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Update as of 9/01/18. I've been into wrestling all my life. Enjoy doing it for the workout it gives and the body contact. Looking for guys into same. I prefer a slow holds, methodical style match where a hold is slow worked for its weakening effect on the opponent. Prolonged punishment over duration of the match. I blend in rule-bending as well. I need the holds to be real.

Favorite holds used and worked are headlocks, dragons, sleepers, bear hugs, claw/nerve holds (wrestled guys who taught me how to work these very effectively), torso/head scissor work, barefoot stomps. Firm believer in the working the opponent's body until one prevails over the other. Wrestling is the most primal and healthy sport one can do.

I expect that you have a RECENT pic available in your profile. Not having a RECENT pic is beyond unacceptable & earns you the ignore button. Some guys' pics on here are at least 25 to 30 years old. We all age, including you.

What I do not enjoy/will not do:

  • Wrestling involving females in any sort of way
  • Fetish for sweating in a match
  • Fetish for gut-punching
  • Fetish for wearing speedos/gear fetishes
  • Face sitting
  • Pro obsessed
  • Listening to endless chat that leads to j/o for you

What I very much enjoy:

  • Old school pro matches
  • Holds such as head/neck work, claw/nerve holds, bear hugs, ab stretchers
  • Most holds that are worked to weaken a body part sanely
  • Verbal during the match

I think the above is clear enough a profile to give an idea of what I'm after. If that is you, feel free to hit me up. I might also suggest that many of you consider creating a detail profile so guys will know what you are/are not into.



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Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 163 lbs (74 kg)

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