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French wrestler currently living in Montreal, Canada, near of a place where a ring's available for rental by the hour, who loves wrestling in most of all of its forms & also likes to watch it... Am fluently bilingual (French & English), and always up to a challenge with hot studs who also are in same likings as me & likes their matches intense, long, sweaty & safe & sane, and also on raunchy or pig side)... In my matches, all is accepted (i.e. body shots, stomps, holds, etc., as long as all remains safe, sane, fun for opponent & I).

Here's link to my latest match VS Asiart :

You may view other matches at Daily Motion's website :



  1. Canada - Quebec, Montreal
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 172 lbs (78 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: speedos, long legged tights, jocks, leather jocks, leather harness, singlets, boots, shoes, barefeet, spandex / lycra gear, leather / latex / rubber ger & much more

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MTLwrestler1967 is recommended by mainewrestlingchub

After years of trying to set up a match, it finally happened and the match and Sylvain met up to every expectation I had and didn't disappoint. He was great before meeting laying down what he wanted to see happen and be respectful of what I wanted. The wrestling and everything else was everything I wanted it to be. I highly recommend MTLwrestler1967 for anyone that enjoys all the aspects of wrestling and more. He is great and I enjoyed chatting with him before and after the match. Hello to another new friend!



mainewrestlingchub is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

After all those years of being in touch with one another (almost over 6 or 7 years now), we finally met.

Mainwerstlingchub & I wrestled for long sweaty hours and had the opportunity to exchange on a lot of topics related and non related to wrestling, which makes him someone with brains (which is quite rare nowadays in this crazy century) and is appreciative of what we offer him and he's able to offer in return without asking. We've had good long back and forth at different paces, and even tested our limits (whithin the boundaries that we've agreed).

Skilled and knowing his craft to, I'd recommend him to anyone man enough (not chickens) to face him.




lutteur56 is not recommended by MTLwrestler1967

  • Unreliable / no show



bicepdude is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

Met this afternoon for the first time bicepdude for hot sexy and sweaty action in superhero action with pro and sub moves with some erotic... He's a great guy that can dish it out as well as taking it... He's quite flexible and amazing guy to wrestle and have some fun with... I recommend him to anyone who wants a piece of him ;)
Looking forward to take on you again soon man :P



MTLwrestler1967 is recommended by max20052005

Meeting MTLwrestler1967 was a really great moment on the mat . He is kind and adaptative and a good teacher ! I have improve my skills already thanks to him. He knows what he does and have several skills and more to discover .
Grips, holds, chokes ....everything was well-done !

To be continued ....



max20052005 is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

My new friend Max20052005 is a great and fast learner and is also eager to learn and is capable to dish it out and to take it all too. As I started to take him upon me today, in wrestling and in choke sessions, sleepers and breath control. He's great in opening his mind to what I have to offer him, opening up his horizons, and to execute too things he's got into his own arsenal and repertoire.... As he learns to trust more is primal and animal instinct, he's going to be soon a worthy opponent to watch. I've been more than happy to meet him today. To when is TAKE 2?

Mon nouvel ami, Max205205, est une bonne personne qui sait vite apprendre ce qu'on lui montre et qui est autant capable d'en prendre comme d'en donner. J'ai entrepris, après toutes ces années à correspondre via ici, à le rencontrer aujourd'hui et le prendre sous mon aile dans la lutte et les sessions d'étranglement et faire breath control aussi via sleepers et autres. Il est bon à ouvrir son esprit à ce qu'on lui offre, ouvrir ses horizons et, du fait même, exécuter certaines choses qui viennent de son propre arsenal et répertoire. Apprenant à mieux faire confiance à son instinct primal et animal, il deviendra vite un adversaire redoutable à surveiller.
J'ai été vraiment content de te rencontrer aujourd'hui... À quand la PRISE 2?



MTLwrestler1967 is recommended by sammy novicewrestler

So what can I say about Sylvain.. First, he is one of the nicest people I ever met.He a genuine good guy with a full arsenal of wrestling moves, killer scissors and incredible resistance to pain (like crazy incredible resistance) can't wait until next time !



sammy novicewrestler is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

After a few years of being in touch with one another, FINALLY, Sammy & I met this morning. A very nice surprise to see the arsenal of holds he has, the pain treshold and endurance he has too.... He knows very well his craft and is a great wrestler. I also like that he can offer a good give and take and we've wrestled for close to 3 hours almost non stop...

Sammy, you're a great guy on and off mats... You're someone easy going and very open minded too, which is a good quality and strength to practice the sport. Love to hang around with you, talk about diverse matters and your wit is surprising for someone of your young age; very intelligent too. I'd recommend you to anyone who really has the balls to face you buddy! Can't wait to our next meet man!



MTLwrestler1967 is recommended by eman170

Finally met up with Sylvain after years of trying!

The funny things is I didn't planned on meeting up with Sylvain but glad to have met and wrestle with him!

Looking forward to meeting and wrestling with him again!



eman170 is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

Had opportunity to meet Eman for first time today, after a lot of years of contacts through here or else... FINALLY, we've met... Great guy to hang around with & to wrestle with... Looking forward to meet him again.



Slimnovicewrestler is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

I've wrestled this youngster about 4 years ago and don't regret it at all... We had very short time for fighting & wrestling, but it was quite intense & we had a great sweat too.... He knows well his craft & how to defend himself even if he is facing someone taller or bigger size of him... BE WARNED OF HIS PITHON LEGS.... He's a great host & wrestler... Have a great time on mats & off mats with him.



MTLwrestler1967 is recommended by Alonzo

I have wrestled MTLwrestler1967 several times and enjoyed every match we have had. A real gentleman and friendly guy before and after the match, but during the match he is a tenacious and vigourous wrestler. It is sure he's not someboby easy to make tap out. I define him as a good wrestler and a really nice person. He is someone in whom you can trust.



Alonzo is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

I've met Alonzo for now at least 20 years ago & I've wrestled him a few times... He's a great wrestler, intense, and knows his craft... BEWARNED and not to let him nor his size fool you... He's very experimented & he loves a good sweat with another wrestling pal who knows the drill like him... I'D RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE WHO WANTS A GOOD FEW HOURS OF INTENSE & SWEATY ACTION!!!!!

Wishing to meet you at least once more, Alonzo, coz you're really worth it man.... :P



allstar is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

I had a good time with this young fellow at the end of March of this year... He showed up in time... He's a very quite guy and gentleman, but very much fun to roll around with and get sweaty with... He likes getting intense too.... Hope to meet him again sometime when possible, coz, since we know each other for years now, he's very busy, but makes it happen when we're able to connect for time & day for some man on man action.



Leathercowboy is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

I've wrestled this hot Leather Cowboy many years ago... Was great experience, especially ending hogtied and at his mercy.... Would recommend him to anyone & do it again anytime when occasion arrises, in ring or else with him. He damn knows his craft & especially how to use a rope... :P



MTLwrestler1967 is recommended by Vicious

I have wrestled MTLwrestler1967 in the past. Everytime we met, it was great. He knows how to wrestle. Much better than me. He is a great guy, and yes I want a rematch with him as soon as possible.



Vicious is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

Wrestled this Vicious hot wrestler over the years in past.... Had great time with him as a heel & as a jobber too.... He knows his craft & is to be vicious with you when he meets... :P
Would recommend him to anyone...
Want to wrestle him again anytime possible



fightdan is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

I met fightdan for now over 12 years ago & had numerous memorable matches with him over the years & even some of them were taped & went online as well....

Dan knows what he likes & what he does... He has great stamina & would wrestle this pucker anytime when possible for both of us... He's sexy wresttler too....



MTLwrestler1967 is recommended by ascissor

Sylvain was the first wrestler I met for a long time years ago.I have travelled several times to meet him in monttreal and I enjoyed it every time. He has lot of stamina, and really
knows how to wrestle a gy like me. We had very long bouts without any of us giving up , lot of pain wich we both like to
endure :). He is a great guy and I recommend it you will have
lot of fun wiht him.



ascissor is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

Had a couple great times with Bruno a few years ago. He Is totally legit, likes it on the rough side, which is a plus for me, and he's also a great to hang around with & has Greta stamina & energy when WRESTLING. I'd recommand Bruno anytime to anyone. I'd wrestle you again bro.



Donwres is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

I've wresled with Don, on Friday, October 28th, at end of afternoon... We've wrestled for almost a couple hours non stop... He's a very intense guy, the way I like my studs & opponents, very knowledgeble of his holds & counterholds, and he's also very respectful. He's welcomed me to his hotel room, as what we've discussed previously during the week.

Don's a man of his word. When he promises something, he stands by his word & backs up easily what he says too. He's a great guy to hang aroung with, and he's willing to find a spot in his schedule, when possible, to meet & wrestle u, when visiting your town or area, even when of business trip.

I'd recommand Don to anyone. He's someone not to be missed.



MTLwrestler1967 is recommended by Switch777

We had a great time. He's got lots of endurance, we wrestled pretty intensely for almost 4 hours. Can give and take quite a bit and knows his holds very well. Kind, respectful and a whole lotta fun.



Switch777 is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

"Switch".... He doesn't carry his nickname so well for nothing... He's very versatile, very at ease on both sides (jobber as well as heel), and he knows darn well how to turn things around in you. We had a very great time today (for close to four hours almost non stop – exept for quick water breaks & dry ourselves out coz, this is how you gonna sweat with this intense hunk, if I may say so). Other than that, he's also very kind, fun to be with & to wrestle with, &, regardless that he may have a little lack of self confidence, he knows darn well his craft – he's a non stop action wrestler & fun to do holds & counter holds one after another with.

Contrarily to other potential meets I've had throughout the years, he's very reliable & accountable too. The first word that comes to mind when I think of him is RESPECT. He won't judge you coz of your piercings, hair colour, tatoos, size or height. I had great fun with him & he's kinda my little bro now... Wishing I had one of my four younger brothers who would've known at least to wrestle as much as him, "Switch" isn't afraid to dish it out onto you, knowingly that he may get back what he gives; to me, this is what makes him such a great wrestler. I really look forward to meet him again, for as much as possible, when our schedules meet, & much more, coz he's also great to hang around with... He knows how to receive people, and he's a great host. Looking forward to our first ring action match, 1 on 1, or even tag team... ;)




LVgrappler is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

Had a Greta time WRESTLING with LVgrappler. We bot had a great sweat, and he also has strong legs.



MTLwrestler1967 is recommended by squeezerian

I have had the pleasure of meeting MTLwrestler1967 several times to wrestle when visiting Montreal. He is a great guy - reliable and fun to wrestle. I highly recommend him! Ian



squeezerian is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

I've had the pleaaure to wrestle Ian throughout the years when he was visiting Montréal. He's great & fun to wrestlev with & to hang around with. I'd recommand him to anyone.



MTLwrestler1967 is recommended by Riviera Wrestle

MTL wrestler1967 is a fun and fierce wrestler, with imagination and stamina !!! We had unfortunately too little time to wrestle but it was really enjoyable.



Riviera Wrestle is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

asiart is a fun & fierced wrestler who has lots of stamina for someone of his size & some great agility & lots of imagination too... Though we didn't have as much time as we wanted to werstle, I still had a great time with him & would recommend this little wrestler to anyone... :)



Marcwrestler is recommended by MTLwrestler1967

Marc & I have been good werstling buds for now over 10 years & we've had good matches through out the years when we had the possibility to have some action in his travellings to Montreal...
He's also a great & well accomplished wrestler, with lots of stamina, who doeesn't mind at all a good sweat & doesn't judge at all a book by its cover. I like a lot Marc's intelligence & wit, along his wrestling moves & strength...


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MTLwrestler1967 11/28/2016

More abuse from ascissor & LB200

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MTLwrestler1967 11/28/2016

Sub match in a ring with me VS Adron aka Loserboy or LB200

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MTLwrestler1967 11/28/2016

Me & my long time pal ascissor getting a sub from me in a hard & strong leg scissor, making me scream... :)

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MTLwrestler1967 9/29/2016

MTLwrestler1967 VS LB200 / Loserboy

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MTLwrestler1967 9/29/2016

MTLwrestler1967 VS LB200 / Loserboy

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