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In-shape wrestler looking for sane genuine opponents for bouts. Primarily a submission wrestler, but also like most other styles, including pro. In Europe regularly, as well as USA and Mexico. Grounded, healthy, genuine guy.

In Athens, Greece 8th-14th December
στην Αθήνα Ελλάδα 8 - 14 Δεκέμβριος
έτοιμοι για μάχη



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Tag team / group fights
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Arm wrestling, Pool wrestling


  1. Canada - Ontario, Ottawa
    Place of residence
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Age: 45-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 180 lbs (82 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing

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Interest Groups:



Seiji is recommended by OttBattle

I met this impressive, athletic wrestler in the ring in Tokyo. He looks like a real Japanese pro wrestler in the gear. He has great legs on him and he's a wonderful wrestler. Skilled, strong with masses of energy and determination. If you visit Tokyo, he's an absolute must. Outside the ring, he is kind, helpful and considerate. I can confirm that his English is much better than he says it is. In brief, he will give you an outstanding bout, so enjoy, as I did!!!



OttBattle is recommended by travilicious

Everything in his other reviews is true. OttBattle is all pecs and muscle. Solid and strong, he squeezed and twisted me over and over. It was a great time. After, we talked. So easy going and genuine. A must if you visit Ottawa.



travilicious is recommended by OttBattle

A formidable opponent with lots of charm and a winning smile. Tall, in-shape, very easygoing, and really interesting to talk to. If you are passing through Wisconsin, or are in nearby nearby Illinois, then look him up. Alternatively, if he comes your way and asks to meet, then seize the opportunity!



OttBattle is recommended by Wrestlg

This was one of those Situations...after Years of messages and Wanting to meet up, we Finally Could lace up our boots together!
Worth the wait?
You bet!
Great guy, Built, And Great wrestling skills!
But also nice to just talk with, about our similar wrestling World experience.
I Really had a good time and match up.
I hope we can meet again soon!
Be patient, it's worth the wait!



Wrestlg is recommended by OttBattle

A *very* hospitable and easygoing guy. I really enjoyed my bout with Wrestlg and wish that I had been less tired. He has the greatest pair of legs on him and these, coupled with his height, make him a formidable opponent. He looks GREAT in the gear. He comes with my highest recommendation, I hope we can do battle again in the near future. Meet him!



OttBattle is recommended by prosubsladuk

I wrestled this guy many years ago when I was just starting out in northern England. Just adding some of my old meets to my profile, he was good company and we had a friendly wrestle. Strongly recommend him hope he's well.



prosubsladuk is recommended by OttBattle

This guy has some of the best wrestling legs I have ever seen. It's been a long while since we met, but I remember that he looks GREAT in pro gear!



OttBattle is recommended by NYleanmuscle

We go way back when this grappler lived in London. He was one of the first matches I had when visiting London back in the late '90s.

Tough, in great shape, skilled wrestler.....knew his submission and pro holds. We worked up a sweat A real gentleman off the mats. Made me feel welcome in his home. Would love another shot at him when I make it up to Canada.
Meet him.



OttBattle is recommended by musclechris80

This man is a real wrestler. He knows what he is doing on the mats and use his big muscles during the fight. Beware of his bearhug and bodyscissors! I really enjoyed our meeting and I would gladly meet him again for round two in a bigger safer place. 100% recommended!!!!
Thanks for coming, and wrestling me bro!

The second match was much better than the first one! OttBattle was stronger and more muscled this time. His chest is the stronger part of his body. Once he got me into his bearhug I was in big trouble. Unforgettable hot match! And I hope meet him again for round 3,4,5....100!!



musclechris80 is recommended by OttBattle

Met this muscle god for a re-match in December 2016. He has an incredible body that would put most athletic 25-year-olds to shame! The re-match was a very intense encounter, and M.C. demonstrated that he is one of the very best wrestlers I have ever fought. If you are passing through Athens, and looking for a bout, this guy should be at the very top of your wish list!



OttBattle is recommended by Zack

I had the most beautiful wrestling moments with this guy, he is so strong and powerful wrestler , he can beat you down easily and in the same moment he can act as a jobber .
After the match we had an amazing conversation , and also a very very good english lesson , and then we had a great moment in the cafeteria with a tasty cake and a liquid cafe ;P
This guy is so strong and so friendly dont miss the chance to meet him ....
Totally recommended



Zack is recommended by OttBattle

Wow this guy is one cute Greek wrestling tyro! He has charm, charisma as well as great set of developing wrestling skills. I had such a blast on the mats with this young grapple stud. You're missing out if you don"t meet up with him in Athens. He is great to talk to off the mats: intelligent, humorous with a fascinating cultural background. Enjoy!



OttBattle is recommended by tzitzi

I had a great evening with him! loved his muscled body,escecially his absolutely beautiful chest,long bearhugs and his wrestling behavior. his personality is great too. absolutely respectfull , kind,charming, educated and clever person. I would meet him again and again for wrestling or for a lunch or a drink! you should too!



tzitzi is recommended by OttBattle

This guy takes wrestling to the next level. One of the best wrestling matches in my whole life. A ** very** intense bout in a wonderful city. An amazing wrestling match! If you get the opportunity to wrestle him, seize it!



OttBattle is recommended by matslam

I had such a lovely evening with this skilled wrestler!
He adjusted to my level and had a great heel vs jobber action.Be prepared tobe totally submitted in his steel-like thighs and crushed on his huge pecs .This man makes you feel so much at ease both on and off the mats.We had dinner at a traditional Greek taverna afterwards and we chatted away like old-time buddies.I need some more of your punishment,mister! Highly recommendable.



matslam is recommended by OttBattle

Really charming, welcoming and hospitable guy and great on the mats. If you are in Athens, you just have to meet him. He comes with my very highest recommendation!



OttBattle is recommended by flscw

What can I say about this guy that hasn't been said? A perfect gentleman off the mats, great conversation, genuine, friendly, and a overall awesome guy. On the mats: strong, powerful, and an awesome challenge. Great build! Very highly recommended!



flscw is recommended by OttBattle

A great opponent with a winning smile, who gave me a long, intense bout. Easygoing, engaging and interesting to talk to. Had a great time with him, and recommend anyone to meet him when next in St. Louis!



OttBattle is recommended by GEOFFESSEX

Had a fun meet with this guy in the ring. We threw on pro gear but it was all sub grappling and his strong gym trained physique was a good test.
A very friendly, safe and sane guy who I would definitely recommend. Enjoy !



GEOFFESSEX is recommended by OttBattle

This guy looks fantastic in his pro gear. It was like wrestling one of the muscular pros from World of Sports! I had a great wrestling bout and this guy's great pro look is matched by his extensive technique. We wrestled in the pro ring in south London. If you are coming to London, and you want a great match, then Geoff should really be right at the top of your list!



OttBattle is recommended by Wrestlecub

I had a fun promission match with OttBattle. He is tough and has lots of endurance, he took a lot of punishment and kept coming back for more!
Off the mats he is a very friendly guy, very easy to get along with.



Wrestlecub is recommended by OttBattle

He is like meeting a genuine pro wrestler. Extremely powerful and knowledgeable with a great arsenal of submission holds. You had better come with your A game or prepared to be bulldozered into submission. An articulate, interesting and all-round great guy.



OttBattle is recommended by Vince

Very nice and adaptable opponent. OttBattle is really strong, with an impressive chest. Gave me a tough match and we really had great fun. I definetly recommend him



Vince is recommended by OttBattle

Very strong guy for his weight. Gave me a cracking bout so meet him if you can. Highly recommended opponent.



OttBattle is recommended by Broc

Had a great session with this muscle dude. He is strong and certainly has some moves. A real heel who likes to dominate. We had a very enjoyable and intense roll despite the limited space. Really nice guy to get to know too.



Broc is recommended by OttBattle

An excellent opponent. We had an intense bout and I would give Broc my highest recommendation. Watch out for his killer headlock!


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OttBattle 8/27/2017

ground work with tough opponent

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OttBattle 6/05/2017

submission finisher

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OttBattle 12/26/2016


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OttBattle 5/31/2015

Flexing in boots and trunks

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