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  1. United Kingdom, Alloa

I am willing to travel 100 miles


66-year-old Male / 5'8" (173 cm) / 163 lbs (74 kg)

Gear: Anything, speedos, trunks, shorts, combats or jeans


I am a straight male living in central Scotland
I am also looking for suitable opponents who want to submission wrestle with me in a safe and sane match



Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Stakes
Fetishes: Don't want sex

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Last modified: 10/25/2019


Jotakle is recommended by Scot Grappler

Round 4. Once again this fight was outside in my secluded walled garden, it was dark (7.15 pm), damp and somewhat chilly, but in spite of this I enjoyed every second of the encounter. John in his recommendation of me following this fight is somewhat generous. His strength (as expected) completely overpowered me almost within minutes of starting to grapple. That said I fought back as hard as I could and like to think that I didn't make the fight as easy for him as perhaps he was expecting. John is a very trustworthy opponent, skilled and a strong fighter; but totally safe. I will definitely fight him again if the opportunity arises.

Round 3 (24 Jan 19). I met John again at his flat in Dundee yesterday. We were having a good tussle on the ground when I rather stupidly allowed my head to bang against the wall with a loud thud! I was getting myself up from the ground trying to put myself in a position of strength on top of this fearsome opponent. Anyway the session had to come to an abrupt end which was a great pity because we were both in full battle at the time, thoroughly enjoying ourselves. The problem with John (for me anyway) is his f…ing arms they are so bloody strong I was just finding it completely impossible to get the upper hand against him. Anyway John I am sorry our battle was so rudely cut short, I am certainly up for it again at any time you want.

The re-match! It must now be at least 10 months since I last met John who at the time he was a relative novice (but compared to me quite an experienced) fighter. Since that first meeting John has met numerous other fighters on this site and his added experience certainly showed when I met him once again in my garden last week. I have to say I didn't have a chance. His hands and arms are particularly strong and there was no way that I was going to get the better of him. The one advantage I did have was my weight (not that I would describe myself as a heavy person) and there was just one chance I had of pinning him to the ground although I suspect that may have partly been down to John allowing me to get the upper hand just that one - it would have been very easy for him to through me off. All in all it was an enjoyable and fun hour of grappling and I am certainly willing to give him another go should he agree to another fight at some point in the future. Off the mat he is a great guy, I would certainly urge others to give him a challenge.

John and I finally managed to organise our fight which was held outside in my garden on a very wet and damp morning. This was in fact my first fight for pretty nearly two years and I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Although neither of us have much experience, John is a very strong fighter and he was easily able to overpower me on numerous occasions, but that said we had a great grapple and roll on the ground. As he becomes more experienced, which I am confident he will, he will definitely be a force to be reckoned with particularly for those who are half his age. He is also an incredibly nice guy both on and off the mat and is totally trustworthy. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a tough submission wrestle – with or without body punches. I very much hope to meet and fight John again.

PS. John has been over generous with his recommendation! Yes, when he arrived I was itching for a fight and once on the grass I went straight at him, no time as he said for small talk, well wasn’t that why he was there!!! As a result I got him to the ground but it didn’t take long for his strength to overpower me. Thinking back a day later I certainly enjoyed the encounter and can’t wait to fight again.



Scot Grappler is recommended by Jotakle

25 Feb 2020,

Another good outside scrap this evening with Scot Grappler, even though it was “Baltic” and wet. It’s been too long since the last time, so we both got stuck right in and soon warmed up.

The wet and extremely cold weather probably won the day but not before we got in a few chokes, armlocks, and even an arm bar, before we called it a day,

Scot grappler does not make it easy for his opponent, he always makes good use of his strength and weight, so best not to let him get on top!

Thoroughly recommend Scot Grappler, who is always easy to arrange a match with. Take this man on if you get the opportunity

24 Jan 19 - round 3

Rod arrived right on time and making it known he was clearly up for a fight, (getting pushed about before we even got near to the mats was a clear sign of that!)

Anyway, once on the mats taking on this (big) strong fired up lad seems a challenge, but soon Rod found himself submitting to a rear naked choke, which let him know who really is in charge!

Rod has clearly been picking up some experience in how to lock in and render useless opponents arms and legs not to mention turning his opponent over to get on top.

It was turning into a good battle until Rod (accidentally) head butted the wall, then it was time to cut short and sensibly call it a day, to allow Rod (and the wall) to recover

Thanks Rod, looking forward to the next time (outside again maybe?)

6 /13/ 18 - the rematch!
It was good to meet Rod again, who is keen to put the gloves on and wastes no time to start fighting, a strong bloke who goes straight for his opponent, throwing punches before we have even hit the ground.
Clearly I now have more experience, and that does seem to be paying off, as Rod finds himself submitting to an array of chokes, arm locks and scissors, however I did not get it all my way as I did find myself pinned down under his weight!
As ever Rob is a great host! his secluded garden is ideal for an outside fight, and once again it was a great wrestling experience taking on this safe and gentle guy.

9/ 8/17
What a really enjoyable wrestling experience meeting Rod, for a fight in his very secluded garden.
Rod is so easy to get on with, a most hospitable friendly and mild mannered guy, although watch out when you step outside with him, he immediately turns into a ‘game lad’ who is there to fight, and this morning came straight for me, (no time for any small talk then?) and bundled me to the ground.
He seems to have the advantage, but there is no way I can just let this guy take me in our first bout, we wrestle on wet ground for ages. Eventually I have got him where I need him, pinned underneath me, first bout to me, but I was really lucky.
We both have a lot to learn, however we did manage to deliver some submissions using a clumsy arm bar, choke, and full nelson, but Rod failed to feel any discomfort whatsoever from my figure four leg lock!
We both then agreed to fight using body punching, which was a real buzz, and both enjoyed tearing into each other
I mistakenly thought Rod has had enough, but NO, after a short breather he wants to go again, so it’s outside into the rain for another session, and then another, and then another, but all great fun
Whilst Rod is a really nice gentle guy, he is certainly no pushover.
I recommend him as a great bloke to wrestle with, who is safe and sane, and someone who is totally trustworthy.
I look forward to our next fight

2/26/2020 12:09 AM



Jotakle is recommended by Dionysius

I met Jo earlier this week.

Jo is easy going and welcoming and I was at ease within minutes.

Despite what he says about me, he presented a really tough match and any holds I managed to put on him were very hard work. As for those “new holds” he mentioned: they weren’t new holds just really badly executed old holds as I struggled to put moves on him due to his own experience and determination.

He is very strong himself and tenacious and. My win, if it was a win, certainly wasn’t a walk over and I think There was equal challenge on both sides due to each other’s skill and strength.

Jo is also patient and more than willing to take time to show less experienced wrestlers new holds and moves.

I can recommend him as an excellent wrestler and a great meet, who is sane and safe but really up for a good fight. If you do get the chance to meet him please do take it.



Dionysius is recommended by Jotakle

Had a great wrestling match with Dionysius, who certainly knows what he is doing, his strength, which he quite rightly uses to his advantage took me by surprise, meant that I found myself having to submit to a number of his holds (some that I did not even recognise !).

It was a good fight, which, I really enjoyed, I would welcome the chance to take him on again.

I thoroughly recommend Dionysius, don’t miss any opportunity you get to take on this tough safe and considerate wrestler, or you may regret it.



Jotakle is recommended by scotjock

enjoyed our workout and was a bit sore next day. Jotakle is more skilled than me but went at my pace. Always good to learn some more and get more experience. Hope we do it again sometime.



scotjock is recommended by Jotakle

Round 2 on 9/1/20
Another wrestling match with Scotjock, found this robust guy is learning to use his strength to his advantage, and enjoys a good roll around wrestle, looking forward to the next time

Round 1 on 28/11/19
An excellent wrestling match with Scotjock this evening with plenty of give and take, and sharing of ideas for different holds and moves.

Scotjock is an excellent host, who is very relaxed and immediately made me feel welcome as soon as I walked in the door.

He does not waste anytime in getting into the wrestling, where i found him to be a robust opponent, who can apply one mean and very effective body scissors.

Scotjock is totally safe and respectful of all limits, he also introduced me to a different way of wrestling which was great fun !! i might try that again!

Don't miss this gentle guy if you are looking for some relaxed wrestling with a good robust opponent. I look forward to round 2.



Jotakle is recommended by geordie

Met John today at my home. We spent some time wrestling on mats he is a very strong guy don't be fooled by his size he is very respectful of any limits. A great guy off the mats. Highly recommended don't pass on the opportunity to meet him
Cheers Tony



geordie is recommended by Jotakle

Wrestled Geordie today and the phrase “Game lad” immediately came to mind!. A true gentleman, and strong with it, someone who just gets stuck in.

It was a privilege to wrestle Geordie who clearly enjoys his wrestling
I look forward to wrestling him again and I also thank him for his excellent hospitality,

I fully recommend this safe and strong wrestler



Jotakle is recommended by Gazbat0807

Met Jotakle this morning what a wrestle we are similar size an weight an got on the mats after a brew we were both going for our submissions an it was a hard fought bout which he won 6-2 the wrestling was hot an sweaty an neither of us would give in I've not had a tougher match with such a great guy u would be a fool not to wrestle him if u get the chance personally I can't wait to wrestle again



Gazbat0807 is recommended by Jotakle

Wow! I had a great wrestling match with this strong tenacious wrestler, which we both really enjoyed. we were so well matched, I had to fight so hard and really struggled to get the better of this tough guy.

Whilst there was no need to count the subs, which were going both ways, I was thinking I may have Gas beat, but the final bout was going to be different, It went on for ages, until I found myself submitting to a well deserved arm lock, Gaz does not know how to back off, never write him off!

If you get the opportunity to meet this safe and able wrestler, take it, you will not be disappointed, I want to fight him again! Until the next time!



Jotakle is recommended by Torrnado

It is always a pleasure to meet someone new from Meetfighters and it was especially so when I met Jotakle at Pippas wrestling Factory this morning. Fit, strong and enthusiastic he kept me on my guard throughout our two hour session. It was a hot day and we both worked up quite a sweat.
After our match we had a light lunch together where the conversation flowed easily we found we both shared a passion for classic cars. An interesting, friendly guy whom I recommend most sincerely.



Torrnado is recommended by Jotakle

Completely outclassed by the wee guy!

That seems to adequately describe my wrestling match with Torrnado, who is a really nice caring guy, but once on the mats will use his impressive power and skill to dominate his opponents with ruthless efficiency!

Although I spent most of the time submitting to holds, (some of which I did not even recognise), I really did enjoy our encounter. Steve is completely safe and he took time to throw in some useful coaching as well.

A first class wrestling experience for me, and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to have wrestled him.

Off the mats he is a very easy going interesting person and I really enjoyed his company over a light lunch afterwards.

Thoroughly recommended, don’t miss any opportunity to meet him, I certainly look forward to the next time.



Jotakle is recommended by ScotLaird1

John travelled quite a distance to get to me which I appreciated, and appeared friendly and relaxed before we locked up and wrestled in what turned out to be a safe and sane match, but in which both wrestlers put each other under pressure at times. My mat experience and slightly better stamina level on the day resulted in me getting the only submission...but I know that such is John's tough and positive attitude that he will only come back stronger and more determined when we next face off. J has a good lightweight wrestler's physique and truly looks the part in his trunks and boots. I strongly suggest that you challenge him...
Rematch: May 19: John has done a fine job of describing our latest wrestling encounter in his recommendation. I would like to add that J. shows cunning on the mats and will counter if you do not remain focused, and although slightly older in years has a good levels of both stamina and aggression. I recommend that you meet John soon, as he seems sadly to be thinking of retiring from the sport. (I also enjoyed having a beer with John after our ruck, finding him a kind man and good company with varied interests and well travelled).



ScotLaird1 is recommended by Jotakle

We finally got our rematch off the ground and it was worth waiting for.

Evenly matched, and both fighting to get a submission, but neither of us yielded to the other, in what was nearly 2 hours of wrestling,
I expect the restricted small area did not help support the type of open submission wrestling we would both have liked.

Whilst I did not get my revenge for Rob’s win over me the last time, in this match it was honors even. Never the less it was a good and enjoyable battle, where we both learnt some useful holds and moves from the other.

Rob is a tenacious fighter with determination and shed loads of stamina, and he will continue fighting on relentlessly, and as always I thoroughly recommend him. Do take him on if you get the chance

Also recommend you take the opportunity to go for a few beers afterwards with this interesting and well mannered gentle bloke.



Jotakle is recommended by AlbaD52

I met John a few days ago after corresponding for a while and we had a lot of fun. I found him to be committed to improving his fight game and more than keen to learn new moves. Fundamentally he has the right attitude and approach to the sport; as he is aggressive and uninhibited, despite my years of experience and weight advantage over him.

We did a lot of 'live' training whereby the moves practiced were done in real time and in no time I was having to fight hard to stave off a potential submission. This wrestler is fit and doesn't let age or experience deter him from putting up a good fight.

His fight game is bound to improve over time so any potential opponents shouldn't take him lightly. They do so at their peril!



AlbaD52 is recommended by Jotakle

It was a privilege to meet AlbaD52 after we had been communicating with each other for some time, in an encounter which turned out to be more of an effective training session (for me that is!).

John has a wealth of experience and knowledge in a wide range of fighting techniques, and during the wrestling, he would stop to coach me, demonstrating where and how to take advantage of situations as they arise.

This man knows exactly how to share and impart his knowledge, whilst at the same time maintaining a real live challenge on the mats, making me wrestle and work really hard, all of which was totally safe, and more importantly it was great fun.

Great company too and a very interesting guy to talk to off the mats as well. Thank you my friend, cannot wait until the next time!



Jotakle is recommended by Glasgow Crusher

After sending messages back and forth, I had the pleasure of meeting this really friendly guy and what ensued was a very sweaty, tough match!.
A very tough wrestler with determination and strength, I had my work cut out for me!. He has good aggression, stamina and a great attitude which makes him the perfect opponent!. He doesn't submit easily and has great stubborn fighting spirit!. We wrestled with small breaks to rehydrate but both of us were drenched in sweat, wrestling kit saturated from the great workout that we had wrestling for domination!.
A really lovely gentleman, safe and sane, polite and an absolute pleasure to talk to!. I felt totally at ease wrestling him. Great company over beers after!.
I totally recommend this wrestler as you'll have a great match with him. I'm looking forward to round 2!.
Thanks for a great wrestling match mate!



Glasgow Crusher is recommended by Jotakle

After chatting with each other for some time, I got the chance to take on the Glasgow Crusher, and it was well worth the wait, to wrestle this powerful and skilled wrestler, who lives up to his reputation in every way.

He is indeed a really nice friendly easy going bloke, who on meeting immediately put me at ease, and then it is a gentle wrestle to start with, but don't be fooled, once serious battle commences, the Crusher will move to take control, applying an effective scissors or a mean headlock in his own immutable style. My neck and face, which are still sore this morning, remind me that I did not submit to any of his ‘crushing’ moves, although I might think differently about that next time!

The Glasgow Crusher is totally safe and sane, careful and considerate as well, but he meets aggression with aggression and will wrestle hard with any opponent to be dominant, and as I expected, we had cracking fight, and a great workout.

If you want a competitive wrestle with a tough wrestler, the Glasgow Crusher is your man, thoroughly recommended, but make sure you allow time for a beer afterwards to spend time with this interesting respectful fellow,

I look forward to having another battle with him when it can be arranged



Jotakle is recommended by finders

I met J yesterday for a wrestle. Whilst he is a smaller guy, he was not scared to up against me. Before we had started he warned me off just sitting on him to get the pin! With this in mind I did use a bit more of a mat based wrestle with him, getting him to submit to body scissors.

He is a very defensive wrestler becuase he has good stamina and was ready for pouncing when my inevitable out of breathness came.

Highly recommended and looking forward to round two when we get arranged.



finders is recommended by Jotakle

After initially chatting to Finders, we agreed to meet for a wrestling match a few days later, however I did wonder if taking on this big bloke was the right thing for me to do?

I shouldn’t have been concerned, Iain is totally safe, and is an experienced wrestler, who takes good care of those perhaps not so strong as himself, and I soon found myself safely on the deck struggling within in a head lock and body scissors all at the same time!

Two submissions to one put Iain rightly in front, as this bloke knows exactly what he is doing, quickly and effectively controlling me, however I did survive his bear hugs, no way was I going to submit to those!

A great enjoyable wrestle with this safe and competent wrestler, I fully recommend Finders if you want a safe and competitive match, take him on, you will not be disappointed.

I want to fight him again!



Jotakle is recommended by Scots Wrestler

After a few months of chatting we finally met up. What a gentleman.

Really enjoyed the meet.

Made me realise how out of condition I am but it improved my defensive technique. Jotakle is a lot stronger than you realise.

Thanks for coming down.....till the next time!



Scots Wrestler is recommended by Jotakle

It was good to meet Scots Wrestler at his home near Dumfries.
We were very evenly matched and I enjoyed some intense wrestling with this strong and tough bloke.

If you get the chance to take him on, it is well worth it, you will not be disappointed.

A great host as well and I look forward to another encounter with him, the sooner the better.



Jotakle is recommended by FitScot

After many months of chatting, I finally met Jotalke for a grapple. I was a bit sad that I didn't meet him earlier as he turned out to be very pleasant and charming to be with, and interesting too. On the mat, he is a very keen wrestler, enthusiastic and willing to learn more, and it is obvious when rolling with him that he has picked up a bit of experience very quickly, and will definitely picking up more as time progresses. He is going to become one hell of a battle so watch out lads! I have no hesitation in recommending Jotalke.



FitScot is recommended by Jotakle

I knew it was great opportunity for me when FitScot agreed to meet me for a wrestling match, he was someone who I had been wishing to meet for a long time and I was not disappointed.

This guy really knows what he is doing, safety being his first priority, he had me on the defensive from the very beginning

He is a very strong powerful bloke (both physically and mentally!) someone who is totally focused, and who competently kicked my arse with a determined ruthless efficiency!

Ewan is also a very patient lad who shares is knowledge, providing me with some really effective coaching, which was really helpful, so he better watch out the next time!

I totally recommend FitScot, he is a great welcoming host (both on and off the mats), someone who puts you at ease as soon as you meet him. I really enjoyed the wrestling and I hope it will not be too long until we meet again.



Jotakle is recommended by claymore

Jotakle came to my house.
I will start by saying look at this mans past opponents, he is fearless.
He has no idea how good he is already, it was well intense when we started fighting.
I have an ongoing neck issue which gave him the edge ( I WILL see a physio about my neck )
we then practiced some stuff, his upper body strength will take you by surprise but I have now stupidly shown him how to crank on a body scissor.

LOVELY man, deffo want another go when I am fit



claymore is recommended by Jotakle

Dfire is such a relaxed guy, which made for a great afternoons wrestling, intense at times but great fun.

After a long struggle, I did manage to scrape a few submissions out of David, although I would guess that was made just a bit easier for me only because he is struggling to cope with a previous wrestling injury.

Great tutor as well. taking time to share his vast experience and helping me improve my technique, particularly in applying a body scissors, (I don’t think he expected to be my first victim in a later bout, thanks David!).

I look forward to another wrestling match when David is fully recovered from his injury, I just can’t wait to lock horns with him once again.

Totally recommend D’fire as a safe and sane experienced fighter to go wrestling with, he is a cool guy and won’t disappoint.



Jotakle is recommended by Scrapmerchant 1

The match was long awaited, the challenge having been made in the summer of 2017 while Jotakle was visiting London. The date was set for 24 March 2018 and would take place while I was visiting Edinburgh.
It was agreed that we would have a lads scrap. Jotakle arrived in levis and 8 hole doc marten boots. After the initial pleasantries, the shirts came off and we eyeballed each other for what seemed like an eternity.
The fight began at a fast pace - neither of us prepared to yield to the other, i knew from the outset that Jotakle wanted this victory as much as I did.
Jotakle is strong, and not afraid to get stuck in, he has very good stamina and is relentless at coming back again and again. John is a great guy who likes a good fight- his lack of experience gave me the upper hand and the victory in our first match.
He caught me off guard a couple of times with his rear naked choke - so be warned!
Jotakle is a great guy both off and on the mats, he is genuine and likes a good rough safe, sane, scrap . It was a pleasure to eventually get it on with him and I am very much looking forward to the rematch. Don't be put off by age, John is fit and feisty - challenge him, you will have a good time!



Scrapmerchant 1 is recommended by Jotakle

Scrapmerchant was the first person to challenge me when I started wrestling last summer, however I refrained from accepting his offer for 6 months, until I had built up some experience, although we did keep in touch. Then the time did come for us to arrange a match, which was so straightforward to organise, where the lead up to the fight was accompanied by some serious verbal between the two of us.

We agreed to have what I would call a ‘lads fight’, with some body punching, and when I arrived at his hotel, Alan really looked the business in his jeans and DMs, all ready to go rucking!

Whilst Alan lowered his game somewhat towards my level, he did not take any prisoners and he soon demonstrated that I am not even close to his league, having me submitting to all his well-executed moves, his accompanying verbal just reinforcing my impending defeat!

Whilst I may have been disappointed not to get even a submission out of him, it was still a brilliant ruck, where Alan brings his own unique style of fighting, and I thoroughly enjoyed it !

Alan also took time to show me where I could effectively improve my wrestling technique, and this was really useful.

Alan is totally safe and sane, he is easy to get on with on and off the mats, and I thoroughly recommend him. If you get the chance to meet the fighter (with his own style of “attitude”) take it, you will not regret it.



Jotakle is recommended by oldscrapperderby

Great guy for a competitive scrap , safe and sane, fit and strong, and a nice guy off the mats as well, highly recommended , am looking forward to match 2 already.



oldscrapperderby is recommended by Jotakle

It’ was a privedge to wrestle Den, a true gentleman in every way, who gives and takes, provides encouragement and advice, and then he really kicked my arse ( in the nicest possible way!)

All great fun, totally safe and sane, and I’m keen for another scrap with this nice bloke, and looking forward to it



Jotakle is recommended by WeeJimmie

A good two hours on the mats with John proved that he is one tough fighter. The advantage was all mine as I weigh a lot more than he does. But he didn't tap easily and kept coming back for more. And that was after a long drive to reach my place. Here's hoping for a rematch before too long. Recommended.



WeeJimmie is recommended by Jotakle

I was totally out classed by Jimmie, finding myself submitting to his various headlocks and other clever skilfully applied holds, but he is always totally safe. Wee Jimmie may have a weight advantage, but he is a very strong powerful bloke who knows exactly what he is doing. It was an enjoyable match and certainly a great ‘work out’.

Jimmie is an excellent host, (and his new mat room is perfect), I thoroughly recommend him and look forward to meeting him meet again soon.



Jotakle is recommended by fitguy2

We had good banter leading up to our match and it was very easy to arrange the wrestle as Jotakle is a very reliable guy. He is also very easy to converse with and share stories and have a laugh with. Jotakle has really good intuition and natural instincts for wrestling. He also is very good at analysing the situation and reflecting on the fight. It will be interesting to see his progress over the next few months. My hunch is if he sticks with it on a regular basis he will be dominating alot of guys. I look forward to wrestling him again and I would encourage others to wrestle him too



fitguy2 is recommended by Jotakle

After a bit of verbal from both sides I looked forward to wrestling Fitguy, afterall we are about the same size and although he has a lot of experience, I should be able to get some decent some moves in on this gentle lightweight

How wrong I was! This strong and powerful lad owned me from the start and I was totally wasted, his vice like torture, and his verbal all the way through made sure I knew it,

Fit guy is totally safe, knows exactly what he is doing, and does the business with a ruthless competence, which is really impressive

A lovely polite and gentle guy off the mats and it was a priviledge meeting him and wrestling him

I need to raise my game!

If you get the chance to fight fitguy, take it



Jotakle is recommended by eastcheshireguy

Good to see this newcomer at a Pippas meet and get him on the mats. He shows good determination and some natural instinct so proved tricky to get holds on. Showed him a couple of things to add to his repertoire.

Looking forward to more time with him as he picks things up.



eastcheshireguy is recommended by Jotakle

It was a privilege to wrestle with EastCheshireguy who put me though my paces at Pippas, where I was regularly submitting to his armbars that just appeared from nowhere.

This powerful bloke lowered his wrestling ability to match mine, with plenty give and take, and I appreciated is impromptu coaching on some moves.

If you looking for an experienced safe and sane wrestler, East Cheshire Guy is your man, and I highly recommend him.

Thanks Andy, I really enjoyed the wrestling and look forward to meeting you again



Jotakle is recommended by walsallgoodguy

11/11/17 met Jotakle at a meet at Pippa's.first time meet and really friendly guy,and great submission Wrestler,thanks mate, Roger



walsallgoodguy is recommended by Jotakle

Had a great wrestling match with Walsallgoodguy, it was good battle and I really enjoyed it.
Put Roger into a few submission holds, where he seemed to be in real pain, yet this tough guy will just not submit. Even when i thought i had him firmly secured in a choke, he just forced his way out!
Wrestling with Roger is a great experience and I thoroughly recommend him.
Looking forward to our next bout.



Jotakle is recommended by Tynesider

It was a real pleasure to finally meet John for an outdoor match.

I was very impressed at the effort he put in to getting to the meeting place near Holy Island and then, when we started to wrestle, his sheer tenacity and willingness to learn and practice some moves and holds. We tried some punching and he was equally tenacious at that; easily returning everything I threw at him.

It has been a very enjoyable, fun meet and I'm happy to recommend him.

PS; He could work on his memory but I'll let him explain that.



Tynesider is recommended by Jotakle

It was a real privilege to wrestle Brian this afternoon, and whilst he literally wiped the floor with me, he was totally safe and sane in doing so, taking time to show me moves and holds, and indeed, how to deliver them effectively.

Whilst body punching with this strong powerful bloke was relentless and unforgiving, (Brian does not take any prisoners!), it was also great fun.

I really enjoyed the session and thoroughly recommend Brian, who is also good at coaching, I have certainly learnt a lot from him this afternoon.

Work on my memory? i cannot even remember what Brian is talking about!



Jotakle is recommended by glenscot01

I wrestled Jotackle and though he was lighter than me he is very strong. We had a good workout wrestling to submissions, then got the gloves on got some body punching and finally practising some holds, though diffilcult to know if we were doing them properly as both are new to it.
I was a bit nervous but he made me feel at ease right away. He is easy to talk to and strong. If you can arrange a match with him you will have a good match.
I hope we will meet up again.



glenscot01 is recommended by Jotakle

It was really great wrestling with David this afternoon, whilst he had a weight advantage and both of us lack experience, we were a very good match for each other. We both managed to get in some submission holds during the wrestling and we practiced others holds which were new to us.
We had the gloves on as well which was a blast, and David was able to teach me a lesson, that once the heavy guy gets on top and starts pummeling me with punches, there was very little I am able to do about it!
David he is a gentle guy, so easy to get on with, he is a strong fit bloke and I truly recommend him
I look forward to meeting him again,