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HIV NEG on 10/1/2018, Full STD/STI panel NEG on 7/1/2018

Bigger/husky guy, out-of-shape ex-athlete.

This is the type of fantasy experience that I would love to have with Rummelsnuff..........

More Rummelsnuff music......

Looking to have some nsa fun with older, bigger guys. Limited experience, started wrestling 2 years ago.

Gear negotiable. I have a solid collection of gear to wear.

Get some wrestling mats......



  1. USA - Texas, Arlington
    (I'm here from 7/11/2018)
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I am willing to travel 75 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 45-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 257 lbs (117 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Singlets, pro trunks, underwear, jockstrap, jock, naked

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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MKC111 is recommended by ordjbr

Had a chance to near the great guy on a trip to do not do him justice. Easy to set up a match...strong as an ox and knows how to handle himself really well. Worked up a great sweat trying to overpower and out manuever him ...if you get the chance don’t pass him up....all around terrific guy and wrestler!



ordjbr is recommended by MKC111

Great match with ORDJBR. He's very strong and loves to play. Has a great attitude and physique. His easy going personality makes for a fun experience. Great guy.



MKC111 is recommended by Apollonian

Wow!! What a great workout. MKC is an awesome person with a solid, stocky build. I did show him some holds and how to break some as well. He knows a thing or two already including how to use his strength to his advantage. We worked up a good sweat wrestling and I can not wait for round two, three, four- you get the idea!!



Apollonian is recommended by MKC111

Apollonian has great technique for both Judo and BJJ style fighting. He is well trained and can teach some great skills and break holds. Apollonian has an awesome personality and is very relaxed but can dominate a match. I had a great match with him.



SCISSORHEAD is recommended by MKC111

SCISSORHEAD is a great wrestler. He is actively training in martial arts and loves to give it 100%. Very skilled and has a love of leg scissors to your head. Very great guy and a fun friend.




MKC111 is recommended by Scully

Had a great time with real pro sized 250 lbs MKC. He loaned me a pair of his genuine pro style trunks for the match. He is the go to wrestler for pro style in Dallas. I've even decided to forgive him for having a glorious full head of hair.



Scully is recommended by MKC111

Scully has an amazing body. He is very eager and has a great variety of gear. He is very much the jobber type.



Txbull is recommended by MKC111

TxBull is a very fun opponent. He is very into gear and loves to be challenged at real wrestling and not just horsing around. He loves to trade holds. Despite his size, he is very agile and loves to manhandle his opponent.

I highly recommend TxBull.



Paul Vinig is recommended by MKC111

Paul is a great guy and is very passionate about staying strong and being fit. He is a great motivator and has been a good friend.



AZBEEF is recommended by MKC111

AZBEEF was a great host that loved to have a real match and flex his powerlifter physique. Loved his gear and his pro wrestling vibe.

I need to travel to Arizona for a rematch.



MKC111 is recommended by wrestlerrick

Had a great match with MKC. This big guy is strong and tough. Awesome guy off the mats. Looking forward to the rematch soon.



wrestlerrick is recommended by MKC111

Very fun match with wrestlerrick. He is very eager to roll and wrestle. Very big man that likes to throw down with old school pro moves.



MKC111 is recommended by chicagopiledriver

Strong as a bull with powerful legs. Had a fun night in a 3 way match seeing who could get the upper hand. Nice guy off the mats as well. We got dinner and drinks after 2 hours of wrestling. Good man!



chicagopiledriver is recommended by MKC111

Highly recommend chicagopiledriver. He is a seasoned wrestler that knows how to wrestle hard and play hard. He is ready to provide a great match and host an amazing match.



MKC111 is recommended by texercise

Been awhile
I had the Great Chance to Wrestle with This Handsome Muscles Hunk.

He Is Great !!!

Hunky Muscles Wrestler.

i may not miss Austin
But - i miss Dallas!

Hope i get the chance to be wrestling this Great Fun Wrestler again!