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I live in Fort Collins Colorado, am 27 years old and been lifting / working out for 2 years. Be cool to meet a dominant heel. Seeking a submission wrestling match with someone nearby. Willing to travel. Would love an even match or squash match with someone bigger ornsmaller as long as both have fun. Big fan of bearhugs scissor holds full nelsons and submission holds. Would love s workout partner then worship and ultimately wrestle each other to exhaustion and submission.



  1. USA - Colorado, Fort Collins
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Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 205 lbs (93 kg)

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Mountainside27 is recommended by ruck95

Mountain is a big hunk of man. Lots of raw potential in those big gunz and legs and powerful chest. Lots of power and tons of potential. Very enthusiastic with a lot of stamina for a newcomer. You won't be disappointed



ruck95 is recommended by Mountainside27

Ruck is a very fun hospitable, honest and reliable guy to not only wrestle with but also hang out with off the mat. We packed in a decently sized breakfast and then bear hugged it out for a while when i realized this is a strong mf. For my first match it was a slow steady sweatfeast that lasted close to 4 hours. Ruck will make sure you have the kind of match you want. Dont under estimate this guy, his strength and skill put mine to shame as a newbie and he puts younger strong guys to shame with precision and he loves to pec and gut punch. My pecs got a very thorough work out. He showed me numerous submission holds and then got submissions. definetly look forward to locking up with him again for another sweaty squeezefest