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New to explore wrestling, wanna find out my limits



  1. United Kingdom, Barnsley
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Age: 41-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 231 lbs (105 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German, Polish

Gear: Shorts shirt singlets

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Gruber36sc is recommended by MCRLON30UK

Good tough friendly guy. Has an unblockable charge, look out for the bull. Very agile, rolls out of holds too. Getting tougher. A good fight.



MCRLON30UK is recommended by Gruber36sc

Meet Oli at my, I didn't appreciate him. Good stamina, strong, good observattor and can use opponent's mistakes agents him, do not make the same mistake as me he is good oponent even he don't looks like a fighter.
Thank you for a good evening!



Gruber36sc is recommended by andy

Had great match with Rob today at the oil event at Pippa's in Manchester.We had a fun match in the oil room.Hope too have another match with him again soon.And he is good too talk too both on and off the mats.Looking forward too round 2.



andy is recommended by Gruber36sc

I meet Andy at oil 5 in Manchester
We had some wrestling together, big lad not easy to hold him by ground, I need use judo hold to keep him down. Was good match mate see you on oil 6. Thanks again Andy



Gruber36sc is recommended by Tag Team

Had a great match with this big strong bull, big beefy and considering he's just starting out ..a good wrestler. Hoping to have many more matches and hopefully mates as he's a great lad off the mats



Tag Team is recommended by Gruber36sc

Great 2 lads spend nice time with them,
My first oil wrestling, I’m great meet them, I felt really comfortable with them
Looking forward to get in touch again with you guys!



Gruber36sc is recommended by GEOFFESSEX

As expected this was a perfect match for me. This guy is strong , powerful legs, and a fun easy going personality. He also has great stamina, speed and agilty which is rare for some beefy guys. He'll learn more holds etc as he goes along and when he does he'll be very tough to beat! He also looked totally brilliant in the singlet I gave him ( a tad loose on me but perfect on him!)
A home cooked dinner made for an awesome evening. Thanks man, and see you in a bigger mat space next time ....soon !!
Very highly recommended . G



GEOFFESSEX is recommended by Gruber36sc

Wow second opponent in this week, great man, skilled wrestler, great body and fantastic strong legs, lovely personality, definitely highly recommend, incredible stamina I didn't expect it after him😂 looking forward to pin you Geoff!!



Gruber36sc is recommended by RugbyBoy

Well! He's a top lad and strong AF! Massive legs, it was a big leg battle at first! This was his first more "savage" match and I think he loved it. I was planning on going quite light has he's a newbie but we were quickly exchanging hard, solid punches which is just the dream for me, like a proper fight! I was very impressed :)

Big lad, more acrobatic than I expected, throws his body all over and uses it to get out of holds quite effectively too. He's going to be lethal once he has the moves to go with the aggression and strength. It was awesome to give each other a good beating, he knows who's boss tho! Ha! Excellent match in a confined space, loved every minute of it.

Cheers for hosting bro, can't wait for it again, you might need some ice for your ribs :P Rarely get to punch that hard so he inevitably gets my highest recommendation.



RugbyBoy is recommended by Gruber36sc

How I couldn't be a savage if your opponent looks like a gorilla? Guys you really need have a Tarzan skills to defeat that " Animal". 😂 serous , it was my first serious oponent , big arms! He's s got grapp like a boa constrictor, bulls stamina! Great big legs, yes I lose but I'm really proud that I have so good oponent. Great fight, great chatt, I'm happy I have suprised him with a view movements.
Thanks Rugby Boy!! Respect!! Hoping for next match with you!