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Looking for other tough in shape guys to wrestle and see who the alpha is...have mats



  1. USA - Washington, Seattle
    (I'm here from 5/20/2019)
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Age: 55-year-old Male

Stats: 6'3" (191 cm), 215 lbs (98 kg)

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The Bear is recommended by MT59801

Greg is a real talent and knows what he is up to. I’d love to do more with him. He has great facilities for a number of things. And a most gracious host to boot. I’ll be back next year.



MT59801 is recommended by hertsdog

29 Apr 2018: My abs had a brief meeting with this guys fist at a party in London! Really strong and powerful puncher. Need to meet again for a longer session!
26 Jul 2019: I had a hotel meet with MT as we both happened to be in Hamburg. He gave me a mega gut punching and bruising. Knows how to dish it out and recommended for anyone who likes it heavy!



hertsdog is recommended by MT59801

Ade is a great guy and can take an amazing beating. I don’t think I have seen anyone are it so hard. Tight abs to boot....a total pleasure



MT59801 is recommended by Vaddywr31

This guy is just great! Our match was very challenging (for me at least, haha) and FUN! He respects the limits and constantly listening to the opponent, which made it very very enjoyable. Highest recommendations. I'm looking forward to wrestling again.



Vaddywr31 is recommended by MT59801

Fun time his legs he is more skilled than he admits. He got the first sub then I had to pour on the 50lb weight advantage. Super nice, great set up. Sorry to end it.



MT59801 is recommended by jdboxing20

MT59801 is the toughest heel I have faced. He hits hard, is an aggressive attacker and a dominant fighter. He made sure that I was properly and thoroughly punished before he allowed me to give in. If you think you're tough, you will have to think again after submitting to him time and time again. Highly recommended for anyone trying to test their own limits.



jdboxing20 is recommended by MT59801

This kid was tough. He can take getting hit and roughed up, and fights back hard. Bear in mind I had 85 lbs on him. Had it been 30-40 he would have had his way.



MT59801 is recommended by aussieguy93

This guy was a blast to wrestle with, he took control of the match early on and was a very challenging opponent. I made the mistake of underestimating him and got my ass handed to me. Definitely keen for a rematch with him.



aussieguy93 is recommended by MT59801

This guy is a tough competitor. He suffers well without complaint. Don’t let him get on top of you. He is a tough guy to move. His pics don’t do him justice. Also, one of the nicest guys I have met. Not only did he pick me up and return me to my hotel....he did the whole journey again as I left my keys at his place.



MT59801 is recommended by tribod

Hot Handsome Hunk - Great meet in Newcastle - one hot bod that knows all the moves, great pecs and happy to torture me with his holds. He would have won those speedos if they were for stakes!



tribod is recommended by MT59801

This guy looks great in a speedo......where’d he buy it? I should have staked him for it. Strong with awesome pecs...tough and suffers well. I’d go at him every day I am in Australia!



MT59801 is recommended by Will

Big, fun, funny, mean, and very hot man! Said he’d go rough on me, and wasn’t kidding! I thoroughly enjoyed our “match”, which was more a one-sided beatdown—I’ve got the bruises to prove it this morning.



MT59801 is recommended by a-xxcliffxx

MT had a bad injured knee so the wrestling was restricted. MT is solid - strong and muscular. We had a good match and both enjoyed it.



a-xxcliffxx is recommended by MT59801

Cliff certainly plays the heel and has the gear... knows how to work a guy over...all in for a very hot time. I wouldn't mind taking revenge on him when my knee is good! Thanks for some fun.



MT59801 is recommended by Fitzy1983

Met this guy in his apartment in NYC! Great host, very friendly, enjoyed his company.... He certainly introduced me to the ropes!!!! Enjoyed pushing his limits... And mine! Hook up with him for a fun time in the mats!!!



millzaj is recommended by MT59801

This kid takes a hard punch which made it very fun. If he was big he'd be a danger. Very fun



MT59801 is recommended by kurtz

One of the toughest opponent I've ever met! Awesome strong and with an unnatural determination to win and destroy his adversary, we have ended our fights exhausted and bathed in our sweat.
After two hard and tough fights in the last year we are scheduling the next one!



kurtz is recommended by MT59801

We met up again last week in BA. He's a beast once he's on top of you your opportunities are narrowed. He put me down this time. Next time I want punching. Super nice and a good guy to hang out and talk to. We will see who takes who next year.



MT59801 is recommended by Swenrique

This big man is a handful, armful, backfull...hell he was just "tough"! Big...strong...and determined!!! MT59801 will absolutely test your limits for sure, but loves you to push his as well! He plays rough so definitely be prepared...he gives and takes solid punches but totally respects your limits and is a truly cool dude! Enjoyed our time together greatly and have nothing but respect and good words to say!! Recommend!



Swenrique is recommended by MT59801

This was the best match/time I have in a long time. It's so nice to feel the power size and strength of a big man. Being drenched in his sweat was great...size, power, looks, body and personality were all a 10....all too rare. Too bad the clock hit 12 and I had to get up at 5am.



MT59801 is recommended by Luxxor

Toughest man on the mats! It was a pleasure.



Luxxor is recommended by MT59801

This guy was fun...nice...and took a lot of punishment. Brought out the heel in me...Thanks!



gutcheck is recommended by MT59801

Total stud..he work my abs like an export....they aren't sore's going to have to be harder next time...skilled big strong nice guy.



MT59801 is recommended by tomsport

He's a nice, attractive guy, with a trained, muscular body and he's strong. It was fun to wrestle with him. I think we have clarified who the alpha 😉
I am at any time for a re-match to have.

Er ist ein netter, attraktiver Kerl, mit einem trainierten, muskulösen Body und er ist stark. Es hat Spass gemacht mit ihm zu ringen. Ich denke, wir haben geklärt, wer der Alpha ist 😉
Ich bin jederzeit für einen Re-match zu haben.



tomsport is recommended by MT59801

It was a bit humiliating to have 100kg of beef on top of you. A super nice/friendly guy who trains a lot so watch out. Luckily he is a nice guy..if he was mean we'd all be in trouble.



jdj2 is recommended by MT59801

This guy takes more punishment than anyone I have seen. Super nice too.



MT59801 is recommended by Mark uk

A big guy and super strong. Very friendly, skilled and looks awesome in a pair of speedos. Top guy



MT59801 is recommended by leicswrestle

very nice and friendly guy
strong to definatly recommend anyone to meet him



MT59801 is recommended by hunk71fi

We met for a 2 vs 1 CBT session. I teamed up with Munichwrestler to lock him in a few nasty holds and work his great body. And once immobilized he sure can take alot of punishment. If he hadn't come in with a broken rib I reckon he would have given quite alot of resistance. I did get a couple of nipple twists and ball claws applied on and he does have a tight grip! So guys, beware his strength and stamina or you will find yourself in the receiving end!



hunk71fi is recommended by MT59801

These guy are big and fun. They could have gone rougher despite t the ribs. I hope to see them back in NYC. Next time we will have to do something more serious.


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