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Age 58
Height 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight 163 lbs (74 kg)
Gender Male
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  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
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I new i am keen to meet people see how i go i have wrestled before .else where.told i fairly good
Keen on test of strenght .matches but like world of sport wrestling .my best is armlocks body and head scissors boston crab just want a good fight..keen to fight in a ring so let meet see ehat i can do .i no walk over.or a tim.ewaster


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Londonlatino is recommended by Letgo

Nice a good wrestler agree with what been said about him. totally agree .was a draw last time but like want a rematch .as last match was in a hot room



Letgo is recommended by Docklands Bear

We had some tough battles several years ago. He was always rough and intense but always safe. A good fighting attitude with some good banter. Looks good in his trunks and boots. I remember I always had to watch out for his killer head scissors. I really want a long overdue rematch.



Letgo is recommended by danwrestle

I met Letgo (Pete) Sunday 1/10/20 it was arranged prior we go to Grovepark Ring it was covid throughly cleaned prior to arrival. I walked to Grovepark train Station. As he hadn't been before. And due to a lot of problems for
him with public transport with delays did run a bit late. So when we got into ring we only had a brief shorten match he very strong guy and very fiesty in the ring and doesn't hold back. and he beat me fair and good with 3 submission holds.i will arrange to meet again in December? . If you like this type of match with this guy then he the man to meet.



danwrestle is recommended by Letgo

Met dan as he said took me near 3 fucking hours to get there afrter be ripped of by a cab driver on the. way dan was good about me being late .
He looks good in his gear ..looks strong and is.
But as he says i won he gave a good fight but he is up for a rematch. Which will happen. This is my first match on here. So looking for more.i heard bad tales about this site. .but i hope the wrestlers here are as good as dan.
Dan is friendly happy can beat a few on here i sure