Member since 10.8 years
Age 45
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight 147 lbs (67 kg)
Gender Male
Gear singlet, speedos, sweatpants, lycra shorts
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Last update 4/24/2022



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  1. USA - California, Los Angeles
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Match structure: Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Not interested in cyber

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship

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Looking for a playful match. Nothing too intense.


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Jesse123 is recommended by ManhattanMaulers

Wrestling Jesse was a wonderful experience. He arrived on time and exhibited a very positive attitude. Jesse is strong, especially his upper body pinning moves. He can enjoy receiving a tight scissor hold too. In addition to a great time wrestling, we shared good conversation following the match. I highly recommend meeting Jesse.



ManhattanMaulers is recommended by Jesse123

I met Mauler a couple days ago and had a lot of fun locking up with him. Watch out for his scissors! He actually had me trapped for quite a while. Lol. He's a very nice guy. I highly recommend him!



Jesse123 is recommended by socalwrest

In real life exactly like his pictures. Strong, in great shape. Had a great time wrestling and talking with him. Hope we meet again soon.



socalwrest is recommended by Jesse123

I met with socalwrest a few days ago. He's a great guy. He's strong and very skilled. He really knows what he's doing on the mat and he'll give you a run for your money. He's sane and respects your limits (at least he did with me). He'll adapt to whatever your skill level is. I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a real work out or just a friendly roll on the mat.



Jesse123 is recommended by Mark uk

21 April.2012. Had my second meet with Jesse and was as great as the first. He's getting pretty ripped at the gym and being it to the mats. A good challenge and a great friend. Top guy and good recommendation
24 feb 2012. Met this guy after having to bail on him earlier in the week in LA due to work. Finally met on the friday evening and WOW it was worth the experience. We wrestled, eat, wrestled, drank, wrestled slept and wrestled again in the morning. Has a great body and tremendous stamina. Was awesome guy and had so much fun together. If your in the LA area look this guy up. Recommendation with Top marks. Mark



Mark uk is recommended by Jesse123

I met Mark for a second match, and once again, it was fantastic. As I've said before, he's unbelievably strong, and just wonderful to be around. Great person. I highly recommend him.

I met Mark last Friday night, and I had a blast wrestling him. He's freakishly strong, and put me in holds I couldn't get out of to save my life. LOL! But he's totally respectful of limits, and will adapt to your particular style. He has an awesome personality, and getting along with him was effortless. If he's ever in your area, or vice versa, I'd recommend that you wrestle him. I had thee best experience with him. Jesse



Jesse123 is recommended by Iwreslinca

Spent a couple of hours with this very sexy man, exchanging holds, talking, and massage too. Very strong for his size, and getting stronger. Highly recommend him!