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  1. USA - California, Orange
    Santa Ana


52-year-old Male / 6'0" (183 cm) / 202 lbs (92 kg)


Looking to connect with like minding men. Practicing techniques with wrestling and boxing but open to other styles.



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Match structure: Give and take, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one

Last login: 5/05/2020
Last modified: 1/18/2020


JackedOC is recommended by TallCAGuy

JackedOC is all man. A big guy, with big muscles who is a to. Of fun to get sweaty on the mats with. Can’t wait for the rematch!



TallCAGuy is recommended by JackedOC

Tallcaguy is full of strength and determination yet that didn’t stop me from pining him and showing my dominance. This sweaty intense match left us both winners with a follow up match most certainly to come. Extremely nice guy off the mat and I highly recommend him if you have the chance. A+ guy!



Wrestlehockeyguy is recommended by JackedOC

One hell of a match with this sexy Stud! If your lucky enough to roll with him bring your A game. He is not one to give in easily and takes tons of punishment. Luckily a full Nelson and extra size on my part worked to my favor. A second match is already in the works.



JackedOC is recommended by Virgowrestler

Wrestled JackedOC this morning and had a blast. Great guy, strong and very determined. Definitely want to wrestle him again. With some training, he'll definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

Don't pass up the opportunity to wrestle this studman. He's definitely worth it!



JackedOC is recommended by Jimmy Elijah


Just in time to make summer hotter and become your new MCM... it’s JackedOC. If he isn’t already your MCM now please keep reading. He will be.

Many of us grew up wrestling and others discover the fun, athleticism, competition, and camaraderie later in our lives. It’s never too late to tangle with the fellas as JackedOC is starting to unveil.

Strong, rough, and intelligent with the rugged good looks of the greats of the 80s & 90s, JackedOC is everything you would want in a wrestling opponent, tag partner, or a coach.

If you’re fortunate to tangle with this strong buck you‘d think you got in a DeLorean with Doc Brown and transported back to the golden era of wrestling to face off with a champion.

Let’s make him feel welcome, show him the proverbial ring ropes, and make some hot wrestling memories, fellas.

Jimmy Elijah



greatrook is recommended by JackedOC

I can’t say enough about this guy on and off the mat! He’s the most handsome, mature and intelligent guy I’ve ever met! His solid build made him a tough, determined and strong competitor. A flex off, gut and chest punches among other things got in the way of lots of wrestling which were really thrilling. After a freestyle match of endurance we both came out as winners. A second match is already on the books!



JackedOC is recommended by ocmuscle

What a hot, sweaty match it was with Jackedoc! Lots of bearhugs, tests of strength, body scissors, just two guys rough housing on the mat and that's how I like it. Fun guy to trade pec and ab punches with too. This big dude will be a force to reckon with after some more experience, and I look forward to many more matches with him.



ocmuscle is recommended by JackedOC

Ocmuscle is one hell of an opponent! Our bicep flex off and gut punching lead us to battle it out on the mat. Bear hugs and scissor holds tested our limits with very little resistance from both of us! This feisty little jobber can definitely hold his own. If you have a chance take him on. Round two for us is already in the works.



JackedOC is recommended by subprosea

Had fun wrestling this guy. he's got a good strong build and pretty tough to move around. he's got a lot of intensity when wrestling and we both had fun with the contact and competition of wrestling. he's a pretty cool guy off the mat as well.



subprosea is recommended by JackedOC

This lean hard bodied kid has strong legs that you want to avoid in a hold. His BJJ skills came in handy but didn’t let my punishment stop me. He has speed and stamina so beware. I look forward to matching up with this scrappy guy again. Take him on if you have the chance.



JackedOC is recommended by Bkboxer

JackedOC is a beast all muscle and can go for hours we put the gloves on a did a few rounds he’s built solid we wrestled around and he is one strong alpha. I would definitely meet up with him anytime he’s also easy going and very nice I could see us getting the gloves on very soon.



Bkboxer is recommended by JackedOC

I put the gloves on with Bkboxer and 2 Alpha males went at it! This guy knows is stuff and is well trained. There was no clear winner so we spilt the stakes down the middle and called it a day. Would I square off again with him heck yeah. He is even the type I’d just kick back and hang with. I’m looking forward to another match soon.



JackedOC is recommended by MKell

Had a good match with JackedOC today. He definitely lives up to his screen name! He is strong and a good athlete. As he gets more matches under his belt, he will be a force on the mats. He is eager to learn and picks up moves quickly. He is a really good guy and easy to chat with. Definitely wrestle him if you have the opportunity!



MKell is recommended by JackedOC

Sore hell yeah I’ll be sore tomorrow. MKell has the strength and stamina to take on any guy bigger than him! His ability to anticipate my every move kept me down at times. He is skilled and strong as an ox. Not only did we have fun but he was patient to train me and run drills with moves that will set me up for success in other matches.
One heck of a nice guy too. If you have the opportunity roll with this guy!



JackedOC is recommended by Swenrique

JackedOC is just as the name describes! This big, built dude is a solid powerhouse, a force to recon with and just over all great guy! From the moment we squared off you could just feel the heat as two bulls went at it!
With sweat flying and muscles bulging...this was a match to remember, and I most DEFINITELY will!
Once the match was over this guy is just the most cordial and easy going guy you can imagine!
There is bound to be a 2nd & 3rd and, and, and...match with this guy moving forward! You can bet on that😉



Swenrique is recommended by JackedOC

One word “Power” and he has it.
I’m sure he went easy on me but this exhausting and sweaty match left us both winners. His strong holds gave him the upper hand over a big guy like myself. After putting me through the paces I found a man who his chill, intelligent and kind. Round two is sure to happen and I’ll be ready!



JackedOC is recommended by NJW77

I had a morning match with JackedDC, he was muscular than pic, much handsome than that😉 Powerful but gentle, really nice guy, like to wrestle with him in the ring next time. I recommend him if you are visiting LA!!



NJW77 is recommended by JackedOC

My size did not stop this guy from putting up a good fight! His determination was clearly there but didn’t stop me from putting him in is place. Fun fight!