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Looking for wrestling mates. Any style or intensity from a fun play fight to a competitive bout.
I WAS on MeetFighters for a few years with around 30 previous meets showing, but after losing my password my membership eventually lapsed and I'd love to build it up again!
Love to hear from any guys I'd previously met - as well as new challenges.



  1. United Kingdom, Manchester
    Place of residence
  2. United Kingdom, Salford
    Home. Salford born 'n' bred!
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I am willing to travel 15 miles


Age: 50-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 157 lbs (71 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Singlet, shorts, trunks, jeans, combats, or none! Wrestling-trainers or barefoot,

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ImtiazAli walsallgoodguy


Manc Scrapper is recommended by ImtiazAli

I met Manc_Scrapper at John Cotterill's matted room for submission wrestling a few years ago. I remember him being strong and determined to win. Friendly and sociable guy off the mats.



ImtiazAli is recommended by Manc Scrapper

Misjudge this fighters size at your peril! Imtiaz was a force to be reconned with. A very memorable match in which he had me all over the place. Such a joy to wrestle, to know and to learn from. Thanks Imtiaz.



Manc Scrapper is recommended by walsallgoodguy

28/8/18 met Tony first for a drink then we Wrestled at hotel I was staying at,I'd had a 2 hour match earlier and couldn't put up a good fight,I was submitting very easily, but they were all great holds,really enjoyed it,very friendly and easy to get on with ,will be in better form next time Roger



walsallgoodguy is recommended by Manc Scrapper

Had a Great bout with Roger who had just returned from a long match the same day, so I Know he would have been a force to be reckoned with if he'd rested well between matches. I really look forward to a second meet when I can fight him at his best. Nice guy on and off the mats. Highly recommended.