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Age 52
Height 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight 240 lbs (109 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear Cargo shorts, jeans, underwear, jock, trunks, singlet, always shirtless!!
Languages spoken English, Spanish
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  1. USA - California, Long Beach
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Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Give and take, Two on one, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber, Looking to coach

Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches

Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber

Fetishes: Jackoff, Gut punching, Nipple play, Muscle worship

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First of all, have nothing to prove here. Just like to have a good time and bond with other masc guys into gut punching or wrestling with gut punching. If you got something to prove, move on.

I post all my recent pics in the first 20 shown on my profile. I try to post recent pics regularly.

Using this forum to meet guys into real gut punching. Im also open to wrestling and boxing, not trained in wresting or boxing, but always willing to try and learn from the experienced ones.

Very nip centric here too, so I am all for some nip work to be included in a gp session, even nip torture

Me: I'm a thick build, stocky bear type here, into gut punching primarily- both receiving and giving. I have a ton of pics in my profile from over the years, and recently posted videos of home workouts from August 2020 during lock down. I run off and on too, but its damn hard at my size! Lol!

I have a huge masculinity fetish along with gut punching and love eliciting a masculine reaction with hot, forceful gut punches for a good session. Love the look, the feel of working a masculine guys gut and I make gut punching real hot as I like to include a lot of body contact. Inherently masculine here and like bonding with other masculine men through gut punching and rough housing.

For gut punching, i’m into paced, controlled, but forceful punches as both a giver and receiver. I prefer relaxed, unflexed gut punching. Like to also test one's limits and be tested. I got a lot of punching endurance and I'm solid - I can take and give long rough sessions. I DO TAKE and GIVE REAL PUNCHES.

Thoroughly enjoy taking some GP with guys who love it no matter their body type. I especially like the receiving end in various positions with guys smaller than me - I find a smaller guy beating up a bigger guy really, really hot. So, I love being a punching bag for smaller/shorter guy.

As a punching bag, I don't really have a preferred body type punching me, as long as the guy loves it as much as I do and somewhat takes care of himself physically because punching me can be exhausting. I’m pretty thick - have met with plenty of guys who can't punch for as long as I can take. I also take punches in other areas of my torso.

As far as giving/being a heel, I do prefer masc built guys to punch on. I love punching on a taller more built guy.

Although I am not skilled wrestler, I can get into gut punching with wrestling. If the other guy is skilled and stronger though, I'm toast. Haha.

Including a bit of forced workouts can be fun too, forced push-ups, sit ups to exhaustion, and when a set is failed, a little GP work is the punishment. Leaves us tired and sweaty and for a real good workover! I'm also into role play with gut punching - ask me what I like if you are into role play.

I love doing push-ups, all types.

Hit me up if interested - always on the look out for other gut punchers.

Married here, FYI, so not looking for a BF. My husband knows about my fetish and is cool with me having fun with it with other guys! He’s cool like that!!


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Jjkirc is recommended by GutPunch562

Loves the action, gets really into working a man’s gut. Thoroughly enjoyed this guy and we met many times!! Miss it!!



GutPunch562 is recommended by VTAbear

This Guy is amazing, powerful, handsome, tough as fuck and a great guy to meet up with.

I can’t wait to meet up with him again.



VTAbear is recommended by GutPunch562

Had a great time with this guy. He took punches like a champ, and he is all man. Masculine as hell. I find that so hot. He also looks like man, thick, beefy, and tough. Looking forward to meeting up with him again and working his manly gut.



GutPunch562 is recommended by NYC PA BOY

Very bulky and strong guy. Had gutpunch match and role played. lots of fun and enjoyed whole session. Strong and good stamina. wish I set up another match with him. Highly recommend him.



NYC PA BOY is recommended by GutPunch562

This little guy was a bull. A hard and good puncher and a lot of fun. Wish I had more time with him. I always love a little, athletic guy like him working me over and he perfectly matched my interests. Hope to have the opportunity to meet up with him again.



GutPunch562 is recommended by DenverWrestler

As a newbie to the gutpunching scene, I couldn't have picked a better man to show me the ropes. This guy is strong, solid, skilled, and oh so sexy. He was able to take me to my limits, all safe and sane, and I felt I could completely trust him to work my gut hard but without injury. He is a VERY hot man and I think any guy would enjoy a session with him. He's great at nipple play too and between that and the punching, he totally ravished me. Would I meet him again? Hell yes!!!!



DenverWrestler is recommended by GutPunch562

DenverWrestler was a stud. First time taking a gut worker and took it very well. After some coaching and direction, and building trust, he took his punches like a real man. He took some good uppercuts and solid punches and has a real hot masculine grunt, which I love!!

A very masculine guy, tall, with a ripped and super solid body. His abs are bricks. Incredible build.

He is very good with scheduling and is cool about keeping his meeting time. Highly recommended if you're looking for a good time. I'd definitely meet him again. If he lived closer, I'd meet him regularly and I know he'd be able to eventually a massive gut worker. Woof!!



GutPunch562 is recommended by hardpunch

This guy is the real deal!! He can take a hell of a lot of punching and never goes down! He also has an active imagination for role play and likes to try new and different things. Most of all, he's a fun guy to be with. I've had a couple of matches with him and I always come away wanting more. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who likes gutpunching and role play with someone who is also just a really fine person.



hardpunch is recommended by GutPunch562

One of my favorite punchers of all time. Punches me real hard and doesn't hold back, just how I like it. Highly recommended for those truly into the gut punching fetish!!



GutPunch562 is recommended by pshawfocus

You've had the rest, now try the best :) If you're a punchee who wants your puncher to have a controlled, (very) solid, accurate, rhythmic delivery method you should waste no time and meet this guy.

He can tailor the intensity of his punches to match your capabilities; for me, that involved working my untensed abs for a good couple of hours, making me feel each deep punch as I lay stretched out on the floor, whilst my stretched my abs comfort zone too.

He's a gentleman off the mats and should you feel the need to return the favour, he's happy to take too. If you're into it, he's an expert nipple player too.



pshawfocus is recommended by GutPunch562

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with this guy. I was in NYC and was difficult to find a guy who would commit to a GP meeting. I was contacted by pshawfocus and in 2 hours we met. It was a super hot session. I was surprised with how much he could take given the differences in our body weight and size. I was able to coach him to take unflexed and he took punches for a good hour or so. He was more interested on the receiving end, although I love it when men his size work me over. My punching is precise and very controlled and he was able to tolerate some of my more forceful punches. I really enjoyed his body, the guy is built well, and love his chest/nips. Very hot. It is one of my fav sessions. highly recommended.



GutPunch562 is recommended by Guysmiley

After several months of trying to schedule a meet up, the stars finally aligned and with no notice, we were finally able to accomplish what had come to seem impossible. I must say, his pics do him little justice. Imagine when I opened the hotel door to this mass of muscle standing there shirtless. I swear it made me gulp. I learned something new from him, which was taking gut punches without flexing. A whole new experience for me. Though our time was cut short due to a "sewage" mess on his end, all in all, a good time, but I look forward to our next unscheduled meet up.



Guysmiley is recommended by GutPunch562

I'd recommend this guy. Simply put, he's a bad ass! He's a skilled fighter, very impressed with his knowledge, skills, and most of all by his strength for someone who is in his 60's. Seriously, never met such an active, strong, and built 60-something like Guy. Had a good time - was cut short though has I was alerted to a sewage line back up at the apartment complex I manage. Didn't want to leave, my GP needs had not been satisfied yet. Looking for the next time for him to take over my gut and give me the workover over that's pretty much insatiable. He also took punches from me, coached him how to take unflexed and he did quite well. I think I'd rather be his punching bag though. Woof.



GutPunch562 is recommended by malegutpunching

Have gut punched with GutPunch562 several times. One on one and two on one sessions. Recommended.



malegutpunching is recommended by GutPunch562

This guy is an amazing puncher. Very skilled at gut punching, and is quite the dominator if you are looking for more than just GP. His punches feel amazing. He is one of the best punchers I've met. Highly recommended.


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