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Professional wrestler looking for other guys that GET wrestling and want to do good work in the ring. Do it for fun and the art of it. I have ring access for those who are serious. Will work with different experience levels, but be healthy enough to do a roll or take a bump at the least. I do have my own mats for practicing submission holds and chain wrestling. I am also available to hire.

Big gear guy here. Masks, tights, trunks singlets, boots, capes, entrance gear, all of it. I'm a huge Lucha Libre fan and how I present myself is a reflection of that. I can be technico (face) and rudo (heel).

No cyber. No hotels.



  1. Canada - Ontario, East Gwillimbury
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I am willing to travel 500 kilometers


Age: 36-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 196 lbs (89 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: mask, boots, trunks, singlet, tights... fuck it I'll wear a cape too

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MaskdCat is recommended by Ringwrestler

The MaskCat is BACK ! And you are better for it if you can catch him ... Amazingly talented, patient and passionate Luchador that knows it ALL and willing to share his Pro prowess with other enthusiasts. A fine gentleman with flair and respect for the art of Pro Wrestling that is rare and always welcome.



MaskdCat is recommended by Kruhn

There are pro wrestlers and luchadors and the Masked Cat is a true embodiment of the traditions of a luchador. We met a while back at Hillside Wrestling Weekend in the mountains of Pennsylvania in a pro style demonstration bout. He was the small acrobatic luchador, me the big bruising heel or "rudo" if we go by the lucha libre traditions.. We grappled and he is an excellent seller.

For a pro match that was choreographed on the fly, it looked almost seamless, considering that I had little pro training. He sold well my attacks. we transitioned perfectly from him jobbing for me to him making me suffer. The ending looked spectacular, and then, as a small bonus and a moral victory I went to the traditional ultimate insult to a luchador, which is to take his opponent's mask, he reacted gave me a spinning kick that was awesome and did a splash from the second rope, to which he left with a moral victory.

If you want a pro wrestler, especially lucha libre style, this luchador from Canada is your man. You won't be disappointed pro wrestlers, and you'll probably learn an thing or two.


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MaskdCat 10/09/2018

Doing a power slam

Watched 600 times.