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Looking for some fun, safe wrestling, but also into lift & carry (fireman's, OTS, gorilla press, etc), arm wrestling, muscle worship, sleeper holds, etc...
These are interests, but not always necessary.
Talk to me, I’m open to ideas. What interests you?

When wrestling I'm usually the jobber, but I can heel for the right person. I like guys with some muscle. (big or small)
Not looking for anything overly serious, but not afraid to push the limits a little in the right situation.
I can’t host but I'm willing to travel by transit only within GTA.

(Not into cybering. Also, not into wasting time with endless messaging back and forth! If you want to meet, let's set it up and do it!)



  1. Canada - Ontario, Burlington
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I am willing to travel 30 kilometers


Age: 50-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 205 lbs (93 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: shorts, t-shirt

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axxo007 libertine109


Kaijuman is recommended by libertine109

I had a really fun time wrestling with BigHeel. He was a gentle giant and despite his screen name he wasn't the heel in our match. :) nevertheless I had a great time and would definitely go for a rematch with him. Off the mat he is a very sweet guy, definitely would recommend.



libertine109 is recommended by Kaijuman

This guy is fast and STRONG! If he gets you in a head lock or scissor lock it's game over! Lots of fun to wrestle, very accommodating, (great heel or jobber) and has a tough shredded body! ;) Don't be fooled by his small frame, he's definitely very strong for his size and really put me in my place! ;)
Also just an all around great guy, polite and friendly. We had a great intelligent conversation. I can't say enough about him! Looking forward to another match!
*edit* I've since had to since change my username. After Libertine was through with me, couldn't really call myself "Bigheel" any more! ;-) LOL



Kaijuman is recommended by axxo007

He's a long time friend I've had the chance to meet multiple times. All around great guy, very fun to lift and carry around. Looking forward to next time!



axxo007 is recommended by Kaijuman

We didn't really wrestle much, more just lift & carry and arm wrestling. Don't let his size or mild-mannered demeanor fool you! He's amazingly strong for his size. If he gets under you he'll pick you up and carry you around. Your weight won't matter! (he lifted me at 250 pounds). He also doesn't seem to tire! Not to mention putting me through the table arm wrestling.
He's also an intelligent person to converse with, a super nice guy and has become a good friend. Can't wait to meet him again!