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So it sounds like I might be in the right sort of place, hopefully I am.
I'm not a fighter myself but I love guys who are. I'm really looking for a big powerful man who can wrestle me down and take control in a sexual or just playful sense. I'd love to find my tag team partner for life. (Or partners, I welcome the idea of multiple partners)
I'm not big, I'm not strong, and I'd love a guy who loves to use that against me (all in fun of course, I am abuse-conscious). I'm a nerdy guy and a gaymer with a love of bad jokes and good food.
I love being dominated and I have never had a chance to try muscle worship and I absolutely would LOVE to, I absolutely dream of it. I've never even had a chance to have so much as a one-night stand with a guy with actual muscle but I also want so much more than that.
I also like the other fetishes I selected on my profile, especially feet, trampling, face sitting, etc. Ultimately anything that involves a guy using his body to demonstrate his power and strength over me. I'm always the submissive but I'd love to legit struggle for it.
I try explaining things like that to most guys on other dating sites and they just don't get it and they're all too... gentle which isn't a bad thing but damnit I'd like a guy who knows how to actually play rough. I know I might look like a pretty boy because of my hair but vanilla fun just isn't my forte and I'm not much on the feminine side of the spectrum.

Also, one thing I dream of? Coming home to a man that can bearhug me until I see stars.



  1. USA - Colorado, Colorado Springs
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I am willing to travel 75 miles


Age: 28-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 220 lbs (100 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: I'm game for most anything, don't own much though.

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