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Age 43
Height 6'1" (186 cm)
Weight 174 lbs (79 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear shorts, underwear, none.
Languages spoken English, German
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  1. Germany, Berlin
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Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Two on one

Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Stakes

Fetishes: Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, CBT, Muscle worship

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zwischen 18 und ~40
mit aktuellen Bildern!
Raufen und vor allem Gutpunching
just for fun – keine MMA-Cagefighter o.ä.

Looking for:
between 18 and ~40
Do have recent pics pls!
roughhousing and most of all gut punching
just for fun – I am not an MMA cage fighter or the like


GPBLN has no cyber opponents.

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BRYAN is recommended by GPBLN

I have repeatedly met Bryan for gutpunching and ball busting and it's always been amazing. He is very attractive, easy going and friendly. AND he can take a lot of punishment and dish out even more. Our sessions were rough and gentle at the same time, which is great – and rare.



GPBLN is recommended by mehmetandme

Gpbln is very cute, good looking, funny and well builded, i'm actually not into punching fetish but i wanted to try. That was fine. Happy to meet him cuz really awesome guy. Those one who's interested about punching fetish defn. catch him.



mehmetandme is recommended by GPBLN

Mehmetandme is a very sweet and hot guy. A bit of a novice gut puncher. But his choke holds are intense. I'm not too much into those. But if you are you should definitely meet him.

EDIT: Of course gutpunching is also supposed to be relatively painful. The art is to slowly and sexily increase it.



GPBLN is recommended by absfreak

I had a meeting with GPBLN some years ago. He really loved to destroy my abs and he did a very good job. He is very creative when it comes to ab torture, loved every second of our meeting. He hit me with his fists and tools like a stone. It was very intense and much fun. I can recommend him, if you like to get your abs and navel worked over. Besides the gutpunching fun, he is very nice and open minded for any kind of challenge.



absfreak is recommended by GPBLN

Absfreak and I had a nice long session over several rounds. There was a lot of gutpunching and ab tenderising of course. But there was also a nice round of stomach spanking and a deep belly massage that left me sore for days – in a very good way!



GPBLN is recommended by guy321

Was supposed to be his punching bag but his mid section was so tantalizing that i ended up having a good time destroying it. Punched him for over an hour and he can eat those punches without much trouble. Great fun and a nice guy after the session. Oh, he is a good looker too!



guy321 is recommended by GPBLN

He thinks he destoyed my abs. Far from it!
But I'll pay him back anyway – nice and slow …



GPBLN is recommended by Cet03

I enjoyed a lot the gp session I had with this guy, who can take way more than I had imagined, by the time I was thinking we were at the end of our session, it was time for him to start again, which we did. Plus, great body, intriguing attitude and a lot more. Definitively I would meet him again.



Cet03 is recommended by GPBLN

The gutpunching session with Cet03 was one of the best I've had in a really long time. It was the perfect mix of rough and sensitive. And this guy looks very hot both when giving and receiving punches.



GPBLN is recommended by muscledfighter

Sexy in jeder Hinsicht: schlau, bulliger gut geformter body. Ideal zum Austesten von Dominanz-Fantasien. Sehr zu empfehlen.



muscledfighter is recommended by GPBLN

Ein Allround-Kampfsportler, der Griffe und Techniken beherrscht, die kaum jemand westlich von Fukuoka aussprechen kann. Und er weiß, wie er diese höchst effektiv zu beidseitigem Genuß zur Anwendung bringen kann.



GPBLN is recommended by GroundFite

I met GPBLN for gutpunching and wrestling session in Berlin. We had an amazing series of fighting encounters. He's strong, tough, smart, sexy and I had just as much fun fighting with him as I did spending time with him in the city. I highly recommend him if you're going to be in Berlin or if he visits your area.



GroundFite is recommended by GPBLN

I had one of my best fights ever with GroundFite. He's a great wrestler: finds the perfect balance between rough and tender. He's also very friendly and smart; great fun to hang out with after a fight - and look forward to the next.



GPBLN is recommended by Noby

GPBLN kann hart austeilen und versteht es die Abs richtig zu foltern wobei es immer im Rahmen der Absprache bleibt.
Also wenn ihr eure Abs mal richtig bearbeiten lassen wollt ist er der Richtige :)



Noby is recommended by GPBLN

Noby ist ein echter Kämpfer und einer der härtesten GP-Taker, die ich kenne. Vermutlich könnte man mit einem Auto über seine Bauchmuskeln fahren...



GPBLN is recommended by SileX

Historians of a future age might record GPBLN as the first guy I ever did gutpunching with. It's been so long ago, and yet I still remember how sore I was for a few days :)



SileX is recommended by GPBLN

I first met FighterBoyy when we were both still in our teens. He's a great fighter and can stomach any kind of beating you dish out to his impeccable sixpack.


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