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  1. United Kingdom, Redditch
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38-year-old Male / 6'1" (185 cm) / 279 lbs (127 kg)

Gear: Singlet, boots, pads


Dare to wrestle the ultimate heel or my tag team partner? Returning here after a few years off doing our own thing.

Come try your luck and see how long your survive my arsenal of moves. Master of the rack, lifts, power, sleepers and total dominance.

Can host in own private pro ring



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Tag team / group fights, Two on one
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to a ring, Friendship, I'm a heel

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Last modified: 9/11/2021


JCextreme is recommended by bna37

i was on the receiving end of a relentless squash job from JC and can't recommend him highly enough to my fellow jobbers out there :) JC knows how to play safely and use his strength and size for a fun pro-inspired match. i am counting down to an inevitable rematch with this heel!



bna37 is recommended by JCextreme

One if the hottest jobbers on the planet!
Years in the planning, we met in a hot miami hotel for a great wrestle.
Very attractive lad, that knows his stuff and how to wrestle.
Not often does a jobber mean anything to me... but this one is special!



JCextreme is recommended by Ryan Savage

Have had many good matches with JC! amazing teacher also really helps me learn moves and really sell the pro experience! If you miss the chance for a match you’ll regret it!



JCextreme is recommended by Squashlad

Great to take on this big, strong, cocky and fun heel—in his own ring! Unsurprisingly, I got manhandled, mangled and mawled, and it was pretty devastating, especially on a sweaty summer's day, but it was excellent fun, and despite the big hunk's power and aggression, I always felt super safe. If you like it rough that's what you'll get, but he always errs on the side of safety. And he and the similarly hunky bf make great hosts. Indeed, my detached limbs were carefully packed in ice to make the surgeons' job that little bit easier, and I was even offered lifts to and from the station as well as cooling drinks between the rounds of destruction. Superb. I will be back.



Squashlad is recommended by JCextreme

A great guy and tidy wrestler. Had a lot of fun working him over and taking him to (and past) his limits.
Very friendly on and off the mats. Very much look forward to wrestling again.



JCextreme is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

Met J. C. Extreme when he was based in Ashford KENT, and under a different name. J. C. knows his stuff and is 100% Heel. Loves a good Pro match. Plenty of give and take. Hes more than capible in selling a hold. Genuine guy, sense of humour and all round great, skilled wrestler.
Wouldnt hesitate in recommending or stepping in the ring with him..



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by JCextreme

Met this skilled heavyweight heel several times back in the day.
He knows his stuff and can handle himself with the best of them.
Very easy to sort a match with and has a variety of match interests, so both always leave having had a good match.