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Looking to hook up with guys into boxing. Sadly do NOT have ring access and no wrestling! Not my thing. Hotel bouts? Sure! Can travel up to 30 miles. No full out bouts, KO's. Not as fast as I was and nothing competitive. Just gear? sure. Have plenty for 2 buds. Boxed in college for 3 year. Know my stuff. Don't let the age fool ya'!!<G> Enthusiasm counts way more than training or skill.
In close, staying tight, full gear. Erotic? Yep if it works if not, not to worry. Looking for glove time with other buds!
Am a working guy so MAY NOT always be around when you R, but am self employeed so with enough "warning" (LOL) I can usually make it happen. Have a good rep and been at it along time.
Have met up with some of the guys on this site. My pics are NOT from 10 years ago!..Oldest is about 3 !! Otherwise all fairly recent.



  1. USA - California, Los Angeles
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I am willing to travel 30 miles


Age: 70-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Full in boxing start with!!

Boxing Boxing

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Glovesup is recommended by INBoxer

Glovesup, We met multiple times when I lived in California. this man is an awesome boxer. We sparred and boxed a lot he taught me many things. Always great matches. He really kept me inline. Love this guy a lot. Highly recommend. Just sorry this guy never got a just to knock me down or tko me. he was to much of a gentleman.



Glovesup is recommended by socal74

The Champ!! Had my first ring experience with this stud years ago and been hooked ever since. He knows how to train a rookie boxer, from the jabs to the boots to the groin're in excellent hands sparing with this veteran. He keeps it fun, and keeps it hot. Glove up against this stud and thank me later!



socal74 is recommended by Glovesup

Take any opportunity to hook up with the dude!! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!! Wrestling, boxing? It's all good!!!….AND just a great guy to boot!!



Glovesup is recommended by HarborFighter

Hey guys. Gloves Up is the REAL THING. I love boxing him. He is tough, wily, fast, great technique. He makes ME a better boxer.



HarborFighter is recommended by Glovesup

Aw of my earliest encounters with another boxer and was I lucky it was Tom. Good boxer. Knows his stuff. Fun and intense.Didn't hook-up very often and been years since we met last but consider him to be in my top 3 of guys I've met which was LONG before this site ever existed..



Glovesup is recommended by Boxnmech

Don't pass up a chance to glove up with this guy! Great bud to trade punches with but watch out for his hooks to the chin ;-)



Boxnmech is recommended by Glovesup

Dave is the real thing...Good give and gloving up with him. Anyone would be lucky to get into the ring with the "mechanic"!



Glovesup is recommended by ozboxer

We have had many great matches when i have visited LA, and it is always a huge pleasure to get the gloves on with Glovesup, he is a great boxer, a real gentleman, and I am proud to say a good friend!