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A poor University student that loves a good wrestle. Been interested in wrestling all my life and now want to learn for myself - but mainly as a jobber.

EDIT - Have been really liking submission matches now and would be loving to have them too.

Also started to heel more in my matches so don’t let the name put you off

Very into the erotic side of wrestling.



  1. United Kingdom, Preston
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Age: 19-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 187 lbs (85 kg)

Gear: Briefs, Trunks, Speedos

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Job4You is recommended by Scissorvictim

Met this young man for a wrestle after chatting for a while. Jobber by name and jobber by nature, although he won't admit that. He suffered beautifully in countless holds.
He has aspirations to be more dominant and given time, I reckon he'll get there.

He's reliable and friendly. No hesitation in recommending him.



Job4You is recommended by Jskofield

Lovely chap, stronger than he looks and a perfectly pleasant host. Was certainly able to turn the tables so that he was the heel whenever he wanted and easily had me tapping in a variety of holds. Had a terrific evening and would gladly take him on again.



Jskofield is recommended by Job4You

Took me some time to write this as I really didn’t know how to explain how amazing this guy is. So all I’m gunna say is WOW. He’s incredible. So polite and funny and this guy needs people to take him on. He’ll show you what it is by the strength he is hiding. Don’t worry I still beat him but I cannot wait for our rematch!



Job4You is recommended by mchaeljams6

Job4You met at his place, after chatting for aaaaaaaaages! Because we're both broke students neither of us had the money to travel for the other for a fair while, but I eventually scraped together the funds.
Job4You and I first started talking after he messaged me saying he had been watching me in Big Connor's videos and wanted the chance to take me on himself. I'll tell ya now he did not waste that chance, once he's in a pair of Speedos this guy is mean, cocky heel who knows his stuff. I was soon tapping out in all sorts of moves.
Aside from the match, Job4You is and awesome chatty guy who is a great host and I would recommend him to anyone :)



mchaeljams6 is recommended by Job4You

Michael is a wonderful dude while wrestling and when not wrestling. He is very easy to get along with and it feels very natural. After a long time of speaking we were finally able to meet and have a match which i was very excited for and he did not disappoint. Could not recommend a guy more!



Job4You is recommended by rhinoboy1997

Big guy who uses the power game really well. Very good resolve, put him in a hold and he can last for a while, really good wrestler. Schooled him this time but as he gets more experience he will be a force to be reckoned with. Highly recommended for a tough match



rhinoboy1997 is recommended by Job4You

Extremely strong man who deserves every respect to him. He absolutely destroyed me but next time I won’t let him off so easy ! He’ll be tapping next time. Would highly recommend him



Job4You is recommended by Ryan0Roberts123

Great guy to wrestle. Got a lot of strength but perfectly safe. Very friendly but a fun heel too. Would enjoy a rematch



Ryan0Roberts123 is recommended by Job4You

A great lad to meet up with and stronger than he looks, got me good in some submissions but beware of his strong head scissors will look forward to a rematch