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like to wrestle in judogi ore wrestling singlet with other guys.



Match structure: Give and take, Play wrestling, Workout partner
Specific wrestling styles: Going to matches
Fetishes: Wrestle for top


  1. Belgium, Bornem
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Age: 44-year-old Gay Male

Stats: 6'2" (187 cm), 161 lbs (73 kg)

Gear: judogi, wrestling singlet, sportswear

Submission Submission
Judo Judo

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Start of membership: 7/15/2010 10:57 PM

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Newazaguy is recommended by fracle2

Newazaguy has a good stamina and u can see his background in judo on the mat! Very friendly of the mat and nice host. Hope to meet again



fracle2 is recommended by Newazaguy

This beauty athletic boy is very friendly, nice to speak, but he is skilled, tough and it’s true, he can manoeuvre his way out of tight spaces because hé is flexible, compact and muscled. Great guy to wrestle, he fight so long that he can force you to submissions, highly recommended and always welcome :-)



Newazaguy is recommended by Belgianjudoka

Second fight with Newaza guy today and i enjoyed it even more than our first fight. Highly recommended!

Third fight and this time i sleepered him out cold :-). No mercy for him :-)



Belgianjudoka is recommended by Newazaguy

Always nice to fight with this judoka, very strong and dominant in shime waza. Great guy on and off the mat.
This fight was competition groundfight, I was completely overpowered by this black belt judoka his chokes. Now i now why Jigoku-jime is most commonly known as the "Hell Strangle". It owes its name to the form the attacker makes with the opponent's body to execute this choke. It is a blood choke, the gi lapel acts as leverage for the forearm, which presses against the artery. And he now how to controle leg and arm with the same clamp as sankaku-jime so you can forget to escape ore stand up. This choke requires and gives back control to the attacker. So be in form if you challenge him!



Newazaguy is recommended by SqueezeNW

I had the great pleasure of meeting up with Newazaguy for an evening of fun back and forth wrestling. He's fit, strong and knows how to wrestle well. Besides a friendly bit of competition, we practiced some holds. He's got strong legs and enjoys using them on an opponent. It was a great time rolling and afterwards had a little while to enjoy a chat. I really do hope our paths cross on the mats again someday.



SqueezeNW is recommended by Newazaguy

I had a great wrestling evening and fun with this hot punk! Real man2man action. I got some subs on him, he got some subs on me, very nice guy too, recommended 100%!



Newazaguy is recommended by jellen72

Newazaguy was a very accomodating host. Hes well spoken and friendly.
We had a good give and take match. I definitely recommend him for people who are into judo. Watch out for his triangle chokes!



jellen72 is recommended by Newazaguy

This young guy is maybe a lightweight, but on the ground strong and fast, watch out for his armlock and tate shiho gatame immobilisation. Nice to meet someone with judo experience. I 'm glad to meet him, because he is not only good looking, but very wise and sympathetic. Hope to meet him again.



Newazaguy is recommended by Submgrappler

I have met Newazaguy a few times over the years. It is always a pleasure to grapple with him. He has some good judo techniques. Also a very nice guy outside the grappling.



Submgrappler is recommended by Newazaguy

This guy is strong and technical, watch out for his strangles, specialy with his legs...He look very nice in gi and is nice guy on and off the mat. Highly recommend him.



Newazaguy is recommended by grappleruk

He was kind enough to travel to meet me even after having done a lot of traveling already that day and we had a long fun series of matches. You can definitely pick up on his judo training in the techniques he uses. Nice guy with some good skills, safe, same and good to just chat with after the match too.



grappleruk is recommended by Newazaguy

No recommendation will ever be accurate enough to describe this atletic, fit and muscular fighter. From the first fight he show me his Olympic freestyle and submission experience. He knows to pin you in a way you have no chances to escape. Don't worry: he adapts to your limits, but he like to show his complex submission holds and force you to tap. It's also fun to fight with him - several techniques can be tried and exchanged. As a fighter and personality he is a great guy.



Newazaguy is recommended by kn811

Newazaguy... he's great! Very passionate fighter with a good sense of competision. Not so strong but nice, on and off the mats. I enjoy our session. He like's fighting in gi.



kn811 is recommended by Newazaguy

This guy is a judo / jiu jutsi beast. If you want an alpha vs alpha battle then this guy should go to the top of your list. He's strong, technical and resilient. He can crush you like a can if you're not serious. One of the toughest guys I've met on this site. He look very nice in gi and is nice guy on and off the mat. Highly recommend him. tap tap tap



Newazaguy is recommended by peterson11 lux

Very friendly guy and good host. We had a good time together. I enjoyed our fight. He can be tough in a fight but I managed to overcome this;-) highly reccomended



peterson11 lux is recommended by Newazaguy

He is very muscle, sexy in his singlet, and a nice guy. Good wrestler, into pro wrestling and kicks, strangles and armlocks. I had no choice than to become a jobber under his power.



Newazaguy is recommended by Rower87

warm hearted intelligent and strong guy.
Watch out for his choke holds :). Willing to teach to unexperienced people. I'm looking forward for a rematch



Rower87 is recommended by Newazaguy

Very friendly and social boy, with muscle legs. Nice to wrestle him and to see how he lean and use new moves :-)
Welcome for a rematch!



warrior007 is recommended by Newazaguy

Great warrior, nice guy and strong fighter, be careful he his chokes...



Newazaguy is recommended by Judoka WA

Met Newazaguy once, but it was a great challenge. This hot guy despite being a jobber is always fighting, never surrounding easily... a very good match. I look forward to meet him again!



Judoka WA is recommended by Newazaguy

He is a very intelligent and social buddy whom you can always enjoy good conversation. He is a very strong judoka, never gets tired and never has enough. He likes it long and he is a winner... Very good in shime waza (strangles) and tate shiho gatame. You can better learn how to tap when you fight with him ;-)
I can't recommend him enough and I would like to fight him again in future.



Newazaguy is recommended by Rik

Newazaguy is experienced in judo and wrestling. He learned me a few moves that I was happy to use against him :-). He can dominate himself but also likes to be dominated. In this case it was a being dominated party with me as his heel. It was great to wrestle him and made him submit over and over. Must admit that I had an advantage having more weight. The match was exciting and hot. Next time I definitely would like learn more holds from this experienced wrestler. He does look great in his gear and apart from that Newazaguy is a very kind and interesting guy! Thanx buddy, and I look forward to our next meet! Always ready to make you submit :-)



Rik is recommended by Newazaguy

Tough guy, with strong arms and legs, flexible and sexy :-) Whe had a great and long match. He is a natural talent, despite his little experience, he is an adept fighter. Rik dominated me every fight, with me as his sub. He forced me to submit in his strangles and armlocks again, again, again and again. The match was exciting and hot and he let me feel who was the boss. I struggled and tried to escape but he squeezed his muscled leggs harder around my head and I had to submit. He's a nice guy (When I did not have to submit), and a good opponent for everybody who likes a nice fight with a strong and dominant guy.



Newazaguy is recommended by freestyle

i have met Ivo a few times now he has always been a great match too so sorry for not leaving a recommendation early for him . He is very good with his holds and will keep you in them for as long as it takes until you give. His endurance is also great very hard to wear down and get in holds . If you like long matches then you should not miss wrestling this great guy . If we lived nearer i know i would want to wrestle him every day . He safe sane and fun and great wrestler highly recommended to everyone he is one of my favorites to match up with an A++++ match up



freestyle is recommended by Newazaguy

Adrian is one of my favorite opponents, he's a nice guy and good wrestler. I won in previous fights, but the last time he dominated me. He put me into long pins and submissions without escape. He knows many holds and is good in the spadle hold, I could not move, only tap...
He is a great guy, my english wrestling friend and i hope to meet him again!



Newazaguy is recommended by newstravel

Great guy with lots energy and passion for wrestling. It is a real challenge given his qualities.



newstravel is recommended by Newazaguy

He is a good wrestler, very strong and much stronger that I thought, so he dominate me hard ;-)



Newazaguy is recommended by leeuwbeest

An athlete who knows what he wants and knows what he's doing. You'll be in safe hands.



leeuwbeest is recommended by Newazaguy

Very sexy and strong excellent wrestler. I am always ready to make some fights with him.



Newazaguy is recommended by battlefox

Very skilled guy. Takes a lot of time to break trough his defenses and he is also a nice guy to chat with.



battlefox is recommended by Newazaguy

This boy is very powerful, and flexible. When he strangle ore pin me, he force me to tap. I can recommend him to everybody and I'm looking forward to the next fight.



Newazaguy is recommended by GrapplerNL

He is a very nice guy, a great and tough wrestler AND judoka. I have enjoyed the fight in judo gi. He knows a lot of holds (especially the sleeper with his legs). I had a great time with him and I hope there will be more fights in the future!! I can recommend him to every one who likes to have a good wrestling fight (in judo gi).



GrapplerNL is recommended by Newazaguy

Wow! Very nice boy on and off the mat. I enjoyed the fight with him, he is tough, learn very quick new holds and strangles (in judogi). He is very powerful, flexible, good condition and he have strong legs and arms. I can recommend him to everybody and I'm looking forward to the next fight.



Newazaguy is recommended by discover

Frendly guy and good wrestler, can be tough in a fight.



discover is recommended by Newazaguy

He is a nice guy, strong and creative wrestler. Wanne wrestle again with him.



Newazaguy is recommended by ARGONSA1

GREAT guy to wrestle in judogi



Newazaguy is recommended by SI BAK KUNG

Very kind guy and excellent fighter, I am always ready to make some fights with him when he wants it



SI BAK KUNG is recommended by Newazaguy

very strong and dominant figter.