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Love to wrestle in a mildly competitive way.! If your strong enough to face-sit me and make me smell your ripe ass, then I consider that a great match. Humiliation holds is what I like. I enjoy dishing it just as much as receiving it. Also like pro and BG East style matches too. Open to gear and style. kik stinkfaceme

be under 45 and somewhat in shape. No response generally means I'm not interested. Sorry, its just my preference

Add me on Snapchat👻: hair_nshoulders
Follow me on IG : Oh_to.the_mod



  1. USA - Texas, Houston
    (I'm here from 1/07/2018)
    houston ,tx
  2. Canada - Quebec, Montreal
    (I'm here between 10/06/2018 and 10/11/2018)
    Here for a few days
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 155 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Persian

Gear: singlet, shorts, shirts, underwear, open to any.

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Htown wrestle is recommended by AldiStl

My first match was with Htown and he didn't disappoint. He made sure we were both comfortable and would have a good time during our match. He's a strong man and knows just how much to give without getting too serious. Definitely felt like he was taking it easy on me. Off the mats, we chatted for awhile, and could easily tell he is a great guy. If you enjoy dishing/receiving some humiliating holds, then a match with Htown won't disappoint.



Htown wrestle is recommended by Htxwrestler

Had a really great time with this guy! Would definitely recommend him. Match got sweaty real quick - he was aggressive/competitive without taking things too far. Really nice/chill guy with a great setup. We had a short match this time (where I got my butt kicked) but I'll be back for more soon.



Htown wrestle is recommended by bostx

He's a great fighter...always look forward to our matches. Nice guy on and off the mats.



bostx is recommended by Htown wrestle

I've wrestled him multiple times and they have all been memorable matches. Nice guy, good wrestler. Looking forward to more matches.



Htown wrestle is recommended by dz30x

He definitely is a strong competitor and he knows how to take control of a match. His strength helped him dominate both in sumo and submission. This man clearly knew I was outmatched and even going easy he still proves to be difficult to beat. I'd definitely would want a rematch but would need to bulk up if I ever want a chance to even beat this strong wrestler.

Our time was short but glad he was interested to try sumo and a good time doing submission



Htown wrestle is recommended by ATuring

Solid dude if you're looking for a fun match. Has a nice hosting setup, and holds a good conversation before and after the fight. Definitely hit him up if you're in the area- you'll have a good time.



ATuring is recommended by Htown wrestle

I've wrestled him a couple of times and I would wrestle him again. He's a nice guy in good shape and can adapt to different styles.



Htown wrestle is recommended by Janitor

Very nice guy. Fun guy to talk to and wrestle with. Has an empty room perfect for wrestling in. Would definitely wrestle again.



Janitor is recommended by Htown wrestle

Nice guy. He is stronger than he looks. Good luck getting a submission out of him. Would recommend if your looking for a challenge.



Htown wrestle is recommended by trent1978

Wrestled with him while visiting Houston a few years ago. Good wrestler. Fun match. Would definitely recommend.