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I am going to be headed to Indianapolis IN May 14 - 18 and will be staying in a hotel near the State FAirgrounds for the mecum Auto Auction. I am looking for some wrestling around with local guys or maybe even a guy that may be attending the Auction. If you are interested, let me know and lets talk and see what we can some up with.
Just looking for local guys or guys traveling thru Nashville area for some sub or pin style wrestling, nothing extreme, just some good back and forth, sweaty style wrestling. I am not able to host, but willing to come to you if you have space or share the cost of a room if you are interested. I also have family/friends I visit now and then in Saint Louis/Lake of the Ozarks, Crossville and Knoxville TN, Houston TX and Sacramento CA



  1. USA - Tennessee, Spring Hill
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I am willing to travel 150 miles


Age: 63-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 290 lbs (132 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shirts or Barechested, Barefoot in jeans, sweats, gym shorts, boxer briefs or leather pants

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NoCalWrestlebob is recommended by crusher2581

Bob and I were able to met up and I'm happy we did. Bob is very nice and easy to talk to. He is also very strong and it is extremely hard to get out from under him once he gets you down. He has learned a lot over the years wrestling and taught me a few things while we wrestled. If you are able to meet up with Bob you will not be disappointed. I'm looking forward to our next match.



crusher2581 is recommended by NoCalWrestlebob

Met with Crusher from Nashville today for the first time and wow, was a great match up. He is very strong, both upper and lower body strength and is a very good wrestler for not being into it that long, If you ever get to Nashville area, check out Crusher, he is definitely worth hooking up with to do some good submission, pin and plain ole struggling and rolling around with.



NoCalWrestlebob is recommended by Edwardsj504

First match ever was with Bob. Had a great time. He's an energetic and strong man. Caught me off guard a few times and I was stuck underneath him for a while. Worked up a lot of sweat. Schedules conflict a lot but hope to wrestle again.



Edwardsj504 is recommended by NoCalWrestlebob

I met J for the first time and we seem to get along great, he invited me back to his place to wrestle, sub and pin style. J is a nice guy, and even better wrestler. He is strong and fun, sweats a lot and hard to hang onto. I would totally recommend J if you are in town on business or a local guy just looking for a good sweaty fun style struggle and roll.



NoCalWrestlebob is recommended by Tybinola

Bob was an awesome match to have. We had been talking for a while and I was very honored that he was willing to stop to meet me and wrestle. We had a good match wth a long struggle. Like he said very sweaty by the end of it. Just the kind of match I needed. I'd happily recommend him.



Tybinola is recommended by NoCalWrestlebob

I met with Tyler for the first time and he was everything i had expected from our chats, strong, aggressive (but not hurtful) and quick. He was fun to struggle standing with, get each other in a headlock or two, stepping on each others barefeet, good sweaty chest to chest action. I turned the heat in the hotel room up to 80 and we felt that in the wrestling, both standing, floor and bed. We were so slippery, was almost like we oiled up, was hard to keep long holds with all the action. Tyler is fun and a great guy, and i would love to take him on again if given an opportunity...can hardly wait and do not hesitate if you are looking for a good worthy opponent to test your abilities and strength.