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Looking to make friends and grapple. I have a partner so can play with the both of us or just myself. Always safe, sane & friendly. I’m a newcomer but won’t go down without a fight - happy to be taught a few moves along the way.

Always down for a match with stakes or spoils. Mainly into sub/erotic.

We travel quite a lot with work/pleasure but give us a message if you fancy it.



  1. United Kingdom, Solihull
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Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 210 lbs (95 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Anything or Nothing.

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Past Opponents

AyeAye sundaylight TakeYouDown71


Jordy125 is recommended by TakeYouDown71

I had the pleasure of meeting this spirited lad for a wrestle while working in his neck of the woods.
After some clear messaging back and forth we agreed to meet and Jordy turned up in time as agreed.
We had a great match together. He’s one fiesty guy with a great gung ho attitude and he made it clear from the off he wanted to get the upper hand and was gonna make me work.
We had a great wrestle and true to his word, he goes for it full on and gets stuck right in. From the word go He was giving his all and determined to get some taps out of me.
We had a great session that I really enjoyed and would recommend a wrestle with this lad.
He almost got the better of me a couple of times with a mean bearhug or leg scissor to my rib cage!
Great lad off the mats, sound guy and easy to talk to too.



TakeYouDown71 is recommended by Jordy125

After talking for a while on here we finally got a match down whilst he was travelling and it was definitely worth the wait! TakeYouDown is creative and calculated when it comes to getting submissions and is also a true challenge to get him to submit, he really makes you work for it. A perfect bod to boot and a really great host; lovely guy off the mats too - definitely take him up for a wrestle if you’re lucky enough to be by him.



Jordy125 is recommended by AyeAye

Jordy and his bf are *really nice guys!* Great hosts and great fun to hang out with. We had a really fun match, followed by pizza. Perfect!



AyeAye is recommended by Jordy125

Really genuine, nice guy who knows exactly what he’s doing. Completely dominated the match with his strong legs but also offering pointers to make it more fun. Off the mats he’s a nice guy with a great personality. Deffo recommend!



Jordy125 is recommended by sundaylight

Great pair of lads, new to the field but ready to try anything!



sundaylight is recommended by Jordy125

Sundaylight is a really great guy, good company and a competitive opponent. Has some great holds in his arsenal and really easy to wrestle with. 10/10 :)