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  1. United Kingdom, Glasgow - Central
    Glasgow (Central)

I am willing to travel 200 miles


56-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 154 lbs (70 kg)

Gear: Speedos


Fit, crop-haired wrestler looking to meet others (mainly Heels) into Brit-Pro Style Submission Matches. Prefer to be the Jobber with guys taller/heavier than me but can also effectively Heel guys smaller and lighter if they look vulnerable!

My Favourite Holds (currently) are 1. The Skull Murphy "Gator" Neck Submission Hold when applied with one hand covering the mouth to suppress the submission cry .... (and all the neck weakeners leading up to the application of the submission hold). 2. Full Boston Crabs - slowly/carefully applied but with increasing pressure until submission called. 3. Backbreakers over ONE shoulder (legs dangling behind, hand clasped on the chin to pull the head towards the chest. Like Heels that keep holds on that for some time after the submission has been called out .....

Enjoy World of Sport matches on You Tube - any with Heel v Jobber action (Danny Collins, Kid McCoy, Skull Murphy, Jim Breaks, Mal Sanders & Marvellous Mike Bennett to name a few current favourites).

Matches for stakes - by mutual advance agreement. Not a requirement - the match is the thing!

Happy to discuss other possible scenarios but, after a few years of wrestling, I have a pretty good idea of what works for me and provides a good match for both guys!

Open to Tag Team matches - but I would need to find a Tag Partner (or have one provided for me). Now that sounds like a fixed match already!

Travel easily throughout the UK (& Europe).

Please be serious about real-time action and capable of keeping to arrangements once they have been finalised and agreed. Cyber can sometimes be fun but I strongly prefer realtime.

One other thing ... some guys just get so hooked up on constant messaging - whilst clear, timely communication is important if it's overdone it gets oppressive and is a real turn off!

Seconds away ........



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Give and take, Squash match, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Brit pro wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: I'm a jobber

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Last modified: 4/11/2017

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boston_kid claymore davey123 varsityb


Glasgow Jobber is recommended by davey123

Met up with this very nice guy for a match whilst he was visiting here. Though we didn't have much room I put him through the submission wringer with almost every hold known - neck cranks, arm bar/locks, shoulder locks, multiple scissor holds (inc straight neck scissors and Fig 4, plus the usual body scissor moves) cranking up the pressure for some urgent tapping. Fig 4 with bar and ride on his legs, heel locks, combination holds, and of course some of my speciality moves too like the Camel and Boston Crab. But had fun particularly this time using the Skull Murphy Gator hold, ....haven't really done that one much before but it did seem very effective once I cranked it on for real. Also got him caught in an inescapable Sleeper which had him snoring within a few seconds - was fun to see how disorientated he was when he came round. He soaked it all up and came back for more and still finished the bout with a very big smile on his face. Very nice guy to chat with also, so if any other heels out there want someone to practice their nefarious skills on, you know who to contact. Hope we can have a bout with more space sometime so I can throw him about more and I wanna haul him up into a single shoulder back breaker too! Reckon he would be great to suplex as well......heh heh!



davey123 is recommended by Glasgow Jobber

This skilled powerhouse broke me more times than I can remember in a 2 hour stint - limited only by physical confines of a hotel room!

A succession of Bostons - Single Leg and Full, Camel Clutches, followed in due course by a dreamy Sleeper ... well, what more can one ask for?

A Skull Murphy Gator Hold, of course! That was delivered a number of times with consummate skill - WOW - this guy knows his stuff and expects you to take it within the agreed parameters ... whilst not being shy to push your boundaries (within safe & sensible limits).

If you want to experience a mean, yet safe and sensible Heel - davey123 is the guy for you!

I can't wait for him to put me out again and punish my neck with a full on Skull Murphy Gator Hold. Bring on those backbreakers too!



Glasgow Jobber is recommended by varsityb

Brit pro style match to subs...cocky jobber with attitude , we had a good long session - took a while to get him to submit to the bostons and backbreakers , but well worth the effort.He's a friendly reliable guy , and looks good in gear.Recommended.



varsityb is recommended by Glasgow Jobber

Had a great session with Deano. He is powerful but at the same time sensible and careful not to cause any unwanted injury. Knows how to apply and get a guy to submit once he has made you suffer. Fit, reliable and a gentleman - what more can you ask for? Had me well in trouble with his skillful delivery of the full Boston Crab and plenty of other backbreakers - whoahhhh ....