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Hey men...muscular Latino man...looking for other men into wresting and and hung a +



  1. New Zealand, Auckland
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Age: 67-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 157 lbs (71 kg)

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f4leglock ToeTheLine



Musclefighter is recommended by f4leglock

After chatting for quite sometime I finally got to lock up with Musclefighter. Being similar in weight and height, as soon as we locked eyes on each other, I knew it was going to be a great match up, and I wasn't disappointed. The chemistry between us was electric, and the the match soon became a battle for dominance and control. Bob is a great grappler, and although we didn't have a lot of room, a struggle ensued with head scissors, head locks, chokes, and some hot face sitting! A great guy to chat with, very friendly and welcoming. We are already planning the next match! Highly recommended.



f4leglock is recommended by Musclefighter

Met up with f4leglock at my place...he was just what I was hoping for....handsome muscleman...we were pretty well matched as far as size height and weight...we first did some posing and some good banter led us to our first was good and sweaty one...our second match we decided to go Roman was hot...naked and sweaty with a nice big tool shoved in my face...awesome...we have already set another match...Toe the line will ref and take on the winner....great fun!



Musclefighter is recommended by ToeTheLine

I met Musclefighter on a very hot summer afternoon. His initial message was aggressive and assertive, I couldn't pass up the opportunity, especially as he was just a 10 min drive away.
Within a couple of hours I parked up on his property. I had no sooner arrived than this muscle man came out of the house, shaved head , shirtless, pumped and full of aggression. He walked to close the gate behind me, staring me down as he walked passed the car. I got out of the car and within seconds we were both shirtless and chest to chest , pushing , shoving and goading each other. We had a very heated verbal exchange, each of us challenging the other, within seconds we were fighting in the front yard. Once some steam was released we went inside and got down to business.
Do not let Musclefighters Stats fool you, he is strong and aggressive, and he knows how to fight. I got the upper hand in this fight, but be prepared if you meet this guy, his gym work really shows and he is strong. Recommended.



ToeTheLine is recommended by Musclefighter

I met ToeTheLine one a afternoon...we chatted and made a date.... He drove on to my out of his vehicle...was wearing tight shorts and a singlet.very muscular..handsome ..sporting a" high n tight"...thats a US Marine Corps haircut....I was very turned on as to what he looked like....buffed as...I knew from the start that this guy was no pushover! We checked each other out and did the whole chest puffing and bumping....proceeded into the house....did some pushing and shoving for a bit before we got totally into it.....I have to say I'm no weakling...but he's a strong and very verbal opponent the end I lost and had to going for another round with this sexy strong man...If I lose I don't