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I like to wrestle around in tight attire, in masks, speedos, swimwear, superhero costumes, leotards, and so on. Then add in a little play wrestling with plenty of slow paced rolling around body contact on something soft (like a mattress etc.) can make for an erotic playful time. Can be as simple as just rolling around or can be a more of a fake struggle or even a fake brawling. As long as its just for fun with no real pain.nor into competition. Don't mind jobbing for your fantasy match, give or take etc. It just depends what your into. Males, females, TV's,CD's, transg etc, anyone can play, big or small, because I use very limited strength. must be very discreet.



  1. USA - Ohio, Liberty Township
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I am willing to travel 40 miles


Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 256 lbs (116 kg)

Gear: MASKS! , speedo, briefs, maybe over tights or superhero look

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Ohmask62 is recommended by Patrick63

One of my favorite guys to roll with. You’ll never meet a nicer, more considerate guy. Always have a great time when we get together!



Patrick63 is recommended by Ohmask62

Have wrestled him several times recently and in the past. Very nice guy who likes to please me in style and everything else. Always know I am going to have a great time with him



Ohmask62 is recommended by Rasslebarefoot

We set the date and he showed as promised.Very dependable and a good opponent. Had a good mask v. mask pro match. Trading holds back and forth, some good dirty tactics by both, till a powerful submission hold ended the match. Great experience, good rassler, definitely recommend him.



Rasslebarefoot is recommended by Ohmask62

Met at his motel room and did a semi pro light brawling roughhouse match. We matched up nicely and had a good back and forth match. He wrestled me with good solid holds and some light brawling tactics. Good back and forth match. Hope he will visit the area again soon



Ohmask62 is recommended by softbellypro exjock

Great Great fun...we have met at least a dozen times and filmed lots of matches...always enjoy and, we are trying hard to get together again...both love masks and gear (always looks great in videos,,,,would gladly meet again anytime



softbellypro exjock is recommended by Ohmask62

we have had many matches several years ago and all were good. Plenty of give and take masked matches which i like. Would love to wrestle him some more but distance and time makes it hard to connect. Lots of fun with this guy if your into some playful wrestling


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