Mark Wrestler


Member since 7.9 years
Age 49
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight 176 lbs (80 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual
Gear shorts, speedos, naked
Languages spoken English
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Last update 2/08/2018


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  1. Australia, Melbourne
    Place of residence

I am willing to travel 100 kilometers

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Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Play wrestling, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Outdoors fights

Specific wrestling styles: Promission

Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Rip and strip

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Gday guys - Mark here

I'm looking for other masculine guys for a bit of wrestle action in Melbourne. Open to styles but nothing too full on



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Mark Wrestler is recommended by cavalier

Such a great host, hospitable from start to finish and made sure I felt comfortable every step... would love to meet up again and you should meet up with him for the first time if he’s available



cavalier is recommended by Mark Wrestler

Cavalier was visiting Melb and we organised a wrestle a couple of months before he got here

The wrestle was all that was promised. He is a very smart guy and knows what he is doing in a wrestling match and dished out almost as much as he got - almost!




Mark Wrestler is recommended by Viciouskid

Mark Wrestler is an accommodating host, great guy on and off the mats. Very good teacher showing me some holds and allowing me to use them on him. Competitive wrestler and a strong, fit guy who will test your strength when you're up for a challenge.

Always a good match with him, highly recommend.



Viciouskid is recommended by Mark Wrestler

I’ve wrestled viciouskid a couple of times now

He showed real improvement between our two meets and will be hard to beat if he keeps going

Nice bod on him to wrestle and easy on the eye




Mark Wrestler is recommended by DynoMan

Met up with him yesterday. Was very easy to organise. Was my first wrestle and he was very accommodating in helping me figure out the structure and workshopped some moves with me.

Definitely a great opponent



DynoMan is recommended by Mark Wrestler

This wannabe Heel needs more experience to hone his skills and become what he naturally wants to be

Nice guy - very accommodating and keen to wrestle



Mark Wrestler is recommended by jpw

Meet up with markwrestler who was good enough to meet up with me after a day playing sport for a hot exchange holds erotic match . Easy going good to talk to guy who I hope to have a few rematches with . If you find yourself in Melbourne hit him up for a match I’m sure he would love to take you on .



Mark Wrestler is recommended by vj777

Mark Wrestler is one of the many genuine, accommodating dudes on the site. As he said, we sorted the parameters beforehand which led to spirited, enjoyable bout. I was definitely outgunned here, being pinned more than once haha. Wholly recommended for your next Melbourne sojourn.



vj777 is recommended by Mark Wrestler

Vj777 and I met for a promission style match on short notice during his trip to Melbourne. He is a feisty dude with an athletic body and a fun wrestle. We negotiated the terms of the match easily and he lived up to all expectations

His recommendations on the site are spot on. I’m ready for Round 2 anytime



Mark Wrestler is recommended by Forebot

Full marks. This man was strong competition and had the better of me most of the time. He has the strength and the moves to make the competition fierce but is a considerare bloke who understands his opponent and made sure we both had a great time.



Forebot is recommended by Mark Wrestler

Forebot is new to wrestling but he clearly can get into it. He was clear in his communication and was reliable and enthusiastic

Recommended for a fun bout



Mark Wrestler is recommended by AussieWrestler

Mark is an awesome opponent.

Took a while to find the time to meet on my end but once the match started, I was under the pump. Strong opponent and a genuinely good bloke.

I lost pretty easily and would recommend if you want a challenge.

Cheers Mark.



AussieWrestler is recommended by Mark Wrestler

Aussie Wrestler is a great guy. We had chatted about catching up for a few months but once the match was agreed, he was on time and showed a lot of flexibility in the style of match we had

Off the mats, we enjoyed a drink and a great chat together. Highly recommended



Mark Wrestler is recommended by Jobbercurious

It was my first wrestling match ever, Mark was a great choice. Beforehand he kindly offered to show me various moves, and made sure there were safety measures. But when the match began it was all on & i had no chance, Mark had me in a variety of fun holds I had no way of getting out of. Things went at a cracking pace with him shifting positions and holds deftly, I ended up a sweaty defeated loser... with a big grin on my face.



Jobbercurious is recommended by Mark Wrestler

Jobbercurious travelled to my place for a wrestle
The match was easy to organise and jobbercurious was all that his profile said he was
He is a glutton for punishment and can take heaps of it seemingly always wanting more
If u like to beat up on people, hit him up



Mark Wrestler is recommended by Cstar

A strong guy and good to wrestle.



Mark Wrestler is recommended by Brawler

Wrestled this guy many years ago before getting on this site. Reliable and a tough competitor. Can recommend him if you want a fun wrestling session.



Brawler is recommended by Mark Wrestler

Brawler has been doing this for a long time. We first wrestled a fair while ago - before this site existed

He knows his stuff, can adjust his style as required so if u have preferences, let him know and I’m sure he can accommodate - from a full on battle tonsomethjng more playful

Looking forward to the rematch



Mark Wrestler is recommended by Davey83

Couldn't have asked for someone better for my first match. Mark is all class, on and off the mats. Communication was key in setting things up. And everything went down smoothly on the day. Had a lot of sweaty fun together.

Friendly, reliable, respectful of limits, and a strong and tough wrestler. Can't recommend him highly enough. My body is still aching from his punishment. Can't wait for round two!!



Davey83 is recommended by Mark Wrestler

Dave gave me the honour of his first wrestle even though he had always been interested

He is a big dude who was able to both dish out some punishment and take plenty along the way

He will get a lot better as some moves become a bit more instinctive. I look forward to Round 2



Mark Wrestler is recommended by geewrestler

Communicated for a length of time and with short notice; it was on! Reliable fun and respectful. Look forward to round two one day. Good recommendations here....



geewrestler is recommended by Mark Wrestler

Geewrestler is a straight up reliable guy. He is a strong bastard who worked with me to make the match fun and rewarding. Recommended



Mark Wrestler is recommended by celtwrestle

Mark made a good effort, but it was in vain. He also made a fine effort to get to the venue despite public transport delays. Straightforward, upfront guy. He's an Aussie after all and took his defeat well.



Muaythailad is recommended by Mark Wrestler

Muaythailad certainly knows his Muaythai and Ninjitsu moves and was happy to show me some. I am more of a wrestler so marrying the styles was hard. If you like meeting with a guy that you know can hurt you, I'd definitely recommend Muaythailad. Nice guy too.