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Age 63
Height 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight 185 lbs (84 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear singlet, boxing trunks and gloves, jeans, or role play
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  1. USA - Illinois, Chicago
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  2. USA - Indiana, Hammond
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)

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Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Give and take, Two on one, Online chatting

Fetishes: Leather, Boxing gear, Gut punching, Muscle worship

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Hey been into gutpunching since my youth. Like starting out with gloves and working down to fists - makes it last longer. Into getting but will give as well. Have a good Potbelly (like 420 too much) for punching. Men of color are a big turn on. Have various size gloves and some gear. Boxers are hot and skilled gut punchers. Enjoy talking about Gutpunching. Looking for a challenge with a Muscle guy to see who can take the most, or wants to use my gut for his punching bag. Lets get it on!!!!


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Gutboxer is recommended by Wrestman317

This guy can take it and can keep taking it, his gut is like a heavy bag and he’s super durable, but he also doesn’t mind giving it back if you let him, super fun to be around and an overall gentleman, can’t wait to go back and bash his gut and do more with him 😁💪



Wrestman317 is recommended by Gutboxer

Met up with this Amazing young fighter and highly recommend him. I enjoyed his punching style and Spunk. His communication skills are excellent and also let me know right up front what what we'd be doing and not (respect of limits for each of us). I am looking very forward to more and more matches with him and testing out his gut more in the future.



Boxer699boy is recommended by Gutboxer

I have met this talented boxer on multiple occasions and he only gets better and stronger each time we have met mainly for exchanging Gutpunching. He can take it well, but can give it back even Better. There are only three men on Meetfighters that have taken my gut to it's limit and Boxer699boy is at the top of my list. He loves boxing as much as I do and we enjoy using as much gear as time permits. Proud to be his Pup Owner, but happy to share my Champ!



Gutboxer is recommended by BearPounder

Gutboxer is one heck of a punch pig! I had the pleasure of tag teaming him with Julienmayfair17. Even after a few hours of two of us big guys beating on him, he was STILL ready for more! I’ll never forget the array of boxing gloves he had laid out when I arrived at the hotel — he had a variety of sizes and weights, and we worked our way through all of them. While I’m usually on the giving side of things, but I let him have several goes at my gut and his hits did not disappoint. They lingered with me for quite a while after the meet.

Outside of the punching, he’s a fun, friendly guy and great to have a chat with. Anyone into dishing out gut punishment needs to have a session with Gutboxer!



BearPounder is recommended by Gutboxer

Let me start off that I love his handle “BearPounder” and that is exactly what he did to my gut. Met with him and Julienmayfair17 for perhaps the first meeting of the Indiana Gut Punchers (till a better name comes along). Both big men that I enjoyed taking turns on each other for around three hours. I can’t wait to do this again and include more men if we can.
It was my first time with him and he’s a great guy and a hard puncher. He graciously excepted our punches (which he usually doesn’t do) and I hope he continues to take more and more. He loves Gutpunching and take the opportunity to meet him and feel his punches!!!



Gutboxer is recommended by Jacobthejeweler6

This guy can take a really go beating. If u wanna us this guy as a punching bag. He's the man. Enjoy my time with him



Gutboxer is recommended by julienmayfair17

Wow! This guy was fun and personable, and we had an amazing time! I didn't know what to expect or do as this was my first pure GP session. We traded some gut punches starting off slow but then pounding each other hard! This stud can take some punishment and I loved making him grunt and groan with some good uppercuts to that belly! But be warned, he can dish it out too! By the time we were done, we were both covered in sweat! My gut and abs are still sore from our session.

My only regret is that it couldn’t be longer! Definitely need to meet up with this GP pro again!



julienmayfair17 is recommended by Gutboxer

Happy to have met this big friendly man to put on the gloves to break him into Gutpunching for his first novice match. He also was my first large opponent that I enjoyed slugging his gut and took it all. He also gave my big belly a good pounding.
I look very much forward to meeting him again and spending more time punching each other with more power and enjoying all that Gutpunching has to offer.



Gutboxer is recommended by boxingfan89

If you ever have the chance to meet up with this man, do it. In addition to being one of the kindest people ever, I feel like I could have been going at his gut for hours and he still wouldn't have broken a sweat. He gives just as good as he takes and has a nice collection of gloves and trunks. Every time we met up it was a great session and I'm sad to say that I've since moved away.



boxingfan89 is recommended by Gutboxer

It was GREAT meeting up with this man for some super match of gut punching. I really can not wait till we do it again. He pounded my gut with a wide variety of punches and enjoyed wearing boxing gear as much as I do. He also could take as many punches as I could give him and did not shy away but wanted more. Very happy to have found a new local GP Brother!

Now having another Match with this man is just as great if not better than our past matches. He’s toned up and still punches like a PRO. I’m grateful he set up time with me during his visit. I look forward to seeing and feeling his punches my GP Brother!



Gutboxer is recommended by ordjbr

Long overdue but had a great gutpunch session with this challenger. Rock hard middle and took so many punches with a variety of gloves ....even traded back and forth and worked up quite a sweat! Great guy who knows his stuff...hope we connect again!



Gutboxer is recommended by MKEwrestlebear

I had a good time trying out gutpunching with this expert. His endurance in taking hits is really impressive—I had the impression that he could have gone another ten rounds had our schedules allowed. We gradually scaled up from my first tentative taps to serious blows, and gutboxer took it all with enthusiasm. When it was my turn to take some punches, he watched my reactions carefully and checked with me throughout to make sure I was (relatively) comfortable. Gutboxer is a sturdy dude with a gut made for punching, and I recommend everyone take a swing at him.



MKEwrestlebear is recommended by Gutboxer

Success at last meeting MKEwrestlebear, which I will call MKEgutpunchbear. That is because it was all gutpunching with mostly me taking most of the combos and variety of punches. He took one round better than I expected and gave my gut a truly great gut pounding. Will meet again for sure in Chicago or Milwaukee.



InnocentMeal is recommended by Gutboxer

His first time at giving me gut punches and I was happy he did. I told him he could punch me harder and he did plus giving me extra punches to end the match. Good Man.



yonkerswrangler is recommended by Gutboxer

Thanks first of all for hosting me and welcoming others to join in the matches. I didn’t wrestle with Yonkerswrangler but had a great time Gutpunching with him. I watched him wrestle and instruct with others and it was interesting and enjoyable to watch. A great host and guy...Thank You so much!



Gutboxer is recommended by icejohn2

Had a great getting together with Gutboxer! It was my first time to put on boxing gloves and punch on anybody’s gut. And his gut must be made of steel since he could take the beating! I truly believe that he can outlast most of the guys on gut punching for sure. And a genuine great guy overall. If you love a good boxing fight with gut punching, you cannot miss a match with him!



icejohn2 is recommended by Gutboxer

So happy that IceJohn2, who is mainly a wrestler, gave it a shot and put on the gloves and did some gut pounding. I am very pleased with this great guy giving some heavy hitting shots using size 20oz, 12oz, 10oz, and bare fisted. I can’t wait till our ReMatch which will surely happen and John’s new arsenal of gut blasting skills.



Gutboxer is recommended by muscldfighter

Solid puncher & taker. This guy is the real deal. Sturdy solid bod that can lots of hard hits and punches ! Dishes out good punches too.
Great guy with no airs. Unassuming friendly but the mild demeanour underlies a hard tough slugger who lives up to his profilename!
Highly recommended if youre looking to slug or be slugged, & if youre looking for someone who can last a longgggg time!



muscldfighter is recommended by Gutboxer

Joe met me at his hotel when he was in town after talking for many months. The man is built like a brick house and a gentleman in every sense. We mostly did a gutpunching exchange including some knee shots that lifted me right off the floor. Extremely happy for him to be the first muscle opponent that I actually got to trade punches with. I think I was the one who won the match because he didn’t want to take anymore, but you can check with him. Already looking forward to our rematch!



Gutboxer is recommended by GP Punchee

Gut boxer is a great guy. Really nice man and just a pleasure to hang with. This man can take the hardest of punches with a totally relaxed gut. If you are looking for a punching bag, he is your man!



GP Punchee is recommended by Gutboxer

This guy enjoys getting his gut and nips worked over. “Give it to him Men!” Met up with more than once and can take it with or without boxing gloves.



Gutboxer is recommended by gprunner

Gutboxer has a wide selection of boxing gloves. He took time to meet me out of his busy work schedule. I am glad that we had a chance to meet as it was a great give and take session. He can take lots of hard punches. In addition, he is a friendly person. If you are into GP, you should definitely meet Gutboxer.



gprunner is recommended by Gutboxer

Had a great GPing session with Gprunner but we had to make it short because of work. He tried out my gloves for his first time and we take some give and take punching. I look forward to his next visit.



Coleman is recommended by Gutboxer

Coleman is every bit that is said in his recommendations. I was just happy and pleased that he put on the boxing gloves and worked my gut, even though that is not his main interest. Wrestling is what drives him and he does not disappoint one bit. He over powered me every time and was considerate since I have little wrestling skills. He even gave me some gut shots while having me at his mercy. Wrestlers this your man to take on.



Gutboxer is recommended by lehem15

This is perhaps the toughest man I have ever encountered. He took a lickin and kept on tickin. Super friendly, easy to set up a time with and had a lot of fun with him and his buddy. If you are ever looking for someone to tire you out this is your guy.



lehem15 is recommended by Gutboxer

Really enjoyed having this tough Southpaw taking time and traveling far to meet me and my gut Punchee friend. He put on various boxing gloves and gave us both a great gut pounding. His stamina was impressive as he kept switching back and forth punching my friend's gut and mine. I wish we could meet on a regular basis...Highly recommended!



Gutboxer is recommended by Smallbutstrong1981

If you are looking for a gutpunching session, he is your guy. Man, he can take so much. It was very fun to do and also to receive. He is such a sweet and friendly guy, don't miss out on him.



Smallbutstrong1981 is recommended by Gutboxer

Great guy that hosted me for gutpunching in Amsterdam. He lives up to his handle "SmallbutStrong" because he punches hard and strong. We used different gloves trading back and forth. We also talked about our different countries and matches. I wouldn't call him "Small" but "BIG" in so many positive ways! Thanks again for trading punches and inviting me over!



Gutboxer is recommended by BoxerCoachinmd

Had the pleasure of recently meeting Gutboxer and he is the real deal. Took my best shots and came back for more. He also delivered good hard shots as well. He is an interesting guy out of the ring. Highly recommended, glove up with him if you get the chance.



BoxerCoachinmd is recommended by Gutboxer

Met Coach in his ring and had a Great gut punching match with him and my gping friend. Coach gave it to as both of us at the same time and that was a blast. I really enjoyed what he gave me and tested my gut as well as giving it back to him. There is nothing like being with a man that does Boxing...knows how to punch, does it well, and hits hard!
Thanks for hosting us Coach and working us like a Pro.



Gutboxer is recommended by midwestboxer

It was a pleasure to meet Gutboxer, he truly lives up to his reputation. He is eager to take punches and always wants more. I will definitely be meeting up with this guy again!



midwestboxer is recommended by Gutboxer

This man took me to my limit. He hit me hard like a pro from the get go, but dialed it down after that and went for ten rounds. Used a boxing glove range from 16oz to 10oz (which were my favorite). I also enjoyed watching him punch me, because of his awesome boxing style. We also talked a lot, primarily about boxing and gut punching. He is a great guy and a gentleman. I am sure we will meet again!



Gutboxer is recommended by livingforfight

I really enjoyed punching his big belly...and getting some from him..thank you for the chance to do it!



livingforfight is recommended by Gutboxer

He may start out as a mild and meek opponent, but once the action starts he turns into a Tiger and you become his prey. He said he didn't have much punching experience, but he worked my gut like a true fighter. I am sure my belly will be black and blue later from his almost endless attack. If you want and all out battle this man is for you and you will not be disappointed. Even as we were calling it a night he came back and gave me one last barrage to my sore red pot belly...Woof!!!!



Gutboxer is recommended by FtLaudFL4GP

I was glad to meet he and his friend Neal, when both were n town, and considerate, fun, real men as guests they were, glad to host a night and get him in a impact gut punching, rough space for hours. It was 3 and at one point 4of us, all with same note rests, I don't know if that will happen again, but if so, I'm hosting. Truly a good time!



FtLaudFL4GP is recommended by Gutboxer

What a great pleasure to meet up with another man that is so Much into taking and getting gutpunching. If you get the chance to meet up with him, do so, he well worth it!
Met up with him as well as Hardpunch and BadladUK and it was an Awesome time for all of us and I am sure we will reconnect again. It was the best time EVER.



Gutboxer is recommended by boxer1

Larry is a great guy and has one tough gut. If you're looking for a guy who can take a LOT of gut punishment, then i recommend that you test out his gut. He's a great guy and i too look forward to our next GP session. Next time, i will step it up and go a little harder on you next time bro!!!



boxer1 is recommended by Gutboxer

I agree with Techboxer WOW! We mostly trade some excellent gut punches, and I think feel like I have found a really Great GP Brother. Like everyone said Greg is a an awesome man and new friend. If anyone needs a couple of big guts to punch around lets set something up and we will even give it Back. Can't wait for our next Gut Pounding Match!!!



Gutboxer is recommended by hardpunch

I've gotten together with gutboxer on numerous occasions and I can tell you he's the real deal. He loves to receive and has incredible stamina with his ability to go for hours. He has a vivid imagination for role play/fantasy which makes the time with him all the more fun. If you ever get a chance to gutpunch with him, don't pass it up. He's also a really nice guy and very well worth the time!



hardpunch is recommended by Gutboxer

I have met with this man many times and have never been disappointed. He lives up to his name and really knows how to slug a gut and enjoys it. I must say that he is one of my favorite Gutpunchers and I always want to come back for more. He also can get into role play which adds another level to his gut pounding experience. We have met with others as well, and have had some great sessions like two on one and even a two on two match which was a blast. Look forward to meeting others and developing friendships.



Gutboxer is recommended by badladuk

Very pleased to meet Larry after a long time chatting and enjoying his videos. His solid round gut is a delight to punch - I was really letting rip and he absorbed the punches with a really satisfying OOOF - but stood firm and wanted more. The rest of him is a lovely, easy-going and engaging guy :-)



badladuk is recommended by Gutboxer

This man is a huge powerhouse, but fully understands and respects his opponent. Right from the start you can trust him and have a great time with him. He may look like a beast, and punch and take like one, but you can see in his eyes that he there to make the experience enjoyable for both, not cause damage. Met up with him, Hardpunch, and Ftlaudfl4gp for an Awesome night of giving and taking Gutpunching and sure can't wait till we can all meet and do it again.



mekmall is recommended by Gutboxer

Good gut slugging with another Taker. A gentleman before and after, and a hard hitter and taker when the gloves are on. I am sure we will meet up again for another go round.



Gutboxer is recommended by ChiBox

Gutboxer is the real deal; I really did not think he would be able to absorb the volume of powerful punches that I slammed into his midsection for 10 rounds! This man took my best shots with a simple "Thank you, may I have another?". Look Gutboxer up if you want to gut punch someone that can handle a big time pounding.



ChiBox is recommended by Gutboxer

This was Mitch's first time having a Gutpunch session and boy did he deliver! I have the bruises too prove it and he was even wearing 8oz gloves. He gave me everything he's got, but yet made every effort to honor my requests. A true gentleman and one of the best punchers I have had the honor to pound my gut.
If you need someone to test your belly - He is the MAN!



Gutboxer is recommended by Boxer Daddy

"GUTBOXER" without a DOUBT has unequivocally one of THE TOUGHEST "Guts" around. If you love sinking your fist in the flesh portion of a man's gut then GUTBOXER is the one for you.
I know I'm looking forward to hammering his abdomen the next time we meet!



Boxer Daddy is recommended by Gutboxer

He is the MAN. He is truly a Professional and a Gentleman. So proud and honored to be in the ring with him for the second time. He used my gut for his heavy bag and delivered each punch with precision and power. If anyone would bring Boxing to the Gay Olympics I believe it would be Techboxer.



PunchFun is recommended by Gutboxer

It was great Gut Boxing in the boxing ring. First real chance to exchange gut blows with him and had an awesome time. He can take a lot and give it right back. Look forward to doing it again with him in out New sport.



Gutboxer is recommended by Mask-MI

WOW What a amazing time. Not only did we have a awesome time gut punching but respected limits. Very awesome guy off the mats. I look forward to meeting again!



Mask-MI is recommended by Gutboxer

Mask-MI is a good guy for meeting up for gutpunching. Respects limits and requests. Friendly and has fun gear to fight with. Look forward to our next match up.



Gutboxer is recommended by Italian giver

I had a go around with Gutboxer. He can't get enough of having his belly pounding over and over. He is a Punch Pig. If you're looking for someone to have as your personal punching bag, he's your man. Great guy.



Italian giver is recommended by Gutboxer

He sure likes to punch a big belly and can really lay the punches in, so watch out this is no phony gping match with him. Had a good match with him and is a good host.