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  1. USA - California, Oceanside

I am willing to travel 50 miles


54-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 160 lbs (73 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlets, speedo, spandex, less


I love to wrestle! I wrestled 3 yrs in hs & one in college. Now I wrestle for fun and the man to man contact. I love double grape vines, scissors, cradles, etc. Hit me up, I'm a nice guy.



Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights
Specific wrestling styles: Folkstyle, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship
Fetishes: Spandex, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 1/29/2020



MacSlay is recommended by knight1701

Took him on when he was in Florida back in 2011 we have a lot wrestling matches he is very skilled at submission and freestyle wrestling we also had a few oil matches.. If you get a chance to wrestle him play highly recommended wonderful person very nice on the map and off the map..



MacSlay is recommended by Wrestlg

Fantastic Freestyle wrestler!
Tough, but don't let his smaller size/weight faze you, he'll turn ya And Pin ya!
A natural grappler!
Hope to see him again, after so many years!



MacSlay is recommended by Virgowrestler

Wrestled Mike again today! Been a long time and as always a blast.
Pretty strong and doesn't give in easily! Always fun to make submit.
Mike is always welcome here on my mats any day!
If you get the opportunity to wrestle him, go for it.
You will not be disappointed!



Virgowrestler is recommended by MacSlay

The last time I wrestle Shawn, it must've been 10 years ago. He was as fierce today as he was then. A really nice guy that did not use his weight as an advantage. A very skilled wrestler with super strong legs and a strong upper body to. I look forward to the rematch.



MacSlay is recommended by wrestleuinla

Got to wrestle this fit , wrestler again on June 27th,2015. Great guy, great shape, great skills and gives ya one heck of a workout..... Always a great wrestle !



MacSlay is recommended by Luvthemats

A real competitor, skilled, muscled, never stops. If you are looking for a real match and in SoCal, he should be at the top of your list. A true warrior.



MacSlay is recommended by madridwrestler

If you are looking for a good wrestling match he is the guy to meet. He is just an athlete and knows his way on mats. Very strong and skilled wrestler so i had no chances to win against him. One of the bests wrestlers, if not the best in his weight category, i have met so far. Absolutely recommended!!



madridwrestler is recommended by MacSlay

Joaquin is a really nice guy, on the matt and off. He has good energy and never gives up. He is a great host and a great guy to hang out with. If you are ever passing thru Madrid, hit this man up, you will have a good time.