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Well trained kickboxer / mma fighter here. Open to many styles of fighting. Prefer streetfights. Age is not important.



  1. Spain, Elche/Elx
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I am willing to travel 5000 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 40-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 141 lbs (64 kg)

Languages spoken: Dutch, English

Gear: Jeans, Speedo, Jockstrap, Nothing

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No holds barred No holds barred
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Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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Friskie is recommended by subfight85

Friskie is a strong guy with a lot of endurance. So we had a great match match and the hours passed quickly. Off the mats he is a smart guy and a very friedly and great host. Hopefully our rematch will take place soon! Highly recommended!



subfight85 is recommended by Friskie

Subfight85 is smart, strong, handsome and sadistic. The perfect ingrediënts for a hard and exciting fight. Our match lasted for hours and we made each other suffer in a sporty way. Our intention is to have a rematch soon. Highly recommended.



Friskie is recommended by worstelfan

After a long long long long long time being in contact with this guy it finally came to a match! He told me he was In a big training and he was ready to kick my ass... but unfortunately for him he need way more training to even get close to winning against me;-)
But beside that it was an easy one, it was a nice match and he is a friendly and funny guy of the mats! If you have the opportunity to wrestle him, take that change! And I can't wait till he is ready for his next match against me, I know for sure we will have more matches in the future! Thanks!



bostongrapple is recommended by Friskie

Cool, smart and strong describes Bostongrapple in a nutshell. Apart from that he is a very friendly guy. Meeting with him was very easy. We scheduled our match and the next day we fought.
Beware of his strong arms and legs and his smart moves. His chokeholds are something to watch out for as well.
Our match was awesome. I hope we fight again soon.



Friskie is recommended by francknord59

A cool and hyper friendly guy, who is quite motivated by all fight sports. This was a very nice session, in which we could train and have fun together. I guess this is only the first time of a series 😁. I harmly recommend him



francknord59 is recommended by Friskie

An amazing and amiable guy. He is a skilled fighter and fighting instructor. In his house he has his own Dojo, very cool! What also should not stay unmentioned is that he is a professional masseur. So first he will kick your ass and after that he heals you... We had an intensive training session and I learned a lot from it. Hopefully much more of these pleasant and sporty meetings will follow!



Friskie is recommended by dany 2808

This lightweight put up a good fight if he increases his strength and technique he will be a severe opponent. Nevertheless it was fun to met him after chatting for a long time.



dany 2808 is recommended by Friskie

Dany is a very strong and skilled guy. He very well knows how to apply chokeholds. It was impossible for me to escape them. No need to say that I lost this fight on all accounts. It was very nice to have finally met though. Dany is a cool guy. It was time well spent. Next time we meet I will be stronger and I will take on the course 'how to deal with chokeholds'. Maybe then I will be able to win a few rounds...



SGZapas is recommended by Friskie

SGZapas is a very nice host. Strong guy on the matts, smart and entertaining off the matts. Before you know it, you are trapped in a vicious leglock... We had an exciting match. Hopefully our rematch will take place soon!



Friskie is recommended by wrescomm

Whatever the way you look at him, Friskie is an excellent match on the mat - both for a competitive bout or an erotic-minded one - and off: a handsome man, and a clever and stimulating talker. Highly recommended, myself hoping to meet him again soon.



wrescomm is recommended by Friskie

Wrescomm has all the qualities that are attributed to Italian men: he is handsome, masculine, smart, a perfect host and cocky during a fight. We had a really exciting match. I am looking forward to our next encounter! If only for the delicious handmade italian espresso...