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Older guy new to wrestling fairly inexperienced had a couple of sessions so looking for help in creating my moves 1 2 1 training etc.
See myself as a jobber at the moment.
Enjoy watching other guys wrestling trying to learn from that.



  1. United Kingdom, Lostock Gralam
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I am willing to travel 50 kilometers


Age: 62-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 168 lbs (76 kg)

Gear: Singlets, shorts, speedos, jock straps, naked

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RugbyBear The Enigma



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Met off another site initially and he came around to mine for an oil wrestle. We were at it for two hours, he could take my biceps gunning him and the more he got into it, his full weight was on top of me and his biceps were gunning me, then his legs (which are thick and ace). After two hours of working cocks though I heard him say he was coming so milked him dry and worked the man juice up into a lather on his chunky inner thigh. Then met at oil fest a couple of weeks ago which was seven units oiled up enjoying each other.



The Enigma is recommended by Frodos

Chatted for ages to this guy on another site and finally plucked up the courage to meet him , as I'm new to the wrestling scene I was unsure of whether I would be much of a match for him.
Anyway I needn't have worried he's a real gent and put me at my ease straight away, we had a good 2 hours oil covered wrestling bout where I at least managed to get a few leg holds and neck holds on him. Unfortunately I lost the session and paid the forfeit.
He then invited me to the Oiled Meet in Manchester over the August BH where we had another great session.
I will definitely be meeting him again when the opportunity arises.



Frodos is recommended by RugbyBear

Known this bloke a long time. A great opponent in the ring and a good mate out of it. Had an oiled up two on one match at the Oiled event. He sure takes the punishment well and gets his own back.



RugbyBear is recommended by Frodos

We've known one another some years but only just got together at the oiled event. We had a great session Rugby Bear is a strong guy has had a bit more experience than me and has the holds which I managed to get out of and managed to show him some moves. He also tried out some face sitting which I managed to overturn.
A really nice guy well worth the grapple I'm looking forward to our next bout 👍🏻