeys

Excellent first experience hitting the mats with wrestleuinla. He was a super friendly host and very accommodating. Though I had no formal wrestling experience, he was patient to show me various holds and we had a great exchange as we are evenly matched in height, weight and strength. Especially liked his combination of holds and gut punching. His timing was nice and really inflicted some awesome pain. His upper body is really nicely proportioned and he has a lot of explosive power. His legs are super powerful and he had me gasping for air when he put me in a lock. Absolutely recommend. Hope to have a rematch soon.



mister J is recommended by FourMonkeys

Mister J was an awesome and mellow first opponent. He's very chill and relaxed outside the match but very intense and focused during the match. He throws powerful punches and also takes gut punches like a champ. Excellent first match on this site!