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Age 45
Height 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight 187 lbs (85 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear shorts, nude
Languages spoken English
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  1. United Kingdom, Stratford-on-Avon
    Place of residence
  2. United Kingdom, Mablethorpe
    (I'm here until 8/07/2023)

I am willing to travel 75 miles

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Match structure: Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Looking for coach

Fetishes: Want sex, Muscle worship

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Hi all, thanks for looking at my profile. I'm interested in meeting biggers guys for wrestling. Nothing serious, just a good hot and sweaty workout. I enjoy guys who are strong and like to show it. I live and work in Gloucestershire.


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LondonWrestle is recommended by demoman

When this guy entered my doorway oh, I knew he was not only an immediate tough match but extremely good-looking. This guy has some serious muscle along with great looks. If anyone has a chance to take him on go for it. Also very sensual and personable



LondonWrestle is recommended by Redmond40

Had a quick match with this strong, eager young guy. Very engaging fellow with good quickness and skills, Surprisingly strong legs and arms. Although he struggled with my size and strength, he gave it his all. Very enjoyable least for me!



Redmond40 is recommended by LondonWrestle

Had a great wrestle with this powerhouse of a man. Great punctual meet, kept me informed. Redmond40 is strong and likes to show it. Completely safe and good skills to boot. I unfortunately couldn't match his strength, so he dialed it down to make it fun for the both of us. I certainly want Round 2.

Great guy off the mats too, very pleasant.



LondonWrestle is recommended by surrey71

Four easy words - powerful, stubborn, fun and friendly!

This man is truly a pleasure to meet and wrestle - he's immensely powerful, enthusiastic and keep coming back for more - no matter what I threw at him!
He's very busy, so can be awkward to arrange a meet - but you won't be disappointed!
A novice he may be, but his power shines through and his friendly nature means I'm already wanting a second bout!
100% recommended to anyone!



surrey71 is recommended by LondonWrestle

Met Surrey71 a few weeks ago and had a fantastic bout. Big powerful guy, respecting my limited experience, wrestled completely safe and very hospitable. His big size, strength and bulk will be a challenge to any smaller wrestler.

Very much looking forward to bout 2.



LondonWrestle is recommended by Jedi

An outstanding session! After just the right amount of messaging to get the sense of each other, we set up a time to wrestle. He sent a message an hour prior that he was running 30 minutes late, which was much appreciated. Arrived as advertised, easy conversation, friendly, normal, every day sort of guy. We got down to wrestling quickly, both being eager. He was undaunted by our size difference. A powerful set of arms and legs helped compensate for his novice skills. Excellent wrestling instincts along with his stamina and tenacity made for hours of rough and sweaty bonding. Safe, careful, sane. Afterwards, an excellent guide to London who knows his pubs! I wish we had had double the time to spend together, both on and off the mat. Highly recommended!!



LondonWrestle is recommended by dadwrestle

DONT MISS THIS GUY! As ever, a superb wrestle. Strong determined, not phased by wrestling heavier guys, this powerhouse if one feisty guy! He just keep on coming back for more! 100% Gold Star recommendation!
A last minute fixture proved to be one of the best meets of the year! This wrestler has a great build of the small tank variety. Awesome arms and powerful legs. He's strong and determined; not at all phased by much bigger fact enjoying it! Great stamina, we were on the mats for hours in a 3 way bout with "Bushchub". Dont be fooled by the claim "I am only a beginner". This is one hot, natural, gifted wrestler. I hope and trust that the rematch will happen soon! Off the mats there's good conversation and a great sense of fun.This is a 100% recommendation!



LondonWrestle is recommended by ruffnhard

I met this strong determined wrestler some time ago... He has a good wrestlers build with strong upper body.
The match was fun and casual, but enough to keep the sweat flowing and the muscles pumped for a good 2 hours, the conversation was also fun and relaxed.

I'd certainly meet this wrestler again if our paths cross once more



ruffnhard is recommended by LondonWrestle

Met this powerhouse of a man for a wrestle. One of the strongest guys I've ever met, seriously, bearhugging this guy is like bearhugging a sack of potatoes. This guy has muscles everywhere and if he wanted to, I would have been destroyed in seconds!

Highly recommended, nice guy and real gent off the mats too.



LondonWrestle is recommended by edscissors

Having exchanged messages for a few weeks we had an enjoyable hotel meet in central London and both knew what to expect. He is a nice, easy-going guy: strong so he made me sweat - in a good way! We had fun and between holds (sometimes even from within a hold!) chatted easily and comfortably. He uses what he calls his "rugby legs" to great effect! I hope we shall keep in touch.



edscissors is recommended by LondonWrestle

Met Edscissors the other day and have to say he is a reliable and polite fella. Recommended.



LondonWrestle is recommended by walrus

We had a really enjoyable mixture of a squash match / give and take match. LondonWrestle withstood a lot of weight and pressure on top of him and kept coming back for more. He is a very pleasant man who easily puts you at ease and i would recommend arranging a wrestle with him.