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  1. USA - Oregon, Portland
    Place of residence

I am willing to travel 500 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


67-year-old Male / 5'7" (170 cm) / 145 lbs (66 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Singlets, shoes, fight shorts


Like to wrestle freestyle/folkstyle, submission in singlets ,fight shorts and wrestling shoes. Also, into standing boxing matches with gloves.



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Even match, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Folkstyle, Arm wrestling
Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship
Fetishes: Boxing gear, Wrestling gear

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Last modified: 9/17/2018


Jmatwrestle is recommended by tonyfigur

First of all, Jmatwrestle is a wonderful person and gracious host. Although I outweighed him by twenty pounds, he held his own and hit me hard. We fought three times over two days, four rounds each time. We did what deep down inside every man wants to do: fight. I look forward to fighting him again. Tony



tonyfigur is recommended by Jmatwrestle

Tonyfigur is a tough fighter with good strength and endurance. We fought three spirited times over two days and and had a terrific time. He packs a mean punch. Tony is a great person and a lot of fun to spend time with. Looking forward to a rematch.



Jmatwrestle is recommended by wanttowrestle

Jmat is a strong wrestler and a powerful puncher. We had repeated sweaty wrestling matches with lots of punches. Then we had many rounds of body boxing. It was a lot of fun and besides he is a great guy. Wrestle him!

3/29/17 Wrestled and boxed Jmat again. We did full on boxing with 12 oz gloves and body boxed and wrestled. The boxing was intense and lots of fun. We wrestled long and sweaty matches. Jmat is a strong man and a very worthy opponent. Don't miss fighting this man.

7/31/17. Jmat and I met again for the 5th or 6th time to wrestle, box, and punch. It was a warmer day so we rolled around in a lot of manly sweat while putting each other in submission holds and punching away at each others' guts and pecs. Then we had several boxing rounds which added to the emensely fun encounter. As I wrote before, Jmat is a strong man who gives and takes strong punches. For a great match take on this man!
4/14/19 We wrestled, punched, and boxed again and this man is as strong and powerful as in the past. And fun to be with too.



wanttowrestle is recommended by Jmatwrestle

I have wrestled wanttowrestle several times and each time was a battle. He is a strong man and has a great deal of endurance. He is also a good body boxer and packs a punch. If you want a good fight, contact him.