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Hey boys! Let's roll. Love meeting new wrestlers and love having a good time. Live in the East Village. Love being cranked into hot holds! Camels, bostons, racks, nelsons, love creativity as well! Also always looking for a bud to get a drink with in the village after a fun match. oh & I don't have a 6pack lol -



  1. USA - New York, New York City
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Age: 32-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

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Nycjobberboy is recommended by LatinoPro

Great guy gorgeous, sexy, fun, safe. Just all around awesome. I bent this guy into a pretzel and he kept asking for more. He got in some good licks on me too. Great conversation in between the bouts and after. So glad I met this guy. Can't wait to do it again.



LatinoPro is recommended by Nycjobberboy

What a fun Friday night match with LatinPro! Don't let his friendly demeanor fool you, he cranked some hot moves on me all while keeping a smile. Top-notch guy! Highly recommended!



Nycjobberboy is recommended by nypython

Roel is a very nice person to talk with. He wrestles with alot of effort, and is just great to roll around with. I highly recommend that if you have the opportunity to meet him, don't pass up the chance!



nypython is recommended by Nycjobberboy

Be prepared to be crushed by Nypython, he seriously is NY's Python. Strongest legs I've ever encountered and great guy overall. He gets my recommendation for sure!



Nycjobberboy is recommended by wrstlrook

Had a blast with this guy in a hot match at my hotel. Tall and sexy, he can take a lot of abuse and dish out some punishment too. And he looked great racked across my shoulders. Easy to communicate with and clear about his interests, he’s also a wonderful guy to share a post-match drink with. Highly recommended...I’m already itching for a rematch.



wrstlrook is recommended by Nycjobberboy

What a blast! I had such a fun match with this hot man here. I hate tapping out but he made me tap over and over. Also cranked me in one of the hottest racks in a long time. If you get the chance make sure you get a rumble in with this stud.



Nycjobberboy is recommended by fantasyfeak

Finally met up with this hot jobber, and I must say, I was NOT disappointed. Had a blast putting him in all kinds of different holds. Also a really great guy off the mats. Very easy to talk to. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.



fantasyfeak is recommended by Nycjobberboy

I've been a fan of Fantasyfeak for a very long time, and we've chatted for a very long time. The planets alined and somehow we managed to throw down and had a blast. He's a genuine guy who knows how to make a jobber suffer. Loads of fun and great company off the mat as well. Highly recommend!



Nycjobberboy is recommended by Mark uk

So glad this guy is back on the site. Met several times when he was living in Chicago. Awesome guy and fun to be around. One thing that really stick in my mind is how flexible he was and hard to get some sub moves on. Know how to wrestle as well as how to job so don't underestimate him. Top recommendation



Mark uk is recommended by Nycjobberboy

Mark is by far one of my favorite guys on this site. I've wrestled him several times and he is strong, experienced, fun, and kind. He bent me every which way without breaking a sweat. He is also just a genuine honest guy and an absolute wonderful wrestler!