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  1. Thailand, Bang Rak
    Place of residence

I am willing to travel 20 kilometers


39-year-old Male / 6'0" (183 cm) / 140 lbs (64 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Thai

Gear: Singlet, speedo, Lycra, superhero


New to wrestling scene but have always want to learn and get into action. Willing to learn.
Jobber here



Submission Submission

Match structure: Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Want sex, Spandex, Leather, Wrestling gear, Gut punching, Cock fighting, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 8/05/2018



Horsearound is recommended by aawrstlman

Spiderman showed up at my hotel room ready to try take the evil villain down... We had an amazing, long match wherein the evil villain (me) mostly dominated, but horsearound is strong and quick and has some good moves. In the end his spidey powers weakened and his true identity was revealed. We also had a great time hanging out and chatting after the match. He's asy to arrange eeting and I highly recommended him!



aawrstlman is recommended by Horsearound

The super villain aawrtlman is a lot more powerful than expected. He got some moves and outmatched the Spider-Man (me). Enjoy his power, pins and staying in character throughout the match. It’s quite fun. Always felt safe. He’s very easy to arrange and communicate. Definitely look forward to another match in the future and highly recommended.



Horsearound is recommended by Wrestlertoo

It was easy to make arrangements to meet this guy and he arrived promptly, ready to roll, with a variety of gear.
Despite not feeling 100 percent, suffering from the effect of the heat, I managed to subdue this feisty challenger....
When joined later by Kevin, a great, three way competion developed, proving that my super powers will always prevail!



Wrestlertoo is recommended by Horsearound

Met Waterloo (and Kevin) for a fun wrestling match. He’s a great guy - very accommodating. We had a fun match though he’s not 100% but still got some moves to show me around and getting warmed up. Then Kevin joined the match. And we had a blast. Thanks Waterloo for arranging this. Look forward to to your next visit.



Horsearound is recommended by Kevin

Horsearound is so fun to wrestle with. We did fantasy wrestling which he and I wore our Spider-Man costumes. We also did a 3 way with Wrestlertoo. What a great evening! I’ll definitely see him again for more wrestling and fun. Off the mat, he is friendly and nice guy. Recommended!



Kevin is recommended by Horsearound

finally We had an opportunity to have a match together. Wow! He’s quite fun. Really enjoy the experience. He’s very quick and strong yet very playful. Wish I had gotten to meet him earlier. Look forward to our next match again soon.



XtrataBear is recommended by Horsearound

Met XtrataBear at his place. He’s a great fellow. Very accommodating and put me at ease right away that we would have a nice, safe fun time. His partner also joined the match. He’s fun to wrestle with give and take.. his partner is much bigger and quite intimidating (in a good way). He’s quite strong and skillful. We each take turn wrestling. The match was very good work out. Great conversation afterward. Had a great time! Highly recommend meeting xtratabear.



Horsearound is recommended by luc25

Very gentle and nice guy, very easy to arrange a meeting and fun to roll with, highly recommended!



luc25 is recommended by Horsearound

Had a nice and fun time with luc25. He’s very direct and straightforward arranging for the meeting. He’s a very nice and relaxed guy. The match was exciting and fun. We had a nice chat afterwards. Too bad I only had a short time during this meeting.



londonwrestleguy is recommended by Horsearound

Met with londonwrestleguy for a very fun match. Indeed, it took a while for us to meet in person including my last minute cancellation but he’s a very understanding about the situation. We have been chatting quite a bit with different scenes and types of matches so it’s great when we got into action. He’s a strong guy and know his wrestling moves we went through a few rounds. And can’t wait for next time. So glad to meet someone who also share superhero fantasies! So much fun. Highly recommended.



Horsearound is recommended by Alan2005sg

It's very easy to arrange a meet with Horsearound despite it's very last minute
He knows a lot of basic moves. It was not difficult for him to pick up other skills. He has given me some good control during the practice.
Very nice & approachable gentleman as well



Alan2005sg is recommended by Horsearound

Great guy! He’s such a good teacher giving me some great pointers of few holds. Glad we met. Highly recommend getting to know Alan2005sg. An he’s very easy to chat and communicate with.

Look forward to next match.



Horsearound is recommended by Friendly Heel

Just realised I’ve forgotten to do Horsearound a recommendation. Easy to make arrangement who turned up on time. Great attitude, physique and certainly looks the part. Great jobber! Recommend visiting heels give Horsearound a bout, don’t miss this fit jobber.



Friendly Heel is recommended by Horsearound

Had a great time with Friendly Heel. He’s very to contact and arrange for meeting while he’s visiting. A great host and felt comfortable being there. A quick change and got right to the hot action. He’s quite strong but made sure everything was safe. A few great moves and I was completely under his control. Great time!!!



Horsearound is recommended by nlwrestleboy

On short term we made an arrangement for a match.
We had a great match. Horsearound can accept a lot of punishment. really tough guy. Pleasant guy outside the matt. Looking forward to meet him again.



nlwrestleboy is recommended by Horsearound

Match with Nlwrestleboy was quite fun. He’s a strong and aggressive guy who definitely enjoys being on top. Strong moves and very creative with hold positions. But always feel safe with him. And he’s a great guy outside if the March. Very accommodating and very pleasant to talk to. Good meeting indeed and look forward to future match with him.



Horsearound is recommended by domwrestler7

I knew from my first message exchange from Horsearound that he was going to be great jobber and that we would have an awesome heel vs, jobber match...and that is exactly how things turned out. We were fortunate enough to find an available pro wrestling ring for our match on very short notice (thanks to the owner). Horsearound showed up right on time and fit the jobber role perfectly in his colorful speedo, long lean body, and jobber ring personna. This was one of Horsearound's first matches in a pro wrestling ring, and he sold all of the holds, lifts/body slams, and gut workovers like a pro, He loved being worked over in the corner, where I used the ropes to my advantage. I dominated him from start to finish, dishing out a level of punishment and domination that he could safely handle. Great Match and Great Jobber and I can't wait until the next time I have the opportunity to gear up and manhandle Horsearound in another pro style ring match.



domwrestler7 is recommended by Horsearound

A match with DOMwrestler7 was amazing. He's such a strong and skilled wrestler who completely dominated me during the match in every way. He was great with various moves, pin and hold moves. But I always feel save under his control. Definitely love to have him dominated me again in the ring.



Horsearound is recommended by wrestlingdad

I recently had the opportunity to get to grips with Horsearound. The meeting was easy to arrange and Horsearound arrived with a selection of tight gear.
Horsearound is a beginner but we had a fun session. Despite being a beginner, he was able to use his legs effectively and is a good jobber. Look forward to meeting again.



wrestlingdad is recommended by Horsearound

Wrestlingdad was quite good a various pin positions. He’s a strong heel and like to dominate his jobber. Learned a lot from him.



Horsearound is recommended by wrestlerome

It was very nice to wrestle with horsearound he is strong,lean and a very nice guy really enjoyed it good positive energy see you next time!



wrestlerome is recommended by Horsearound

Wrestlerome is one fun guy to play with. Very easy going. But great energy during the match. He’s provide both physical and vocal feedbacks during the match. It’s a nice fun match! Look forward to meet again!