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  1. United Kingdom, Solihull

I am willing to travel 50 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


25-year-old Male / 5'5" (165 cm) / 162 lbs (73 kg)

Languages spoken: English


Hi, my name is Michael and I want to get into pro and submission wrestling. I'm a beginner in both and I'd like to learn holds techniques etc.

My ideal match would be promission give and take but I like to be more of a dominant heel and love giving gutpunches, sleepers and scissors etc. (I'm stronger than you think)

I'm open to other stuff too with the right guy and have a big thing for fake or real knockouts I'm also open to most suggestions so don't hesitate to message me

Centrally located near south Birmingham and at university near Stoke on Trent until summer 2017 and can get the train to most cities but can only host occasionally

Thanks for reading and hope to wrestle soon



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Friendship, I'm a heel

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Last modified: 8/07/2016

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Mike721 is recommended by bna37

mike is a great host and even better wrestler - scrappy and strong with killer thighs! he may look non-threatening but don't let your guard down - he moves fast and will lock on a sleeper before you can react.



bna37 is recommended by Mike721

I met bna37 for a wrestle and he was an exceptional jobber who I choked out again and again which was a load of fun and he's also extremely flexible and can be crushed and stretched in holds far longer than other jobbers I've met can! He's also a great guy and we had a great night out after!



Mike721 is recommended by Jskofield

Although we had some difficulty actually meeting up, Mike was great fun to wrestle and safe and sane. Very strong and nice guy too.



Mike721 is recommended by SammyBond

Mike is a great heel who really put me through my paces and had me tapping out a lot, once you're in his thighs, there's no getting out. As well as being a super strong wrestler, he's a pleasure to talk to and easy to get along with.



SammyBond is recommended by Mike721

I met Sammy in Northampton where we had a great time wrestling. I made sure to crush him repeatedly in my headscissors and bearhugs and stretch him in various holds and he took them like a champ! I made sure he was a total jobber by fake choking him out loads of times in 4 different sleeper variations and posing over his koed body afterwards. He was a great guy and a pleasure to meet and would recommend him to anyone!



Mike721 is recommended by WrestleBoy28

Met Mike for a jobber/heel bout. I was suitably bent and squeezed, and lost count of the amount of times he slapped a choke on to send me to lullaby land. 👍



WrestleBoy28 is recommended by Mike721

This cocky stud was great at trash talking me into taking him down and making him suffer for his attempts to fight me. I had an awesome time choking him out over and over and totally destroying him in the end. He's an awesome host and great in any role!



Mike721 is recommended by sundaylight

Great to finally get together with Mike and play jobber to his heel. He is way stronger than he looks... and he looks totally hot. Really nice intelligent company. Hope to meet again soon.



Mike721 is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Great to meet with Mike today after a while chatting online. He’s extremely strong and has a killer pair of legs on him - watch out for them!

Great wrestler and nice guy to hang around with. Thanks!



Mike721 is recommended by mchaeljams6

Mike and I organised a meeting in a hotel in Reading, as it was a sort of halfway point for the both of us.
It was always going to be an interesting match, as Mark is 5”5 and I am 6”2. However, what Mark lacks in height, he more than makes up in strength. He had me pinned several times, with a lot of hot verbal domination. Jobbers better be good at handling sleepers and scissors too, once you’re in this lad’s legs you are not getting out!
I had a really great time with Mark, really nice, funny and open guy, would recommend to anybody :)



mchaeljams6 is recommended by Mike721

I met Michael in Reading for an arranged pro match and it was an awesome experience from start to finish! He's an extremely friendly and handsome guy who definitely can take a proper beating and be choked out many times and still come back for more! I had a great time chatting and eating after the match and I'd recommend him to anyone to wrestle!



Mike721 is recommended by The Arrow

Mike and I had been speaking on and off for a long time. Easy a year I'd say, possibly longer. Noting he's mainly after a pro-type heel/jobber thing, the time wasn't right previously. However, we stayed in touch and after 2 cancellations, both due to snow, we finally met earlier this week.

Mike is a friendly guy with an easy smile, and given his size, harbours quite a compact strength that he puts to good use when working you over. Yes - given he'd been asking to do just that for a while, and given he was good enough to travel to me, I figured this was a good litmus test for me to test out my jobber curiosity and credentials. I actually found it more fun than I expected, in large part because Mike always kept things moving, always knew what the next holds were in advance. He has much more experience at pro-style wrestling than I have and for guys who enjoy being worked over by a young heel, I can't recommend Mike high enough.



The Arrow is recommended by Mike721

After a long time talking and a very long drive it was great to finally meet The Arrow in person and have a great wrestle. Equipped with some very strong and thick arms and torso he appeared to be in great shape and it was clear he'd be a tough force to defeat.

I took on his strength initially with my own and managed to slip an array of holds over him, slowly wearing him down and trash talking him all the while to eventually dominate and heel him properly with gutpunches and chokes. He could take everything I threw at him very well and I was impressed by his resilience as I slowly increased my intensity destroying him. I finished him off with a range of chokes knocking him out cold for me to pose on his body and feel like I'd scaled a mountain.

All in all he is an incredibly strong and skilled wrestler who was awesome enough to give me the pleasure of heeling him over his usual submission matches and I enjoyed it immensely. I'd definitely meet him again as he's an excellent actor (although I legitimately overpowered him a few times) and I feel we both really enjoyed the match. The Arrow is a very accommodating, open minded and fun guy to take on and I'd recommend him to absolutely anyone!



Mike721 is recommended by untouchable1

Dayummmm - this was fun!!
Bent, squeezed, crushed, choked - had it all. I was a very happy, destroyed jobber!
I'm not one for tapping, normally I only submit verbally - but he made me tap, repeatedly!
Tried sleepers for the first time with him, felt so good, really enjoyed it, though he couldn't put me out :P
Deffo meet him if you get the chance!



untouchable1 is recommended by Mike721

I really enjoyed my match with untouchable as I love jobbers who can take a load of punishment and he took all I had and more! Was awesome to throw this skinny guy around the room and he was incredibly flexible too while being destroyed in my many holds and chokes. I knocked him out a load of times and was great to see his convincing acting every time! Very nice guy and I'd highly recommend!



Mike721 is recommended by Manc21

Mike is a really awesome guy :)

He's very good looking and has a super awesome body.
He's extremely strong and a fantastic wrestler. However, he's also really great to talk to and just fun to be around.

Although our match was quite short, I thoroughly enjoyed it :)
I do hope for an extended rematch soon though!

I highly recommend him.



Manc21 is recommended by Mike721

It was good fun to meet this kind and understanding guy in Birmingham even if our meet was a bit short. He could take everything I threw at him and it was fun to "ko" him a few times too! Would definately recommend!



Mike721 is recommended by Studley Stallion

A nice guy to meet, really down to earth and respectful on and off the mats, very strong to hard to pin down and grapple. Even though we had a short match he was very understanding, a guy you need to wrestle if you like a challenge!



Studley Stallion is recommended by Mike721

I enjoyed my wrestle with Studly_Stallion when we met and it was great to see how resistant he was in my holds and other attacks. He was very friendly and open minded and a good guy in general!



Mike721 is recommended by DenverWrestler

Mike is a very powerful well-built grappler, whom I had the pleasure of wrestling at the group meet in Manchester. The first thing you notice about him are his massive powerful legs, but as I found out during the match, his legs are even stronger than they look, and his arms and shoulders are just as strong. Even with my experience and skill in submission grappling and BJJ, it was very difficult to get any submissions on him, and he had no trouble submitting me once he got his legs around me. On top of this, he's a VERY nice guy – friendly, kind, and polite. Overall, a quality guy and a wonderful wrestling opponent – really hope I get the chance to wrestle him again.



DenverWrestler is recommended by Mike721

It was fun to meet this outgoing American at a Manchester meet and it was great to see how in shape he was! We had a fun wrestle for a while even if it was short and I'd reccommend him to anyone interested in wrestling him



Mike721 is recommended by switchko

One word to describe this fellow: fantastic. I know Mike had met a number of people from MF before we met. And it shows, he has a great deal of experience. Speaking as the jobber, I certainly took quite a bit of punishment from the guy, and let me tell you not to underestimate his headscissors! He's very strong to put it lightly, his photos don't do him justice in that regard, I didn't stand much of a chance (well I wouldn't I suppose, I was the jobber after all, but you know what I mean). When we had finished I didn't realise how much time had passed, it flew by. When not dominating, Mike is a nice accommodating guy and is great to talk with. I very much recommend him. Our meet wasn't competitive, but even if you're taking him on in a competitive bout, you'll need all the luck you can get. If you meet this chap, you won't be disappointed.



switchko is recommended by Mike721

It was great meeting this guy after a while of talking and it was great to finally meet him in person! I have to say he was very good at taking all the punishment I gave him and although he was totally destroyed and kod at the end he was still very resistant to my holds which made it a much more exciting beatdown! He's a very interesting guy off the mats so I'd recommend him!



Mike721 is recommended by Squashlad

10/09/2016: You've probably looked at Mike's profile and seen that he's 5' 5" and thought that he wouldn't be all that much of a challenge. You would be wrong. The lad has obviously been living at the campus gym and making eating quality food his major as he's a short, non-green Hulk, approximately as broad as he is tall. (He should definitely put up some more profile photos.) And all the muscle is not just for show. If, like me, you tell him when chatting beforehand that you're fine with him doing his favorite heel turn, and that you're fine with the rough stuff, that is what you are going to get. He's got a tough, brawling style of wrestling, clearly likes being in charge and is very strong. Being locked in one of the private matrooms at the Wrestling Factory and destroyed by the young powerhouse was quite an experience! As well as being a thug he is also, however, a really nice lad, polite, friendly and modest, and despite the roughness he's safe and sane and wrestles with consideration for his opponent. Can't wait to wrestle him again; by which time he tells me he's going to be even more hench! So maybe we will have to paint him green after all....



Squashlad is recommended by Mike721

I first met Squashlad at a meet in Manchester and I was initially amazed at how enthusiastic and positive he was about wrestling! He made a great opponent and jobber and can take loads of punishment while being destroyed and always wants more! He worked well with my fake kos and I was very happy to have met such a great guy as he was really fun to talk to and he lifted me out of the bad mood I had that day. An amazing guy to wrestle



Mike721 is recommended by ukfightlad

Really nice guy to meet up with.
Very strong for his size and can give much bigger lads a run for their money as you will find out. Mike is defiantly a sleeper expert so watch out :)



ukfightlad is recommended by Mike721

Very nice and genuine guy who is very patient and can take a lot of punishment for body punches and sleepers! Had a great match with him and would do again!



Mike721 is not recommended by Gloved wrestler

  • Unreliable / no show



Mike721 is recommended by WrestleJobber94

Had a truly fantastic meet with Mike yesterday - he really lives up to the amazing recommendations. Before the match he was friendly and down to earth and made me feel at ease, especially as I've not met many people off here. Unfortunately for me, the size and skill difference meant that I stood no chance when wrestling and this resulted in me getting absolutely destroyed! This guy was a phenomenal heel and knew exactly how to punish me like the cocky jobber I am ;) It's also worth mentioning that he was completely safe and sane, and respected limits. I'm gonna need some recovery time but can't wait to meet again some time soon.



WrestleJobber94 is recommended by Mike721

When I first met this attractive guy I didn't even realise he was a jobber at all as he was so cheeky and cocky but I made sure to beat it out of him in a variety of holds and thoroughly crush him in sleepers and scissors. He was incredibly good for resisting everything I threw at him and could take a LOT of punishment despite his size! He was an awesome jobber who passed out in my sleeperhold but still kept coming back for more! A great guy to spend time with off the mats too and I wish I could have spent a lot more time with him! Recommended for everyone and especially brutal heels!



Mike721 is recommended by jonuk

Mike is a bright, strong, safe & friendly stud who exceeded the already high expectations raised by his profile & previous recommendations. He's a dream of a heel, considerate, way too hot & very reliable (on the day we met, he had a crazy travel schedule which would have caused many others to bail out). It's now the day after and - soreness aside - I'm glowing inside. One cautionary note is that his profile should carry a health warning. Meeting Mike is an addictive experience. Thanks again for an awesome meet.



jonuk is recommended by Mike721

Jon was an excellent, fun and friendly wrestler to meet in Northampton. He could take everything I dished out on him and more and was incredibly resilient for holds such as the sleeperhold and camel clutch. He has a wide knowledge of wrestling holds, moves, lifts and slams which he was kind enough to demonstrate and allow me to practice on him. He's very friendly and interesting off the mats and I'd recommend him to anybody!



Mike721 is recommended by ukmark

Had the pleasure of meeting Mike recently... A really nice friendly guy, but don't let this fool you, he's got a lot of strength behind him and not to be underestimated!

We swapped some holds for a bit, there was some power struggles and mild competitiveness, which was fairly even matched although I think I had the upper hand ;-)

Heel vs Heel was fun, however the hold swapping was fun both ways. Helped to tweak some of Mike's moves just to make him that bit more dangerous for his next challenger - you're welcome guys ;-)

All in all a great guy, and highly recommended!! Can't wait to meet up again!



ukmark is recommended by Mike721

I met Mark on an improptu trip to Cardiff and I have to say that it was an excellent decision as we spent a great amount of time in back and forth holds crushing each other considerably.

Mark was kind enough to show me the proper application of the rear naked choke and the figure 4 choke holds which I plan to use in future matches and we tried them out a lot.

All in all, he was an amazing tutor and opponent and his calm and chilled demeanor are very deceptive to his true talents and strength and it was worth the trip to meet this open minded and versatile guy.



Mike721 is recommended by andy

Had a great wrestle with Mike at the group meet on 2.7.16,hope to have another match with him sometime in the future.also would consider him as a good friend both on and off the mats.



andy is recommended by Mike721

I met Andy at the meet in Manchester and I had a great time having a fun wrestle with him and all in all he is a very kind and sweet guy to wrestle. Will most likely meet him again at the next meet.



Mike721 is recommended by A1Jobberlad

After receiving a message from Mike asking to Heel me , I was instantly hooked , he done me proud . Almost as soon as we met he used his power. very strong guy with great techniques . Scissors , chokes and lots of gut punches . The day after and I can certainly feel it ! Already looking forward too round 2 . Safe and sane guy always respects limits .



A1Jobberlad is recommended by Mike721

I met Alex for a heel/jobber match in Birmingham and I have to say he didn't disappoint! He could handle whatever I threw at him very well and it took all my strength to make him tap! He was also awesome at selling passing out and it was incredible putting him in every move I know and destroying him! If you're a heel he won't disappoint



Mike721 is recommended by NorthNotts

Met mike today after a few months of chatting. His pictures dont show how built he is. He is a solid guy with a brilliant wrestlers physique. Great to meet a very safe and sane guy with the added bonus of him being similar stats. We wrestled for over 2.5 hrs and i could have wrestled for even longer with him. He is incredibly determined with good strength to back it up. He likes to be the heel, but so do i so it made for a great competitive match together with me playing the jobber a few times. Once this guy gets more technical he will be massive handful. Wish he would update his pictures as he has a great build.
Rematch anytime he wants!



NorthNotts is recommended by Mike721

I had an excellent match with NorthNotts the other day and he was very kind, patient and accommodating for me and what I liked to do and always checked to see if I was alright and having a good time. He had a lot of skill from wrestling before and he ave me a lot of experience with grappling and I learnt a great deal from him! A great guy to wrestle and I would highly recommend!