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Prefer older men...50 to 85
Would be great if inexperienced like me.
Even greater if we lived close.
Looking for friends to chat with.
No specific style of wrestling/fighting. As a "noviceftr" I'm open to almost anything we discuss beforehand with established guidelines.
Let's get together and see what happens.



  1. USA - California, Seal Beach
    Seal Beach California
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I am willing to travel 30 miles


Age: 70-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Gear: Open

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Noviceftr is recommended by ScottsdaleAZ

I had the honor of being selected by this guy for his very first fight, after he procrastinated for 70 years wanting to fight and not doing so. It was a pleasure beyond my expectations! What this guy may lack in experience is overcome by his limitless spirit and enthusiasm to fight, very impressive fighting instincts, and willingness to take his licks and come right back. Over the course of three days in my hotel room, we brawled, wrestled, bare knuckle body boxed, boxed full contact with 8oz gloves and headgear, had a fully competitive “dog collar” wrestling match complete with chains, and wrestled in oil. Throughout the hours of fighting each day, this guy never lost interest or willingness to continue to fight. The clock was our mutual enemy, and the time flew by. His strength and fitness are remarkable for his age, and his appearance is even hotter than his pics portray, especially once he’s sweaty and in the heat of battle. While we went at each other with abandon, the interaction was friendly throughout, and a testament to the power of fighting to forge fast friendships. Each day when the fighting was done, we enjoyed banter over dinner, and I got to see some of the sights through the eyes of a local. A truly outstanding experience on every level, and proof that sometimes taking a chance on a rookie with no prior opponents can yield a most fulfilling and enjoyably fightful experience. The rematches will be regular and prolonged to nurse the grudge to fight each other that we have formed, and the travel time to meet him will be worth it.

/// UPDATE July 2019

The rematch couldn't wait but four weeks, and we had three more days of great fighting with each other. Those three days confirmed what a great, tough fighter this guy is, and whew – what a quick learner! No longer a "novice" is he. These days also confirmed what a great guy he is once you break a sweat with him, break bread with him, and break the ice to get to know him.



ScottsdaleAZ is recommended by Noviceftr

After several months of planning an chatting via emails/texts and calls... basically getting to know each other we finally got to meet.
As my name (Noviceftr) suggests I am new and inexperienced. Apprehensive about having such an experienced fighter as my first combatant I was extremely nervous but that disappeared immediately upon the closing of the door. It was a most amazing experience.
ScottsdaleAZ Is a gentleman fighter both on an off the mats and made this the experience of a lifetime.

// Update July 2019
After a few weeks I'm happy to say I had the pleasure of meeting ScottsdaleAZ for a second time. I feel honored to say that an experienced fighter like him decided to fight me again. I look forward to many more encounters between the two of us.