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  1. USA - Kentucky
    Louisville, Kentucky
  2. USA - Indiana, Jeffersonville
    (I'm here between 1/30/2020 and 12/29/2020)
  3. USA - Ohio, Cincinnati
    (I'm here between 1/31/2020 and 12/29/2020)
  4. USA - Tennessee, Nashville-Davidson
    (I'm here between 1/31/2020 and 12/29/2020)


56-year-old Male / 6'0" (183 cm) / 180 lbs (82 kg)

Gear: singlet and shoes or trunks or tights and boots


Fit athletic guy looking for other fit guys into wrestling. Love pro but also like submission and freestyle.I have a private pro 16x16 foot ring and 12x12 resilite mats.



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Folkstyle
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to a ring, I have access to mats, Friendship

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Matpain is recommended by profantasywrestler

I joined this site looking for fellas that could embody, look and deliver the pro wrestling action I grew up watching and Matpain delivered on all fronts. When I can get lost in a match and full instinct and persona take over, I know my opponent is top notch and our ring chemistry is seamless. I’ve never felt better going 0-4 and find I wouldn’t mind taking more losses to a pro of this caliber. :). Awesome time, man! I’ll be back.



profantasywrestler is recommended by Matpain

Perfection! Profantasywrestler has everything you could possibly want in a pro match! His body is solid muscle, he is handsome AF, He rocks his gear, knows he way around a ring and has the total pro attitude!! Got to take him on one on one and then a second day with some tag action. He definitely ranks as one my favorite matches ever! A lot of back in forth but in the end I had to put him in his place and took him 4-0. He did step into the "House of Pain" after all. Tag action was a blast as well. Got to spend a few days with him and a totally awesome guy outside the ring as well. Was totally fun weekend!



Matpain is recommended by Vivid

Had a lot of fun with Matpain during a quick trip to Kentucky. He showed us around the city, and I had a lot of fun hanging out and getting to know him and his partner. On top of that, I had a bunch of fun with him in the ring, with him throwing me around and twisting me any way he wanted. Definitely recommend to anyone look for some fun pro action!



Vivid is recommended by Matpain

Vivid came to Kentucky for some ring action. Had a ton of fun with him in both one on one and some tag team action. He is easy to work with and looks great. He is super flexible and fun to bend and twist him into every position imaginable! Looks great and gear and has great attitude. Smart attractive guy that is fun to hang with outside the ring as well. Definitely recommend locking up with Vivid if you get the opportunity.



Matpain is recommended by Orangesky

Today I wrestled with Matpain long-awaited for match. He is a very good opponent and taught me some Pro moves. Very competitive and can hold his weight in the ring. Very nice guy so I recommend anyone to challenge him. Very skillful. He will definitely make you sweat. It was a good match and can't wait for the next one.



Orangesky is recommended by Matpain

Orangesky is big built muscle boy!! We started off doing submission and I maybe got one or two subs out of him but he was in control for majority. Difficult to overcome his size and strength. I did show him some "pinnishers" which he will add to his weapon chest so I apologize to future opponents who get trapped in one of these. I showed him some pro and let him body slam and hip toss me and display me up in a torture rack which was awesome. Looking forward to slamming him in the future once he gets comforable with taking a bump! Got to work a killer camel sleeper combo on him that was fun!! A great time and we sweated up a storm!!

Update: Took on this beast a second time in submission match. He definitely beat me in the submission count. Had great time and workout



Matpain is recommended by GrappleVA

Matpain had been on my radar for a while, and he didn't disappoint. I warned him that the champ had finally arrived, but he wanted some convincing. He definitely learned what the new guy in town can do after one of my favorite matches to date. Matpain has the attitude and athleticism that make for a great time - especially when he wanted to see how a true heel operates. Haha.
Don't miss the chance to meet this guy. Aside from having the best set up out there, he is one of the best guys out there. My highest recommendation to him



GrappleVA is recommended by Matpain

Had the fortunate opportunity of stepping into the ring against the legendary heel GrappleVA. Don't let his all American good looks fool you, he is one of the best most ruthless heels out there. He told me before the match he was going to own me and he did. He has a war chest full of moves and the talk to back it up. Indian death lock, fig 4 leg lock, body slams, camels, racks, sleepers, tree of woe, rope work and one of the most killer bear hugs you will ever experience! He really knows his way around the ring and how to punish you in every inch of it as well as outside of it. Here is just one example: it was raining and there was a leak in the ceiling of the warehouse. He had me in a torture rack and paraded me to the leak so it it me in the face and said "look I can waterboard you in the torture rack". How cool is that? Although the morning after I feel like a truck hit me It was a total fricken blast! Looking forward to locking up again as well as doing some tag team with him!

Update: Since my initial match with this stud we have had several more matches. So lucky to have this guy in my area! He is one of the best out there!



fighter9 is recommended by Matpain

Greatly under estimated fighter9. Told him he would be my jobber. That was a mistake. Things didn't go according to plan. This guy came to fight and loves to win. He has the strength and skill to back it up and pretty much owned me during the match. Was an awesome time locking up with this stud. Don't miss out if you get the chance.

Update: Tried to redeem myself with Fighter9 again. We did a best of 10 submission match. He beat me 6-1. He is tough and a lot of fun. One of these days I will beat him.



Matpain is recommended by Txdaddy

Matpain is the real deal. I had a great time with him today at his ring. That a totally new experience for me and loved it. I would definitely love to see him again.



Txdaddy is recommended by Matpain

Had an awesome submission match with Txdaddy. He is a 100% true Texas stud. Showed up in cowboy boots, jeans and cowboy hat! He is all muscle and and super strong. My only hope was to wear him down and outlast him. Was totally fun match. When he is not making you tap he is a true gentleman!



Matpain is recommended by Trunksandboots

A handsome fella with his own legit pro ring. What more couldja want? To be tied up in the top two ropes and stomped? Sure, he can do that. Maybe you need to be tree-of-woed while he puts the boots to your gut. Matpain has got ya' covered. And then he'll cover you for the 1, 2, 3.
What can I say? I was in the mood to be a lazy wrestle-toy and suffer in every scissors, leg lock or back breaker he threw on me. Matpain accommodated me like a southern gentleman and made it hurt so good. Book him now before he let's that ring go, boys...



Trunksandboots is recommended by Matpain

Trunksandboots was totally fun pro match. He is into pro as much I am and was fun to work him over in the ring in a stiff pro match. This jobber boy can work a pair of trunks and can take a beating! Fun making his scream out submissions, sleeper him out with both my arms and legs and pinning him for the 10 count! I retained the belt. Better luck next time!



Matpain is recommended by michaelwood

Have wrestled this guy several times and had a frickin blast each and every time....met him at hillside years ago and have stayed in touch with him since...great man on and off the mats....also a great host...when will you be ready to have a couple drinks and go at it again man??? you are at the top of my list of great guys...



Matpain is recommended by growin dude

I cannot stress how much I learnt in the ring (A REAL ONE) with this big guy!

Don't let the pretty-boy chivalry fool you, he has enough strength to man handle any bull with ease and still move in the ring like a pro (ask him about them OVW days ) :)

Most importantly, he made the ring good fun (winter cold fun - haha) and safe (like pro level safe).

Had quite a few rounds and even had a free for all with @CRedfield.

If I had to make a list of qualities :
- knows and can execute his pro slams and will take you for a few if you can break fall safely :)
- knows his locks and holds - effortless and I never felt more relaxed to go into holds that were technically complex (in my humble opinion)
- and all the charm in a big-ol boy you need in the ring OR mat(looking forward to try that some time :)

PS : a definite Louisville highlight - if not a must for Kentucky :)



growin dude is recommended by Matpain

Had a super fun pro match with growin_dude. He is an handsome built powerhouse that was a pleasure to work over in the house of matpain! Did several rounds and worked him him a variety of holds along with some rope work, chop, punches and stomps. He dished some back including a torture rack he got me to submit it but he paid the price for that. Definitely meet up with him if you have the chance!



CRedfield is recommended by Matpain

Had the pleasure of wrestling this tall handsome built stud. Did a mixture of pro and submission. Then some double tag teaming on him with groin dude. He is a total blast and highly recommended. He knows his way around the mats and the ring! Hopefully will be the first of many matches to come.



justwresl is recommended by Matpain

Totally fun match with justwresl in the ring. He is a fit handsome skilled wrestler that rocks his gear. Did a promission match mixing it up with pro and submission with everything in between. A lot of back and fourth. He is super strong and has a killer scissors. Had so much fun with him. He is also a great guy outside the ring. Until we meet again!



Matpain is recommended by Scrapper147

Awesome match with Matpain in his ring and mats in KY. Managed to hold my own ;) in freestyle despite the size advantage and we had a good two hour roll. Super nice guy, very friendly and welcoming. Meet up with him when you’re in Louisville!



Scrapper147 is recommended by Matpain

Had a blast with Scrapper147. Don't get much opportunity to do freestyle wrestling so this was awesome. Singlets and wrestling shoes. Couple of hours of freestyle wrestling with a fit handsome powerhouse skilled freestyle wrestler.Totally loved it. Despite my size advantage Scrapper147 pretty much controlled the match. He is really good! I did have my moments and even sneaked in some sub and pro (almost got him in guillotine and banana splitz and enjoyed working him in a camel clutch)! I could roll with him everyday. Awesome workout and so much fun!



MKell is recommended by Matpain

Another awesome match with Mkell (our third meeting over the years) at the ring. This guy is a handsome skilled beast! He pretty much totally dominated the match with multiple taps. In my defense he did have about 50lbs of muscle on me. He is totally fun, safe and controlled. One day I will make him tap! Until then definitely meet up with him if you get the chance.



Matpain is recommended by grapplingguy

I had another great match, KY now.
Matpain is a big and strong competitor. He knows holds, he knows how to make guy suffer and he is good in defense. I would advise - be prepared for intense battle. Yes, I showed him couple tricks that he absorbed immideately,... not sure that I can handle him any more :)
I had awesome time/2+ hr match with Matpain, worth 1.5 hr drive, for sure!
In addition, Matpain settled up very cool wrestling venue - it looks more like a movie’s underground fight place: very cool and very specific environment with an awesome clean and quality mat-space inside of ring- perfect place for true alpha battles. I would love to see real mma event there! If any chance - I will definitely come back for round 2!



grapplingguy is recommended by Matpain

Had a totally fantastic match with grapplingguy. He certainly lives up to all his outstanding reviews. He met me at the ring for a competitive submission match. He is so much fun. Extremely skilled, controlled and methodical. He got a few taps out of me (lost count) and I failed to get any on him. He did teach me a couple valuable tips that will greatly improve my mat game! We wrestled a couple of hours and sweated up a storm! He is very strong and in great shape and I was unable to get any of my finishing moves locked on him but did come close. He is one of those guys that would be awesome to roll with on a regular basis! Finally as others have said a truly great guy on and off the mats.



Matpain is recommended by Robin Carter

Matpain is awesome. He has a great set up, and is gracious and very knowledgeable of Pro wrestling techniques. If you're smaller than him, like me, don't worry; time in the ring with him is definitely worth your while.



Matpain is recommended by CTBodyslams

Had a lot of fun with this guy, gives as good as he gets, and he has his own private ring. Strong, friendly, good attitude, definitely worth your time.



CTBodyslams is recommended by Matpain

Had a lot of fun with CTBodyslams in the ring! He is very strong and lives up to his name as easily scoops you up and slams you around the ring! Great attitude! Did classic face vs. heel with a lot of back and fourth. He is great whether dishing it out or taking it! Hopefully the first of many matches!



Matpain is recommended by Matman150

I stepped into the ring for a challenge and found out that “Matpain” is a good profile name for this tough, skilled, & dominant heel. Matpain has experience in pro and submission style wrestling, so he brings a lot of technical skill to a match. It also doesn’t hurt that he looks great in his gear! He is a formidable opponent in his own right, but when he is paired up with his tag team partner and some questionable refereeing, Matpain is unstoppable. I found myself locked down and subjected to some serious punishment by these two tough and relentless heels. There’s no better way to spend an afternoon!

Matpain is a great wrestler and a great guy. This was hands-down one of the best matches I have had on the site. Don’t pass up the opportunity to wrestle him if you get the chance. He gets my highest recommendation.



Matman150 is recommended by Matpain

Matman150 was one of my earliest matches. Had a rematch the other day at the ring! he can dish it out as well as he could take it and can wrestle any style which makes it fun. We did combination pro and submission style match. Unfortunately for Matman150 my new partner in crime, GrappleVa, just happened to be the ref. To say the ref was a little unfair is an understatement. Together we totally destroyed the poor boy! Like others have stated Matman150 is a very nice guy but the same cannot be said of myself and GrappleVA. We felt kind of bad after the carnage but I think Matman150 enjoyed every moment. Definitely wrestle Matman150 if you get the opportunity!!



Matpain is recommended by Marcwrestler

Had a blast with Matpain! We did 4 hours Pro wrestling on his ring at Louisville with full pro gear! Was hot! He is skilled with lot of Pro holds! We did Pro back and forth! He win and i win some matchs! Had AMAZING TIME! He is very friendly! He is amazing guy IN and OUT of the mats! Can't wait to come back in town and to have a rematch with him! Highly recommended!



Marcwrestler is recommended by Matpain

Finally met this legendary Canadian in the ring for Halloween Havoc 2017! It was a total blast. Pro match with a lot of back and forth with amazing holds and moves!! He exceeded my expectations. Called in my new tag partner and we double teamed the Canadian (after a little unfair reffing) serving him up a lot of pain American style! A truly great guy and fantastic day of wrestling!



Matpain is recommended by Angelo

This awesome wrestler doesn't really need my recommendation, but I'm giving it anyway. It was the day after the Derby and we had some hot ring wrestling action. Matpain is the real wrestling deal–looking awesome in pro gear, willing to share his pro training, and diving into the match with great skill. Generous and fun outside of the squared circle, this top notch wrestler will definitely get me back to Kentucky.



Angelo is recommended by Matpain

Angelo had the balls to step into the ring with matpain! Had talked to him for sometime. He was awesome pro guy! Loved back and forth and working on pro stuff. Two thumbs up and look forward to a rematch!



Matpain is recommended by tnwrestler1

MatPain is the real deal.. he is ferocious in the ring and a master of pro-style wrestling. I did succumb to his intensity 10-9 but not without a good fight and plenty of action on the mats and in the ropes. He is jacked too and knows how to use his power to get you to tap.
He has the best set-up one can imagine– real ring, real bell.. makes for a great match.
I highly recommend him as an opponent– he's a tremendous wrestler and one of the nicest guys you will meet on MF.
(I will take the Louisville title soon)



tnwrestler1 is recommended by Matpain

tnwrestler1 was brave enough to come and step in the ring in the house of pain! Had a tough fought promission battle where I prevailed 10-9. combination pro and submission match. Had a blast and sweated buckets! Definitely wrestle this stud if you get the chance!



miznew201 is recommended by Matpain

Have wrestled miznew201 a couple times now int he the ring. He has great body and face and is a lot of fun to work over! He makes a great jobber whether he wants to be or not! Have done both sub and pro with him. A lot of fun to twist and torture him in holds. In the end he ends up pinned with my ass attached to his face just like it belongs! Definitely recommend him!!



Matpain is recommended by Rough Edge

This Guy is GREAT! it was a long time coming and almost didn't happen , he came to see me while i was on a work trip and he had to run off to work but low and behold his day freed up and we had a blast in the ring , this guy is so good, so much fun to wrestle , we went back and fourth , he s a dream , great guy , great wrestler , loads of fun , can turn it up or down and is a gentleman,,,,,, great times like this are life long bonding and he will always be considered a friend !



Rough Edge is recommended by Matpain

Anthony is awesome. He was in Louisville for work and unfortunately I had a work outing but stop by to at least meet him. He stepped away for a minute an came out in full pro gear mask and all and jumped me in his room. Totally awesome!! We wrestled a around some but I had to get to my work event. When I got there it was cancelled so texted Anthony and picked him up at fairground and we went to the ring for a pro match. Had a total blast with him. He is up there among the best! Have been wanting rematch ever since but unfortunately I haven't made it to LA and he hasn't made it back to Louisville.



Matpain is recommended by manchesterwrestler

Wrestled Mike a good few years ago in Louisville ring.Skilled and safe we had a great pro/promission bout but he had to double team me to get that submission :) Great fun in ring and nice guy out of it.



manchesterwrestler is recommended by Matpain

Wrestled manchesterwrestler few years back in the ring here in Louisville. We did promission match and he is a lot of fun! Love wrestlers from the UK and Brit Pro. Great guy in and out of ring. Look forward to rematch!



Matpain is recommended by MuscChamp

Mike and I wrestled submission about a decade ago. He's a super nice guy – fit, strong, and muscled! We had both a competitive and very hot match. In the end, I dominated the stud – submitting him ten straight times, flexing over him, and claiming him as "my boy"! We have both been looking forward to a rematch and are trying to make it happen. He swears the ending will be different this time. We'll see! :-)



MuscChamp is recommended by Matpain

Wrestled MuscChamp a few years back at his place in LA. He is totally hot and skilled. I talk a lot of smack but he quickly put an end to it. He is extremely skilled on the mat and have to admit he pretty much dominated me and performed his signature school boy pin in the end! Off the mat he is a great guy and have kept in touch since. And yes, the outcome will be different next time! Wrestle MuscChamp if you ever get the chance you won't be sorry!