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  1. USA - Georgia, Marietta
    (I'm here between 11/10/2015 and 8/15/2031)


51-year-old Male / 6'5" (196 cm) / 220 lbs (100 kg)


Looking for fun. Love rolling around with older fit guys



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Marietta1969 is recommended by Musclewrestler1

This guy is a tall, strong athlete. His athletic skills and competitive edge make him a strong opponent.
His height, weight, and strength allowed him to squash any wrestling moves I would attempt. Nevertheless, it was fun to take him on. He has
an awesome personality, and he is a fun guy to be around. I am so glad that Brian and I got to meet and hang out together on and off the mats. Don't miss a chance to meet and take on this strong athlete.



Musclewrestler1 is recommended by Marietta1969

I just got back from meeting Musclewrestler1, and it was worth the wait. We have been chatting for a year or two, and I was finally able to meet Dan in Richmond. Our meeting far exceeded my expectations. He is very handsome, muscular, and skilled wrestler. We rolled a couple of different times during my visit, and it got more fun each time. Not only did I have fun wrestling him, but I enjoyed the long conversations we had over a couple of meals.
If anyone has the chance to wrestle Dan, then don’t miss out on that opportunity. I can’t wait until round 2



Marietta1969 is recommended by MuscChamp

Marietta has been one of my MF fans for a long time. And his kindness and gentle spirit made me eager to meet him during during my stay in Atlanta, despite the fact that an injury precluded him from wrestling. Boy, am I SOOO glad we met! He was a kindred soul who shared so much in common that we chatted for two hours before getting down to our promised arm wrestling match and massage (he is a powerful arm wrestler). We shared families filled with educators, high math aptitude, keen analytical minds, a dedication to fitness, a world travel itinerary others would envy, and an appreciation of language immersion (especially all things Italian). I'm so happy that I connected with this new friend, and am eager to meet and visit again – most likely in some exotic city that neither of us anticipate! :-)



MuscChamp is recommended by Marietta1969

I had the pleasure of meeting Mariano today, and what a great guy. We met for almost three hours and it was non stop talking. Unfortunately, I couldn’t wrestle because of a back injury (I dodged a bullet - he wound have manhandled me), but I really enjoyed the intelligent, personable conversation we had. Even though we had not met, i felt as if we had known each other for years. He’s a fascinating, interesting, intelligent person. Not only did we have a great conversation, we were able to arm wrestle, and then I got to massage him (what a great body).
If you have the chance to meet Mariano, then do not miss the opportunity. I look forward to our staying in touch with him.



Marietta1969 is recommended by DBALSTOM

Met up with B in Ft. Lauderdale - He is a BEAST at arm wrestling - his forearm was at least 4 inches longer than mine - lots of leverage. Plus he has impossibly strong "tennis arms" - He crushed me arm wrestling. I will return the favor when he stops by and we roll on the mats. Left handed arm wrestling was fairly even. Highly recommended.



DBALSTOM is recommended by Marietta1969

I apologize. I should have written a recommendation many months ago. D and I talked a good while before we met up. We had a lot of fun banter - it was quite funny. We finally met in FLL and it was worth the wait. Hotel room wasn't a prime setting for wrestling, but we had a lot of fun. We arm wrestled and wrestled, and he is very good at both. If we had more room or proper mats, then he would been very tough opponent. I highly recommend him for wrestling, banter, and hanging out. D is a great guy. I look forward to round 2.



Marietta1969 is recommended by BullCop

Big, strong, energetic fighter. Fun rolling in combat, trying new positions and testing strengths. No match for this well-leveraged and strong arm wrestler, but the grappling was more evenly matched. Off the mats, the man is pure pleasure, from travel tales to southern good ole boy stories. Sign up immediately if you get the chance.



BullCop is recommended by Marietta1969

Bullcop was nice enough to host me for a couple of hours of pure fun. On the mats, he has impressive skills and strength for any age. This guy is a beast, and I can't wait for round two. He's got the physique of someone 20-30 years his junior. Off the mats, I could talk hours to him about most anything from travel to work to sports.
If you are in his neck of the woods, then make sure you add him to your list of things to do.
Great guy. I hope our next round is sooner rather than later. Sorry for the delay in writing this rec.