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  1. USA - Texas, Boerne
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


50-year-old Male / 5'7" (170 cm) / 160 lbs (73 kg)

Gear: Singlet, underwear, jock, socks


Body on body contact, long held holds, tests of strength. Prefer guys larger than myself, but attitude is more important. Limits respected, both ways.
Have wrestled some in the past but consider myself a novice.
Wrestling in socks a plus (sock fetish here).
No smokers or heavy cologne.

I have lost around 100 pounds over the last six years. And I'm in the best shape of my life, even better than my 20s and 30s. The result of losing this much weight is skin hang around my midsection. I understand it's not for everyone. But if you're interested in wrestling and having a good time, look me up. Just want to be transparent about my looks.



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Two on one, Not interested in cyber
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, Relationship, I'm a jobber, Stakes
Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Wrestling gear, Nipple play, Foot fetish, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 7/26/2019

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Lonebear3381 is recommended by MixedBear

Lonebear3381 was an exemplary host and wrestler, whose wrestling abilities far outweighted mine. He displayed both charisma and charm while also displaying his wrestling prowness. He is quick and those legs are unbelievably strong. He has the entire package body, strenght, agility, knowledge, and very nice on the eyes. This man knows what he wants and will work hard to get it. He respect boundaries and was mindful of my lack of experience. I look forward to a rematch to try and redeem myself. If you get an opportunity to wrestle this bear of man take it. Well worth the match.



MixedBear is recommended by Lonebear3381

MixedBear is a lot of fun. Good old fashioned school yard wrestling but can turn it up a notch and be competitive. And he's strong! Off the mat he's courteous, respectful, and accommodating. I recommend this big wrestler, just know you're going to work up a good sweat.



Lonebear3381 is recommended by ScottsdaleAZ

An exemplary fighter in every respect: strong, energetic, limber, skilled, and with great stamina. I always felt I was 5 seconds away from being whooped, and sometimes my 5 seconds were up. Tough and tenacious: we went at each other with abandon, and found ourselves equally matched such that the taps were infrequent as we foiled each other's moves on offense with defense to match, and kept going at each other relentlessly for the better part of two hours. Punctual, polite, and pleasant: a man with whom one felt immediately at ease and able to fight with full confidence of mutual safety. Were he in my town, I'd be hitting him up for a standing rematch. Five stars.



ScottsdaleAZ is recommended by Lonebear3381

Had much fun wrestling this guy- real wrestling. The kind that works every muscle in your body and your drenched in sweat. He is a worthy opponent. If you're looking for a real match, this guy is for you. A gentleman off the mat too. I highly recommend this wrestler.



Lonebear3381 is recommended by crusher2581

It really was a battle of the legs between Lonebear and me. He and I wrestled for about two hours. He is very skilled and had me pinned several times before I knew what was happening. Off the mats he was a complete gentleman and easy to talk to. Don't pass up a chance to roll around with him. Watch out for his legs when you meet up though. I hope to meet up again with him soon.



crusher2581 is recommended by Lonebear3381

Battle of the Legs
Wrestlers beware! This guy's legs are tough. We went at it for about two hours. My calves were on fire. We had some prolonged matches and legs were used in full force. He is a strong wrestler and knows how to use both legs and upper body. Very competitive but a gentleman the entire time. Also a gracious host and real mats to wrestle on. I highly recommend crusher, his name is fitting for the bouts we had. I look forward to meeting this fighter again. Be prepared for some tough matches.



Lonebear3381 is recommended by Riverwalker49

Lonebear is a lot of fun and knows his wrestling. He wrestled when he was younger and it shows. He's in great shape although we had an easy going swap holds type match. I do recommend him.



Riverwalker49 is recommended by Lonebear3381

Riverwalker and I met up for a swap holds match. Was a nice change of pace to the highly competitive matches I usually get on here, but still feeling the struggle being put into different holds. A lot of fun and looking forward to meeting up again.



Lonebear3381 is recommended by Rugged Rassler

Lonebear is a most gracious host, friendly guy and one hell of a strong, resilient, man. His biceps are big and strong, just like they show in his pics, but his legs and thighs are equally strong if not stronger. Better watch out for those legs if u ever get to meet up with him. He is a beast.
I highly recommend meeting with this tough Bull if u get the chance, he will not disappoint you and I cant wait to take him on again. Hopefully next time I can make him submit or give, but I am not counting on it, because he doesn't give up easily, if at all.



Rugged Rassler is recommended by Lonebear3381

This guy is tough! Don't let his size fool you. He's quick, strong, and very flexible. All in all a tough match. We wrestled off and on for four hours. I was exhausted by the end. Evenly matched, we both had subs on one another. And a gentleman on and off the mat. Easy to schedule with. I recommend Rugged for competitive wrestling and looking forward to a rematch.



Lonebear3381 is recommended by Private wrestling

What can I saw about Lonebear (Brad)! He was a great opponent but more than that a great guy and true gentleman! He was easy to communicate with, showed up on time, and was more than understanding when due to an issue, the matches could not go as we had first discussed!

Brad is one tough hot man and had so much hot hard fun with him today well as hard as we could due to my issue. He was hot in that singlet and he knows what he is doing. He can take a lot and give just as much and more. We had a confined space due to my rooming accommodation, but that did not slow us down. He was awesome on and off the mat, and very easy and more than pleasant to talk with and much more. Don’t let that fool you, he can get down to hard business and promise he will make you tap. We went back and forth for a few hours, and have no clue who submitted the most and don’t care.

He was my first match from here, and he made it an awesome, enjoyable, hot, hard experience. I cannot say enough about Brad not only as a wrestler, but as a man as well. I will be sore for days and hope he is as well. I cannot wait for our next meeting for sure. I appreciate him working with me on some last minute travel plans and a unexpected personal issue when we met today.

Brad, thanks for an awesome and wonderful first experience, and for being an awesome man. Can’t wait to see you again for some more.

Don’t miss your chance to take this man on if you can. I promise it will be a great time for all. On a scale of 1 to 10, he is a 15!



Private wrestling is recommended by Lonebear3381

I don't even know where to begin. Private was amazing to wrestle. We mostly wrestled to submission and even with his size advantage we both had multiple subs. Just the way I like it. He's highly competitive and doesn't give in easily. Big and strong, but his legs are killer. I had to tap when he got them around my head and neck. We wrestled for about three hours. Even with working out I was using muscles I never knew existed! He was a worthy challenge and I recommend this tough guy for submission wrestling. The entire time was hot, tough, and exciting. I also want to add he is a gentleman on and off the mat. We messaged frequently prior to our match. I really appreciate his honesty during our scheduling. We are already talking about our next match! Looking forward to wrestling this big guy again.



Lonebear3381 is recommended by boombambam

Great guy. Don't let his short past opponents list fool you. STRONG Legs and arms. Well worth meeting,



boombambam is recommended by Lonebear3381

Wrestled this tough little guy and was not disappointed. Always amazes me how the little guys are wiry, dexterous, and able to move around quick. Boom has the desire I like to see in a wrestler and the willingness to learn. Even when I had him down he didn't want to give up. I look forward to a rematch.



Pecplay is recommended by Lonebear3381

Had a great time wrestling this fellow. Big and strong, not to be under estimated but I happened to pin him down a few times. Easy to get along with, respectful of limits and all round much fun to be around. Looking forward to wrestling Pecplay again.



Lonebear3381 is recommended by nu2rasln

Wrestled Lonebear3381 at my place when he was on this site before, Great attitude strong as hell. he kept getting away from me. Great on the eyes, awesome build. and definitely a great time on the mats, I look forward to having a rematch when I am in Texas. Hit him up for a match you won't be disappointed.