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Interested in fun and erotic wrestling more than competitive matches.
Love lift&carry, feats of strength and muscle worship



  1. Spain, Madrid
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Age: 48-year-old Male

Stats: 5'6" (168 cm), 146 lbs (66 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: Shorts, underwear

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Jobber Gym is recommended by daniMadrid

Diciembre de 2018
Con jobber Gym teníamos otra paliza pendiente desde hace bastante tiempo y ya era hora de cumplirla jajajaja. Él es muy entusiasta y le divierte mucho el juego heel-jobber... y los jobbers son mi "especialidad" jajajaja (pero siempre en plan juego sin hacer daño a nadie), así que fue un encuentro muy muy divertido. Al margen de la lucha jobber Gym es un tipo muy agradable, inteligente y buen conversador. Recomendado 100%!!!

Muy buen encuentro el que he tenido con Jobber Gym. Un tío en forma, agradable, divertido, que sabe meterse en el juego y hacerlo ameno para ambos. Con algo más de entrenamiento para flexibilidad sería el jobber perfecto! Además excelente persona, alguien con el que se puede tener largas e interesantes charlas. ¡Totalmente recomendado!



daniMadrid is recommended by Jobber Gym

After a while without fighting, I met daniMadrid again. I remembered that he had an amazing body, muscular and very strong, but when he took off his shirt in front of me, I was freaking out. His body is impressive, he has gained a lot of weight, pure muscle. He had a perfect body before, but now he is like a Greek god, worthy of being admired. His massive proportioned muscular build is insane. Truly a powerhouse.
I cannot say much about the fight. He handled me from start to finish. He crushed me, lifted me up in every possible way and made me tap over and over.
In addition to his incredible strength, he has learned good BJJ skills, so I could only let myself go and try to enjoy (as much as possible) of being destroyed by such a Beast.
After the match, a lovely guy, smart and fun, as always.
Mr Dani: la próxima vez te destrozaré, Chulito ;-))

APRIL 2016:
What can I say about this perfect guy? I will not talk about his incredible physique here, just have a look at his pics yourself. At first, very polite and easy going guy but… don’t take it for granted, because once in the mats, this very nice gentleman can destroy you XD
He is really fit and strong, and getting a lot of skills…I really had a fantastic time with him, although even my hair hurts me now, hehe. 110% recommended



Jobber Gym is recommended by jarabe

When we got in contact I thought first, a guy that is a jobber and is fit is perfect for me. Then I saw later that our body weights were very similar so even better. But this would be my first fight and I was not really confident about it.

Finally we met at home and we really enjoyed. Both of us like a lot wrestling, not so much as a sport but as a way to create sexy moments mixed with resistant and domination on the other. I really enjoyed because I am a heel so I really look the opportunity to control and dominate another guy.

We were wrestling for a while and I tied him up in different positions. Then he had to give up and obey. He is a good guy and a good jobber.

We have to wrestle again.

Cuanto contactamos pensé, alguien que es gym y es jobber es perfecto para mí. Luego me fije y de peso estábamos parecidos.Pero iba a ser mi primer encuentro y tampoco estaba seguro.
Al final quedamos en casa y lo pasamos muy bien. A los dos nos gusta el morbo de la lucha pero no tanto como un deporte sino como algo morboso en la que hacer agarres e inmovilizaciones a otro tío.
Me lo pase genial con Jobber, pues yo ademas soy heel y me mola dominar. Estuvimos luchando un rato y luego me molo mucho ir inmovilizándolo y crear situaciones morbosas.
Buen tío y buen jobber. Tenemos que repetir. ;)



jarabe is recommended by Jobber Gym

This guy is a lot of fun. He looks great. He is stronger than he realizes. Zero body fat and incredible lean, hard muscle.
And very nice and kind person outside the mats.
I highly recommend. Don't miss the chance to meet him.



Jobber Gym is recommended by Mad Grappler T


Very nice guy.. stronger than he seems to be..
Once he get some skills he will be a good grappler..



Mad Grappler T is recommended by Jobber Gym

great fighter and better guy. 100% recommended



Jobber Gym is recommended by madridwrestler

I had a great time wrestling him while he was teasing me and pushing my limits trying to get the best heel of me... He is in great shape and stronger than he actually thinks ( he beat me in arm wrestling ). Ready for a rematch anytime he wants.



madridwrestler is recommended by Jobber Gym

great fun, reliable and a real gentleman. Skilled opponent, great on and off mats, he was able to take this beginner and make it enjoyable and educational. I look forward to meeting up him again in the future and one day possibly getting one submission lol. I fully recommend him!