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Age 42
Height 6'1" (185 cm)
Weight 210 lbs (95 kg)
Gender Male
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  1. USA - California, Riverside
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Real meetups Only no cyber. Looking for matches in LA and Orange County area. Love pro fantasy style bouts. Like to heel and job. I have a watchfighters account under LAwrestler23 and always looking to tape some new matches so if interested hit me up.


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LAwrestler23 is recommended by Groundcombat

I’ll add another positive recommendation for LAwrestler23. 👍🏾 He’s a really fun guy to wrestle pro style. Solid set of moves, great ring persona, fit build, and he’s safe in his execution. We met as part of a group round robin so I only had one or two rounds with him in the session but it was easy to tell that he’s the type you can work a lot of stuff with. It took a while for the stars to align for us to meet but it was worth the wait. Highly recommend and looking forward to more matches in the future.



LAwrestler23 is recommended by justir

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this guy, he’s so much fun, he looks sexy in and out of gear, and whether he’s a jobber or heel he plays his role well. we had worked together before but as partners so to finally get to wrestle against him was something I was looking forward to. He played the mean heel, and while I did make him work for his win, he didn’t disappoint, if you get the opportunity to wrestle him, do it, he was so much fun and I look forward to round 2.



justir is recommended by LAwrestler23

This guy is a great pro match. We met up in the ring and he didn’t disappoint. He’s got a great look and is tough. He indulged my heel side by letting me work him over a bit. Looks great in his trunks. Sells very well. And can also dish it out when he wants to. Def recommend this stud.



LAwrestler23 is recommended by 26wrestler

Had a great match with LAwrestler23 this past weekend. He has an amazing body and is an exteremly nice guy. However, when he starts wrestling, you can tell he enjoys dominating. I received several tombstones from him which were awesome. He is very safe and a blast to wrestle. Don't pass him up if you are in the LA area



26wrestler is recommended by LAwrestler23

Had a fun match with this stud. He’s got muscles on muscles. Great body. Very handsome. Of course i did end him with a tombstone and a 1-2-3 so he found out who the real alpha was. 😅😜 haha. Jk. But def recommend him for a fun pro style bout.



LAwrestler23 is recommended by JobberHunter3

This guy is a legend. Wrestling with him is like getting to work over a real pro. He's fast, athletic and light on his feet. It was fun getting to throw him in and out of the ring. He can really take a bump and fall, and also knows how to dish it out. Don't miss an opportunity to take on this stud. He's super nice, sweet and great to chat with!



JobberHunter3 is recommended by LAwrestler23

I had a fun ring match against this guy. It’s rare that I’m looking up at someone but he had the size on me. We did a long pro style match with action in and out of the ring. I tried to get out of the ring and he would toss me back in. I dished out plenty of holds but none were enough to keep him down. In the end he got the 1-2-3 pin in the middle of the ring as i laid there belly up realizing why he is the jobber hunter. Haha. Highly recommend



LAwrestler23 is recommended by ricky gonzo95

Had an absolute amazing time with this stud. Have been wanting a match with this guy for a long time and it was worth the wait. Incredibly skilled pro heel who knows how to slam a guy around safely. Definitely looking forward to round 2 with this heel!



ricky gonzo95 is recommended by LAwrestler23

Woof a very hot match with this guy. We both like pro jobber heel stuff and he was so good at taking every thing i gave him. Slams. Tombstones. Sleepers. He looks amazing so that also helps. Definitely recommend this stud.



LAwrestler23 is recommended by Wrestle Rabbit

Got to wrestle this stud once again and despite all my efforts I ended up getting wrecked again! He put me through various back breakers, back racks, slams and as expected piledrivers. He made sure to give me a coupe extra ones to dominate me and make sure I stay down. Always a pleasure to link up with this champ!



LAwrestler23 is recommended by Virgowrestler

Wrestled this sexy man yesterday at the ring in Santa Ana. Great match, strong and knows his wrestling.
Also teamed with him in a tag match. Awesome time had by all. Looking forward to wrestling him again. Highly recommend.



Virgowrestler is recommended by LAwrestler23

Finally got to meet up with Virgo wrestler in the ring. He’s a great wrestler. He gets how to make a match work real well. I learned some new pro moves just watching him. Fun to wrestle with and fun as a tag partner. Definitely recommend!!



LAwrestler23 is recommended by Angelo

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write a rec for one of my favorite opponents. So this guy is the real deal. He drove from Long Beach to Ontario to wrestle me. Not only is he awesome in gear, but he is big, strong, and skilled in the ring. We wrestled pro (at which he excels). He knows the moves and has perfected the art of the sell. He doesn’t NEED my recommendation, but he has it! I would wrestle him at the drop of a hat and hope to have more matches with him in the future.



Angelo is recommended by LAwrestler23

Into Pro and Pro Fantasy? This is the man to wrestle. We had a nice long match. Gave him everything i had and he took it all and then some. In the end, he was the heel and i was his prey as he finished me with a series of devastating holds and sleepers. Def check him out and make sure you prepare yourself as you may be laying belly up, looking up at him the as he counts you out for the 1-2-3.



LAwrestler23 is recommended by planted pinned

Met this superstar on a trip to California and had a great time. This guy loves to flex and check himself out in the mirror, which made it all the more fun to smack his pretty face around the ring. Felt good finally shutting him up in my tombstone, but it didn't last hehe. Very tough, very cool guy with a nice collection of moves and attitude. And his long pins are almost as good as mine. Would definitely hang out with this tough guy again.



planted pinned is recommended by LAwrestler23

Finally got the chance to lock up with this guy. We had a great pro style match complete with sleepers, bear hugs, long pins. Something tells me he could have given me a belly to belly into next year if he wanted but i found myself laying him out with a sister Abigail and a sleeper and posing over him when the match ended. :) don’t miss the chance to lock up with this you. You will be planted and you will he pinned no doubt. Haha



LAwrestler23 is recommended by GymJock

Had a great match with this guy. Muscled up and looks great in gear. He knows plenty of good holds as well. Off the mats a very chill guy. Highly recommend if you are looking for some good action.



GymJock is recommended by LAwrestler23

This guy is great. We had a fun pro style match. He’s fit and looks great which helps! And tough too. He had me in more than a few hot sleepers. And he took my holds like a champ. Highly recommend.



LAwrestler23 is recommended by abuster

This guy is a natural on the pro scene! He tells you what he envisions and makes it reality! In the end it was fun erotically dominating him! He is powerful but if you find the right buttons to push....😏 highly recommend this hunk! ;)



abuster is recommended by LAwrestler23

Definitely one of my favs. We had a great Match. He knows his holds. Looks great in his briefs. And yeah in the end i got put to sleep. I love a good back and forth but also love a great heel and he is one of the best!