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There's wrestling, and then there's 'wrestling'–I'm just a guy who likes both. Submission is my favourite though.

Either way, if you want to roll with me, expect to sweat–I'll be expecting the same from you ;)



  1. Canada - Ontario, Waterloo
    (I'm here between 8/30/2019 and 4/20/2020)
  2. Canada - Ontario, Toronto
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Age: 23-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 179 lbs (81 kg)

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JaredMat is recommended by maeCR1

This guy has lots of energy and he is lots of fun to wrestle. Quick, strong, and lots of endurance. Very easy to set up a match with him. I will add that he is very charming too... you almost feel bad to beat him.



maeCR1 is recommended by JaredMat

Relentless on the mats, and knows how to punish any opening he sees. Tough wrestler, but very great company! Easy and comfortable to hang out with, and it was my pleasure to do so.



JaredMat is recommended by windsor 21

I was shocked when this built guy showed up at my place and figured i was a goner but I was able to surprise the beast with some good holds. If you’re up for submission wrestling, talk to Jared as he’ll give you a run for your money. He’s a solid guy to hang out with off the mats as well and can dish the tough talk as much as he can take it.

Highly recommend him and looking forward to our next match



windsor 21 is recommended by JaredMat

Handsome guy with some real moves. Got me a couple of times with a few...unconventional holds 😉was more than happy to reciprocate them. Real easy and comfortable to hang out with!



JaredMat is recommended by commandertc

I was woke by the sexiest hunk with a amazing frog splash.. feeling his ripped abs press into me was just what I needed to get the juices flowing. The battle was on.... And it was a hot match with the outcome different than he expected 😊. Jared is a wonderful fighter who with more experience will be a absolute force to be reckoned with. He has the perfect body, big biceps and pecs and rippling abs... Looking drop dead amazing in his silky boxers. It was pleasure Wrestling and chatting with him before he heads to University. Looking forward to another match of greater intensity with even more gut punishment, punches, and my favorite...The frog splash.. which Jared now loves as well😎



commandertc is recommended by JaredMat

Great guy, and definitely knows how to wrestle. Hit him up if you're up for a hard match!



JaredMat is recommended by cdnwrstlr

Prostylefan has a lot to account for... his rec of this guy makes him sound like a willing jobber lol! Imagine my surprise when this big muscle boy with 2% body fat comes through the door, soaking wet from the rain, and wants to throw down for a rough sub match. 😋

Intense is the only way to describe this bout. Took every ounce of strength I had to teach this young pup a lesson in sub. Given a few more mma lessons and he’ll be a lethal adversary. Off the mats, a super chill, decent man worth anyone’s time for a serious match. Highly recommend!



cdnwrstlr is recommended by JaredMat

Has muscle and knows how to use it. Gave me a TEMPORARY check to my ego, but I'll recover. Cool dude, great fun!



JaredMat is recommended by Prostylefan

Had a great time with JaredMat, a really nice guy who enjoyed the jobber role. Easy to chat to, nice guy off the mats and a nice and sexy body. I hope he had a great time.



Prostylefan is recommended by JaredMat

Knows a lot of moves and can work them on you really well. Great guy too!