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- love lycra singlets
- leather is also hot
- more into wrestling for the close physical body contact than for toughness, competition and sport
- not into humiliation or pain
- like to be erotically submitted and pinned
- love feeling and worshipping muscles
- grinding and getting sweaty in singlets
- cumming in singlets
- nipple play/sucking/kissing/tickling
- kissing and licking
- dirty talk
- getting bear hugs
- cuddling
- facesitting and smothered
- headscissors



  1. USA - New Jersey, Old Bridge Township
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Age: 25-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 145 lbs (66 kg)

Gear: Singlet, under armour compression shorts and shorts , spandex, lycra,

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Mike7 is recommended by Asics

Mike7 is new to MF and is a great addition. He took the time to write a detailed profile which gave me a very good idea of what he likes. In addition we talked quite a bit before our match and I already knew that he would be respectful, polite and fun. After meeting, seeing him in his singlet and how perfectly it fit him, I was even more convinced ;) I think Mike and I will be good friends as well as having new opportunities to wrestle. I’m really happy to have met him and his toned body here. Definitely recommend!



Asics is recommended by Mike7

Asics is a very nice and respectful man that made me feel comfortable and relaxed. We first talked before I engaged in a match and rolled around with him. He knows a thing or two about using his muscles and body to submit someone. He equally respects any limits and makes sure you’re okay. I’d definitely recommend him not just to wrestle but as a good friend to talk to and hang out with. Asics was a very nice host and was super easy to get along with and hope to have another round with him in the near future!