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Im only interested in meeting guys 40+ for actual wrestling, or home workouts. Wrestle in either trunks, square cuts, or full gym kit etc.. I have a great gym set up with benches and LOADS of free weights. You are welcome to do as much or as little as u like (at your own risk).

I can host for a slow exchange of holds and GP sessions but I do not really have enough room for a full on fight. Slower less intense match is OK and has worked well here in the past. I can set out an area of 2m x 3m which is usually big enough for a home match or I am willing to travel for more intense meets.

Please note, I don't care how many matches you've had. I'm careful about who I meet especially if I'm hosting. Im cautious of guys with no pics on their profile and only willing to send very old/unclear pictures.
I'm also very suspicious of guys who have a good match count on their profile yet only a handful of recommendations.
Remember,you are asking me to host a fight at my home or asking me to drive god knows where to meet. Get a decent profile set up with verified pics or don't contact me...SIMPLE..!!!



  1. United Kingdom, Mid Sussex
  2. United Kingdom, Lewes
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 50-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 212 lbs (96 kg)

Gear: trunks, square cuts, speedos.

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barcoded bigm Churd mike wresnipgym


MrKeith is recommended by barcoded

Mr Keith is a fighting machine!

No fuss and easy meeting arrangements. He gave me the heel going over that I asked for and some more, so be careful what you ask for as he delivers! There was never going to be challenge, frankly my arms wouldn’t even meet to lock around his muscled body but he was kind enough to humour me.

Mr Keith was generous enough to share his knowledge and clearly demonstrated how I left myself vulnerable to the next move by reacting to the current one with practical examples. Expect a mocking if you approach him weakly.

His holds and techniques were tough and challenging but he instantly stopped when I tap and he checked I was safe. He allowed me to practice some of my new knowledge on him.

I won a point, when I secured his big toe for a second or two but lost millions. Hope to be invited back for a session on and demonstration of his free weights. Safe, fun and challenging; Thanks mister



barcoded is recommended by MrKeith

I arranged to wrestle Barcoded very last minute. He arrived on time and had requested a match with some heeling but assured me he would fight back, and he sure did. We had a great time and he is a lovely guy. It was the first match Ive hosted here in my house and it worked really quite well. Hes not fast to sub in punishing holds and with some careful coaching and a bit more confidence to attack harder will soon be winning matches with wrestlers that are bigger. Well done mate, you lasted out well. Hope to see you again.

I had a second meet with this guy this evening. This time we did a lot more. I gave him a good workout with my free weights to get him warmed up, then we had another wrestle, I always say inside every jobber there is a heel screaming to get out and this guy is no exception. Well done mate !!!



MrKeith is recommended by wresnipgym

Met Mr Keith today, easy to set up meet, great physique his pictures do not so him justice, solid muscular guy. Awsome workout. Interesting conversation. Genuine bloke. Hope to meet again. Highly recommended.



wresnipgym is recommended by MrKeith

I met Wresnipgym today after a short time messaging. He arrived at the time agreed and when we got back to my place we were straight down to messing. He has a great body and he is a very genuine person, deffo not the sort to mess you around..!! I will deffo meet him again if hes in the area and we are both free. Thanks for coming mate.!!



MrKeith is recommended by mike

I feel priveldged to have had the possiibility of meeting a guy who is very able to defend himself and skilled enojgh to be able to adjust to his opponent with the result of both sides having some fun. MrKieth I really enjoyed this evening and hope we can repeat it soon



mike is recommended by MrKeith

I really enjoyed meeting Mike this evening. A really nice, genuine, and interesting guy. He arrived at the time we arranged and we had a good heel/jobber match. He doesn’t just take it, he can fight back too when he wants to. Hes well worth a meet and takes his medicine well :-)



MrKeith is recommended by Churd

Big gap between our first two meets and the last one. Always fun, all be it a one sided wrestle. I’m not complaining. We had loads to talk about due to the considerable number years we had not seen each other. He’s a big guy so watch out! I survived so can you.



Churd is recommended by MrKeith

I have met Churd 3 times now at his place. The first 2 times were quite some years ago, third was this year 2019. Its always great to catch up with him. Hes a lovely guy with a heart of pure gold. He can take a lot of punishment on the mats too ;-))



bigm is recommended by MrKeith

Always a pleasure to meet up with BIGM. Ive known him many many years and know him to be an honest and trustworthy man with a heard of gold. VERY much hard work on the mats !! Its a pleasure to have known you all these years mate !!


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