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Easy-going guy looking for a good wrestle. Drop me a line for more info and pics.



  1. United Kingdom, Malvern Hills
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Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 168 lbs (76 kg)

Gear: Trunks and boots

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JackintheRing is recommended by walsallgoodguy

28/7/16 wrestled jackinthering at local travelodge.heel v jobber he looks amazing in black even leather heel jacket.after a few times holding out had to submit to his great arm,leg and back weakeners,after that it was too easy and had to submit more and more,even had to worship his big biceps.a great friendly very good looking guy, perfect the ring next time mate xxx roger. 16/8/18 finally got a chance to Wrestle Steve in the ring at pippa's first for a 6 five min rnds pro match,I try'd but had to submit in the last rnd from non stop neck weakeners was brilliant



walsallgoodguy is recommended by JackintheRing

Met Roger at local Travelodge. Top guy! Terrific pro jobber who really looks the part. Had great wrestle that I really enjoyed. Looking forward to that rematch in the ring. Recommend Walsallgoodguy to you all!



JackintheRing is recommended by Sir David

Met Jackinthering yesterday for a pro bout at a small meet i had arranged.

Genuinely nice guy to get along with and have a chat with. Even better to wrestle with and was well pleased that he agreed to be my partner in the tag match.

Meet again for certain.



Sir David is recommended by JackintheRing

Had single and tag match with Sir David who kindly organised the meeting. Really nice guy. Recommended.



JackintheRing is recommended by Bigkahunnamb

Steve is a great wrestler. Great body -especially his upper body / shoulders! Off the mats a great guy. He Is a great conversationalist & a very interesting & genuinely great guy!
I highly recommend him to others!



Bigkahunnamb is recommended by JackintheRing

Fantastic guy! A great wrestler and a delight to spend time with off the mat. Thoroughly recommended.



JackintheRing is recommended by lee123

jack in the ring , what can i say a great guy who loves the sport,good fun and very safe and sane .... well recommended if ur up for a wrestle...



lee123 is recommended by JackintheRing

Really enjoyed meeting Lee. Great guy on and off the mat. Looking foward to more bouts in the future. Thoroughly recommend him.



JackintheRing is recommended by prosub

Met Steve in Grove park, London, for pro wrestling, he's an awesome wrestler, knows his holds, and looks great....had a great match with him in singles and tag....if you get the chance to meet this guy, you won't be disappointed, is a great guy in and out of the ring !



prosub is recommended by JackintheRing

Had a great wrestle with Prosub. Strong, hard grappler but a really nice guy with great sense of humour. Pleasure to be with on and off the mat. Recommended.



JackintheRing is recommended by danwrestle

Met Steve at grove park 22/02/17 he a very good wrestler and I enjoyed the tag match switching partners and going against him in the ring I'm still learning but he showed me a some moves he a very friendly guy and I look forward to meeting him again 10/10



danwrestle is recommended by JackintheRing

Pleasure meeting Dan. Still new to wrestling but cheerful and enthusiastic. He's going to be great if he keeps at it like this. Recommended.



JackintheRing is recommended by andilupi

Had a great meet with Steve - loved it. Steve sorted the hotel and was happy to do a long sweaty match at a nice, relaxed pace with lots of long strength holds. Steve has great technique, power in his legs and terrific biceps. Loved the scissors, bearhugs, headlocks, armpit smothers, smothers pins. Rematch soon, I hope!



andilupi is recommended by JackintheRing

Great guy! Great wrestler! Thoroughly recommended!



JackintheRing is recommended by Manic Mike

14/05/16 - finally got my rematch with Steve at Pippas today. Had a great give and take style wrestle today and we put each other through the paces. He's a great wrestler with a good frame, sexy body and personality to match. Let's hope it's not another 2 years before the rematch



JackintheRing is recommended by Torrnado

I have known Steve for a few years and we met again at Pippas today. He is very strong, fit and in fantastic shape with a sexy, toned body. He looks great in his pro gear and knows how to apply some demon holds. He gave me a hard time on the mats and in the ring but I loved it and hope we can do it again soon. A nice guy off the mats too and I'd thoroughly recommend him.



Torrnado is recommended by JackintheRing

Can't think how I've missed recommending Steve before! Great guy, terrific build and excellent pro style wrestler. Always a pleasure to meet.



JackintheRing is recommended by claymore

Huge thank you to Steve for fulfilling an ambition for me. Met at the Rochdale ring and I couldnt have asked for a better first time pro-match. Being bent backwards over the ropes, close grappling against the corner post and giving and taking fore-arms, I absolutely loved it and want to do it more. More with Steve that is, he's amazing in his gear and a beautiful personality to match that beautiful body.

Ding ding ...round 2 ...met JintheR again in a small group at Rochdale ring....he still kicked my arse BUT I care,. was bloody marvellous.
Love youre new boots btw.... as IF you didnt look good enuff in pro=gear already!!



claymore is recommended by JackintheRing

Had great pro match with Dfire - really pleased to have been his first opponent in a ring. Very much enjoyed it and looking forward to round two!



JackintheRing is recommended by Mark uk

10 May 14. This was actually my second encounter at pippa's with Jack. Firstly, I have to say this guy is bloody strong and in great shape. We had a great match both times and i wouldn't hesitate for a 3rd anytime. Real nice guy to chat too as well. Highly recommendated.



JackintheRing is recommended by ImtiazAli

I saw JackintheRing on Saturday 9th November 2013, at the Manchester Meet - wrestling Perseus etc. - so already knew he was very good.

On Saturday 10th May 2014, at the Manchester Meet - I managed to have a quick wrestle in-between my private room wrestles. He is a skillful, fast and strong wrestler. He is in good shape and knows exactly what he is doing. I enjoyed our quick wrestle and hopefully there is many more to come.

Very much recommended.



ImtiazAli is recommended by JackintheRing

I'd seen Imran in action and knew of his reputation, but even so I was very impressed by his speed and strength. A very formidable and focussed fighter and a really nice guy. I look forward to our next bout and definitely recommend him.



JackintheRing is recommended by andy

Have known Steve quite a few years and we have had quite a few matches too.look forward to the next time.



andy is recommended by JackintheRing

Andy is one of the friendliest, nicest wrestlers you'll find at the Manchester meets. Definitely recommend you wrestle him!



JackintheRing is recommended by readyforit

Met JackintheRing some months back at a group meet in Manchester but had too short a time wrestling him. So it was high time we got properly acquainted. We met in a London mats room and spent the best part of two hours getting close and sweaty. The man looks like a wrestler, with his sturdy, well defined body and pro gear and certainly acts like one. I soon was caught in a web of excellent pro holds and it is fair to say he led the bout from start to finish, expertly applying enough pressure for me to give (and give again and again) while at the same time being aware how far he could go. Would I want to wrestle him again? What a question. A brilliant and considerate pro wrestler. Thrilling and safe at the same time.
Challenge him and he'll give you a challenging time. We both walked away with a big grin on our faces



readyforit is recommended by JackintheRing

Had truly excellent time on and off the mat with Yves. A skilled give and take wrestler, a great looker and fascinating guy to talk to. Very much looking forward to round two!



JackintheRing is recommended by bearhugchris

It was good to meet Steve on the mats at my place. Very fit and muscled. Looking forward to a return match. He is very skilled having had lots of experience and also very good company.



bearhugchris is recommended by JackintheRing

Had great wrestle with Chris. Strong, muscled and a really kind host. Looking forward to the return match.



JackintheRing is recommended by Leglocklover

An unexpected match with Steve was a very enjoyable experience. A Brit pro match which suited us both. Steve is strong and skilled with a great knowledge of pro holds. Watch out for the over the knee back breaker. Very charming and engaging out of the ring and one to add to my favourites!



Leglocklover is recommended by JackintheRing

Carl's a great guy, very into his Brit Pro (and lives up to his ring name when it comes to those leg locks!). Really enjoyed the wrestle and the company and looking forward to future bouts!



JackintheRing is recommended by Ironbull

It was a pleasure to wrestle Steve yesterday at Grapevine for the second time. He's tough, quick, inventive and very skilled. Excellent wrestling experience and a friendly guy to chat to. Highly recommended.



Ironbull is recommended by JackintheRing

Really enjoyed my wrestle with Ironbull. Strong, skilled and civilised. Learned some new moves from him, had a great fight and a good chat after. Looking forward to the next meeting.



JackintheRing is recommended by Gloved wrestler

Had a great wrestle with Steve yesterday. Some owner full headscissors!



Gloved wrestler is recommended by JackintheRing

Had fun with Dan. Good host, good wrestler.



JackintheRing is recommended by speedowrestle

I just met Jackinthering for a hotel match in Birmingham. Even though the room was a little small, Jackinthering had an impressive repertoire of holds and moves, accumulated from many years experience. A very enjoyable match. Jackinthering has a great body that carries off speedos very well, and is also an intelligent and pleasant man to be around off the mats. Thank you!



speedowrestle is recommended by JackintheRing

Finally got to meet Speedowrestle after years of swapping emails! Well worth the wait. Great wrestler and an enjoyable companion post wrestle. Recommended.



JackintheRing is recommended by Lomandlad42

Had the great pleasure of wrestling Steve twice today, he's one tough fella to lock up with , fast strong and doesn't give, really knows his stuff and a top lad......behind the smile this guys a beast, thanks for an enjoyable couple of sessions was awesome :-)



Lomandlad42 is recommended by JackintheRing

Wrestled Jay on Saturday at Pippa's. Can't believe he's only been wrestling such a short time! Skilful, fast and strong, and a great, friendly guy too. Looking forward to the rematch!



JackintheRing is recommended by wrestle570

JackintheRing is a cheerful person with a real passion of wrestling. Despite he prefers the pro style, he agreed to do submission and we really enjoyed it.



JackintheRing is recommended by mackemsub

Very quick skilled wrestler who got better of me through skill and speed despite being lighter, nice lad and enjoyed the bout despite losing!



JackintheRing is recommended by grappleian

Met JackintheRing at Pippa’s, had a great submission grapple - skilled and powerful, a sincere and friendly guy (on and off the mats). Hope to wrestle JackintheRing again…..



JackintheRing is recommended by Rick Royal

met this guy in the rochdale ring - had 3 hours of great pro wrestling action.It was a pleasure to meet such a nice genuine guy, who looked awesome in trunks n boots.Glad that Jackinthering is now one of my wrestling mates.



JackintheRing is recommended by polo62

Highly recommended. A great guy. Looking forward to round 2...



JackintheRing is recommended by spud999

Genuine friendly guy - would definitely recommend a match with him